Friday, April 24, 2009

new tryst with destiny ii

New tryst with destiny - 2

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Mohan Gupta to vempire007
show details 9:08 PM (10 hours ago) Reply

New tryst with destiny - 2

Mr. Jagmohan wrote New tryst with destiny in The Statesman-15th August 2008. The views expressed in this article make some points clear about Nehru and congress party.
The introspective and self-criticising article by Mr. Jagmohan published on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of our Independence, sums up quite befittingly, the malady of India’s inner decay.

Referring to the historic speech delivered by Jawaharlal Nehru on the midnight of 14-15 August 1947, sparkling with passion and poetry, he has pointed out, analytically, how the empty idealism, recorded with flourish of rhetoric, was devoid of resolute practicality, and how the leadership failed to show extraordinary courage and commitment in the arena of not only politics, but also in the intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual spheres.

It is really a sad commentary on our national attainment that neither the requisite motivating force nor the requisite leadership was forthcoming in India at the momentous period of her history.

2. In fact, the “tryst with destiny” that Jawaharlal Nehru so gloriously upheld, had come over inconceivable sufferings and travails of a very large section of Indians due to partition of the country, riots, rapes, plunders and loss of life, of property and the policies pursued by Nehru were mainly responsible for that. Even after independence, the hollowness of Nehru’s much-vaunted idealism, which lacked practical reality and all-comprehensive foresight, has contributed much to the present deplorable condition of India.

It is a disgrace that even after six decades of independence, income-gap between the rich and poor is widening: problems of unemployment are mounting; acute poverty and malnutrition continuing; numbers of squatters and slum-dwellers are increasing; about 30 per cent of the people of India-men, women and children- cannot afford even one square meal a day; about 40 per cent of the babies are born underweight; fifty-seven millions of children under the age of five years are undernourished; terrorism, subversion and violence in different forms, particularly between rival political groups are rising and brutalising the atmosphere.

Though we have gained independence over sixty years, we are utterly in shambles. Our economy is not yet steady; our education system has failed to instill a sense of prestige for the country and its effulgent culture; and is now turning out, mainly, unemployed youths; our social life is being constantly polluted and debased by the propagation of misconceived notion of fashion, fun and frolic by some designing brutes who are minting money through the wide circulation of all these prurient ideals through the printed as well as electronic media.

Politically, we are trying to uphold the high ideals of democracy, but we are being ruled, in reality, by elected representatives, many of whom may put to shame the most hard-core anti-social elements.

Our state professes, vauntingly, to be secular. But unfortunately, it has not been able to create and atmosphere is which all the religions may feel secure, and Hinduism, which is the most tolerant and liberal of them all, is constantly being rubbed in the wrong end by the so-called secularistic policies of the government.

Thus in the stark reality that stares at our face we find that by pursuing the policies initiated by Nehru and subduing and trampling Dharma with vengeance, this country, which was once regarded as truthful, civilized and highly-cultured, has turned out to be a land of power-hungry, greedy, intolerant, short-sighted, confused, diffident and utterly corrupt persons.

Is it absolutely impossible to change this dismal picture even at this stage? We can at least take a pledge and try to do so by standing up with an honest desire for self-criticism and introspection and sincerely try to find out the true culprits and the wrong policies, those have led us to this deplorable situation.g

The dragon seeds planted and carefully nurtured by our high-towering leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru of pampering, appeasing and granting all possible favour on platters of silver to treat the Muslims of Kashmir as a class much above the ordinary run of citizens of India, and much above the most honoured guests to guard their sentiments, and to bow down low before all their petty grouses and whims, are now coming to fruition and these cosseted breed, who never considered themselves as Indians, and never cherished any intention of upholding the interest of the Indian Union, are now prepared to declare boldly and brazenly their true colours. It is reported that Syed Ali Shah Geelani, at the head of the lakhs of protestors, vociferously demanded; “Hum Pakistani hain, Pakistan hamara hai”, thus betraying their true and mischievous intentions.

It was none else than Jawaharlal Nehru, who is mainly responsible for originating the Kashmir problem. Kashmir has remained a problem ever since independence. Pakistan, and most of its haughty rulers, could never reconcile with the idea that Kashmir should remain as an integral part of India. In 1946, before Independence and partition of India, Jinnah wanted the Muslin leaders of Kashmir to opt for Pakistan. But they did not agree and thus Jinnah’s plan of dividing India on the basis of religious lines, and two-nation theory, received a jolt. The inclusion of Kashmir in Pakistan has remained as an unfinished agenda for Pakistan, and a Jehad for that was started by successive Pakistan rulers. Barely two months after partition, on 20th October 1947, Pakistan Army attacked Kashmir. Even as the Pakistani invaders were advancing, Maharaja Hari Singh, the then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, signed the instruments of accession on 26th October 1947, and joined the Indian Union fully and unconditionally and sought for military help from India Indian Army and the Air Force retaliated and the area up to the present LoC was liberated. But Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, under the instructions and guidance of Mountbatten, restrained the Indian Defence Forces to move any further. He did not listen to the wise advice given to him by Lt. Gen. K.M. Cariappa, the then GOC, Western Command, to let army and air force to fully drive out the invaders from the Indian Territory beyond the original boundary line of Pakistan. Had he listened to that sound advice of the Indian military personnel, without succumbing to his weakness and infatuation over the Mountbattens, there would be no Kashmir problem to pester us even after six decades of our Independence. Pakistan retained its control over a part of Kashmir, though it was a part of India, and called it PoK (Pak occupies Kashmir).

Nehru’s next mistake was that within five months of accession he got rid of Meherchand Mahajan and appointed a power-crazy Muslin as Prime Minister of Kashmir. Under pressure from that greedy-hyena, Sheikh Abdullah, he announced that the accession of the State would be decided finally by people of Kashmir through a plebiscite, after restoration of normalcy. This paved the way for his next blatant mistake of accepting Kashmir affair as an Indo-Pakistan dispute and of agreeing to refer it to U.N.

His fifth mistake was in July 1952 when he entered into an agreement with the potential traitor Abdullah and to give Kashmir a separate constitution, a separate flag and a separate President. All serious efforts by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee to avoid article 370 to bestow all these benefits on Kashmir, were not only ignored, Shyama Prasad was imprisoned and slowly poisoned to death. Nehru’s next mistake was to release Sheikh Abdullah unconditionally on 8th April 1964, after spending Rs. 31.45 lakhs on his case to prove him as a traitor. And then to invite Sheikh Abdullah to stay as his own guest in the Prime Minister’s house in New Delhi.

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