Thursday, April 23, 2009


Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness - I
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

On this great planet lie deep, vast oceans with their cool refreshing waters,
their tranquil scenery, and their hidden mysteries. People often go to the
seashore to bathe in their waters or gaze upon their beauty. The oceans have
been there since the early formation of the planet. They were there for people
in the earliest days of our planet, for people who lived during the stone age,
the iron age, the copper age, the bronze age, biblical times, the middle ages,
as well as for people who live in the current time and those who will live in
the future. While people and ages come and go, the oceans are still there
waiting to be enjoyed.

There is another ocean, far greater than the physical waters of this earth. It
is an ocean that is far more permanent than the seas. It is an ocean that offers
not only refreshing waters to bathe the body, but also refreshing waters to
nourish the soul. It is the ocean of spiritual consciousness, of God, waiting to
be tapped within each of us. It lies within, waiting to be discovered. Through
the ages, people of different cultures, nationalities, religions, genders, and
ages have found this great ocean within them. It is there for everyone who seeks

When we read the writings of saints of all religions, we find a great similarity
in what they found within. Although their way of expression and language may
differ, the underlying experience is one and the same. Think about different
people who write about the ocean. In English we may call it the ocean, in Hindi,
it may be called by another name, and by other words in different languages. We
may call its color blue, blue-green, sea green, turquoise, or many other names
in different languages. Some may describe it as calm, peaceful, tranquil, or if
stormy, then tempestuous, wild, and overpowering. But if we look at the
underlying description, everyone who has experienced the ocean knows we are
talking about it. Similarly, saints and mystics may describe the ocean of God
using terminology with which they are familiar, but anyone who experiences God
will recognize what they are trying to say.

It is always fascinating to see what people of different religions and cultures
say about their experience of God. While time and space may separate us from the
world in which past saints and mystics lived, what they have to say is quite
relevant for seekers today. It reinforces the fact that the ocean of God is
unchanging and permanent and is available to anyone who seeks it, no matter when
and where one lives.

Qualities of Spiritual Consciousness

Before we discuss ways to tap into our spiritual consciousness, let us examine
how spiritual consciousness has been described by those who attained it. We find
a thread of similarity running through all the descriptions. Every saint,
mystic, and prophet has referred to the qualities of love, all-consciousness,
freedom from fear, peace, unity, and bliss. By attaining spiritual
consciousness, all these gifts become ours.




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