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My friend, the maintenance manager of the most important House situated in Delhi appeared a bit glum as he turned to me, “The biggest circus in the country has been put together!” he said.

“Circus, like in clowns, animals, trapeze artists?” I asked.

“Yes, clowns, animals, trapeze artists, fat women and dwarfs!”

“Wow!” I said, “So what’s the glum face for?”

“They will try to hire the House for the next five years!”

“The House? The one you maintain?”


“They want to put up their shows in the House?”

“Yes!” whispered the maintenance manager of the House, “Circus shows everyday with summer and winter breaks.”

“What’s the circus called?”

“The Third Front Circus!”

“And what were these performers doing till now?”

“Practicing their respective little tricks, at their own little Houses in other parts of the country, with some degree of success! And now they want to entertain the nation! Soon we will have trapeze artists swinging from chandeliers, magicians sitting in the well of the House, a Fat Woman show on the podium and dwarfs pulling each other down! They also plan to have a special act: A nose digger!”

“A nose digger? That’s interesting from where?”

“Karnataka! He perfected his art right here in this House, when he led a circus here about a decade ago!”

I looked at my friend’s dismal face and tried to picture The House in the national capital with trapeze artists, clowns and wild animals stampeding all over.

“What happens when all of them try to do the same act?” I asked.

“That,” said my friend, “is the problem. They will all want to take centre stage, strutting, squabbling and screaming all the time.”

“Jostling, jumping, punching, pushing!”

“Breaking, banging, battering the furniture!”

“Screaming, shouting, yelling, howling!”

“Enough!” I cried breathlessly, “enough but tell me, why do they want to come to Delhi and perform?”

“Ah!” said my friend, “After they finish their mindless, stupid performances in the centre, they return to their small Houses like Kings and kingmakers and strut around and show off, like the nose digger of Karnataka has been doing!”

“Why don’t you just stop this circus from entering the House?”

“That Bob is what only you and the people of this country can do; when you go to vote next month!”

“Wait a minute!” I whispered, “Whom do I vote for? These circus clowns or the criminals and crooks, already sitting in the present House?”

And from the vicinity of The House came the sound of maniacal laughter, “You don’t have much of a choice do you? Ha, ha, ha..!”

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