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: Shree Hari :
Ram Ram

10th March, 2009, Tuesday
Falgun Shukla Chaturdashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Mangalvar

This is a very evident and explicit point (pratyaksh baat). Worldlyrelations are going away, just like toys went away, curiosity aboutmoney went away and now worship and devotion (Bhajan) of Bhagwaan (God)has taken it's place. This is everyone's experience. ThatParamatma (Supreme Consciousness, God) is ever present. Paramatma'srelation is permanent and worldly relations are temporary. Bhagwaan (God) can never leave us. Bhagwaan's relation will remain at all times. If there is any doubt about this point then ask me.
Is there anyone here who is experiencing the following –

Is there any one for whom even in dreams there is worship and devotion of Bhagwaan that is taking place? Ifeven in dreams Bhagwaan's (God's) name recitation, chanting, devotionalsongs, hymns, reading of scriptures, listening to His past-times,seeing the form of Bhagwaan etc. is happening naturally, then such asadhak's bhajan (worship and adoration) is extraordinary

A point has come to my mind. I am asking you all, each and every one of you engaged in satsang. Is there anyone for whom naturally (swabhaavik) , even in dreams Bhagwaan is remembered? Isthere anyone who does not have to do anything at all, and worship,adoration, remembrance of God happens naturally, innately, on it's ow? Is any such thing happening naturally to you, whereby you don't have to try to remember Bhagwaan? Rather it simply happens naturally, all the time? Tell me if this happening to you? Naturally, automatically and innately, where you don't have to do anything and it is simply happens. For other things you have to make an effort, but this happens naturally. Do you have in you such intense longingand craze (lagan) for Bhagwaan? If you have such intensity, then see me. Make an appointment to meet with me. If such intense longing is there in you, then please come and see me. Is there anyone out there? Is it happening right now or not? I ask, why is this so very difficult?

The truth is there is Bhagwaan (God) and there is Bhagwaan''s devotee (Bhakt). They both remain in each other, just like Karmabai, and her khichadi for Bhagwaan. If you are experiencing this please take some time to meet with me. It has to happen naturally, just like someone is coming on a train and you are waiting in anticipation for them. Do you feel such intensity and longing for Thakurji (God)? Don't be hesitant. If you feel awkward to come in front of everyone, come later and see me in private.
Anyone out there, sisters, mothers come and see me. If not now then at least come and see me later. Don't hesitate. You, me and my assistant, that is it.
Ifwhile walking, strolling, talking or doing any thing if God isremembered naturally and innately, then there is nothing else ofconcern for you, as this is most important. Let there be longing and intensity within. All that is needed is this intense longing (lagan). Favorable and unfavorable things keep happening in this world. Again the question I am asking is not how to develop that intense longing (lagan), rather I am asking if you have that lagan right now? Simply think it over and take time from me to come and meet with me.
From discourse in hindi on May 6th 2005 4:30 pm by Swami Ramsukhdasji at Gita Bhawan, Rishikesh, India
Ram Ram


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