Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I myself feel that Buddha's doctrine is the LAST WORD on religion which can take us out of this trap of life and rebirth This cycle of rebirth gives us some happiness but much suffering through which we have been going on for billions of years or maybe since the world started and since the human being got consciousness and we are taking the shadow of reality as reality and we helplessly continue on with this drama.

On the other hand, Buddha's path is so so difficult to follow and implement that we prefer to continue within the shadows which we take for real and continue on and on and we really never try to get out of it. This all is happening due to AGYAN or AVIDYA that we have misunderstood the whole phenomenon.

I also read a book by a German philosopher Zimmerman, who came to India 100 years ago and studied Sanskrit and all Hindu and off shoot religions of India and wrote a book in German, but he died before his work was published and it was translated and published by Joseph Cambell in mid 40s in USA and the book is part of the course in USA if you take Oriental religions in your Freshman etc. He says that it is all agyan, according to the Hindu sages, and never mind what you do the ultimate result is the same, i.e. nothing on your death and rebirth. Still we go on through this cycle of life and death and rebirth etc. which is never going to stop or end until maybe NIRAVANA.