Thursday, April 16, 2009


prohindu] The War to reclaim Desh and Dharma has begun....The Congress imperial rule is over.....

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Mohan Gupta to soniagandhi
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From: Unknown Indian
The War to reclaim Desh and Dharma has begun....The Congress imperial rule is over.....

The Non Congress century is about to dawn in India.

After the mughals, the british, pseduo secular congresswallahs and atheist communists, it is now the turn of new players and unselfish nationalist politicians to emerge.

If you notice the above 4 power blocks that ruled over India over the last one thousand years, there is one commonality: They are all non Hindu or anti Hindu either overtly or covertly.

After 1947 the congress and the communists both jointly and separately continued the imperial design of systematically denigrating, destroying and devaluing Hindu institutions, temples, personalities and the faithful in general.

In 62 years of independent India, the Congress led governments have been at the helm for 50 years. Yet their performance on Internal security, national integrity, uniform economic policies and socio-religious issues has been abysmal.

Under the Congress rule, India has looked weak, foolish and dependant on US or Russia for any diplomatic leverage within the international community. India has now earned the reputation of being a soft and directionless nation.

Some could counter and say that "wait a minute, MMS has been the best FM for India...

Sorry, I beg to differ..................

An average report for the so called "economic superstar team" is a shame to the congress party. The Monteks, Chidambarams and Man Mohans should have known better and planned much ahead of this current economic meltdown.

It goes to show without doubt that these "American" chamchas knew only one thing ; Sell /open up Land /industry /people in lieu of investment and hope the capitalist private sector just makes the world a better place. Under these American stooges, India now can claim to be on the brink of becoming a "bastard" nation with no ingenious economic goals and /or products.

How could the Indian economists believe that just by bringing in foreign investment, the economy would become better and would make India a stronger nation ????


The Congress is supposedly imagining a second term under the UPA umbrella. Little do they realize that "anti incumbency" is so high in states where they are in power, they will be unable to even call up allies after elections asking for a "post poll" money for power deal.

Repeated attempts to undermine the Hindu religion, covert actions to destroy symbols of faith, turning a blind eye to christian evangelism and repeated attempts at black marking Hindu saints and organizations have left a majority of Hindus badly hurt. If this were to happen in any other country, that government would have been violently overthrown.

Just like the USA is a country claimed and founded on Judeo Christian principles, India and Indian constitution are founded on the Hindu concept of "Vasudeka Kutumbakam".

Both the countries are secular, democratic and allow other religions to practice and coexist.............However, there is a big difference between the 2……..

The Americans do not let any new religion just rip apart the ethos of its Judeo Christian founding principles……The Americans have religious freedom but no massive proselytizing by an outside religion is allowed and no new religion can ever succeed in getting converts….Secularism is there but not at the cost of Judeo Christian politics.......

But in present day India, psycho secularists and communists supported by the ignorant media mafias are hell bent on diminishing Hindu, Bodh, Jain and Sikh values forever. They continue to allow missionary and Jehadi activity unabated to the utter dismay of the majority Hindu population....

History has shown that India has suffered partitions and separations due to changing number games with respect to religious denominations.

Indians have to realize and respect the struggles that our ancestors went through to achieve Independence from a colonial country.

The last time India won a massive war against a foreign civilization, it was 1947
Time has no come for all Anti Hindus to be overthrown....Democratically ofcourse!