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] Fw: Taj Mahal A Vedic Temple, Large Presentation by Stephen Knapp

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Subject: Taj Mahal A Vedic Temple, Large Presentation by Stephen Knapp

Taj Mahal: Was it a Vedic Temple?
The Photographic Evidence
A Complete Presentation on the Taj Mahal Assembled by Stephen Knapp, Available at
This presents photographs (listed below in two collections) and articles that show the Vedic influence found in such buildings as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and other structures in India. It also presents photos of drawings and art that have been discovered from other parts of the world, such as Arabia, Egypt, Greece and Italy, that show a definite Vedic influence. No matter whether you accept all of this or not, it nonetheless makes for an extremely fascinating and interesting story. Take a look and decide for yourself what you think. Also, let other people know about these, or download them to print and use them for your own displays in your temple, office or home. The articles include:
"The Question of the Taj Mahal" (Itihas Patrika, vol 5, pp. 98-111, 1985) by P. S. Bhat and A. L. Athavale
"An Architect Looks at the Taj Mahal Legend" by Marvin Mills,
The True Story of the Taj Mahal. This article by P. N. Oak
The Letter of Aurangzeb ordering repairs on the old Taj Mahal in the year just before it is said to have been completed
The Badshahnama is the history written by the Emperor's own chronicler. This page shows how Aurangzeb had acquired the Taj from the previous owner, Jai Singh, grandson of Raja Mansingh, after selecting this site for the burial of Queen Mumtaz.
Plus 77 photos of the Taj Mahal, many of which shows the Vedic influence found in the Taj Mahal and even the underground passageways and apartments that are no longer accessable. These photos have circulated around the internet, but this website is where they originated. So go to the source, with additional photos added since then.
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