Friday, April 24, 2009


gita-talk] How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?
Question: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?

Shree Hari Ram Ram

Prayer to God that was shared by Swamiji ...

O Lord? How do I save myself from thoughts of enjoyment of sensual pleasures? How do I free myself from the world? How do I get inclined towards you? How do I get involved in You and You alone? Let me not go anywhere except to You. Let me be free from the worldly sufferings. Let me not get stuck in the worldly pleasures. I feel myself helpless in renouncing the worldly pleasures. The worldly pleasures, praise and fame seem so pleasing. I do not know how to escape them. I do not know the way out. Have Grace O Lord. O My Lord - I take refuge at Your Feet. I preach to others but cannot free myself from the thoughts and desire for mundane worldly pleasures.

How do I overcome these thoughts of sensual pleasures? Lord, let me have only love for You. I can be free from them only by Your Grace. Let me be immersed in only You. I do not even have a strong enough desire to overcome sense pleasures, and to get engaged in You. I can see the world is full of sorrows but I am still unable to renounce my attachment for it. I am not able to do it - to be free of desires. How should I do it? What should I do? The true longing and want for You is lacking - I do not know why?

You have showered a lot of Grace on me. Due to my conceit and pride I do not realise and recognise it. They are obstacles in my path and can be removed only by Your Grace. Be Gracious enough so that I can take refuge at Your feet. I cannot ask for this from anyone else. I can see only You. Let me be inclined only towards Your Feet. I do not even know how to truly pray. There is no true desire - I am stuck and only You can take me out. I cannot get out by my
strength. Have Grace O Lord.

Good saints have said not to take their flaws and sins to Your heart. You are even minded to all. Be Gracious to such a sinner as I. O Lord - Shower Your Grace.

From one of the old pravachans of Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram

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