Monday, April 13, 2009

VOTE 2009

From: chaitanya aggarwal
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2009
Subject: elections 2009




-------- whose PM loses sleep when a Muslim boy from Bangalore is arrested in Australia over terror charges while he conveniently sleeps when his very own State Machinery tortures Hindu Saints in illegal police lock ups.

--------whose PM says that the Muslims of this country have the first right on nation’s resources simply because they are Muslims.

---------whose government files affidavit in the Supreme Court questioning the very existence of LORD RAM.

--------whose functionaries openly defend and glorify the terrorists of the Batala House fame and whose government is sitting pretty over the execution of Afzal Guru-----feeding him all these years with taxpayers’ money.

--------whose Union Minister openly advocates the granting of full citizenship rights to the illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators even while displaced Kashmiri Hindus languish in refugee camps, unsung, unwept.

---------whose Delhi CM has the guts (secular, of course) to inaugurate a Haj facility in Dwarka, New Delhi even while thousands of men, women and children were courting arrest in Jammu for the restoration of land for the Amarnath yatra pilgrims.

--------- whose government scrapped anti-terror laws in India, post 9/11, while world over all democratic countries enacted tough anti terror laws. It took 190 lives in Mumbai, last November, for this unrepentant government to only partially undo its fatal folly.


Dear friend, as you are well aware, above issues have a direct bearing on our national security. Please do vote in the coming Lok Sabha elections and reject parties who bargain our national security for their ulterior political goals.

Lets vote for change.

Lets vote for a Strong, Secure and Prosperous INDIA.

Please do forward to your friends and help strengthen the NATIONAL CAUSE.


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