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[prohindu] RE: [Branded Indian] Traitor KRISHNA IYER REMEMBERS JESUS

Rajeev Aggarwal Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Santhos George ji,
Even though I am writing this mail as a response to your comment below, please do not take it personal. I am writing my comment in larger context and please treat it that way.

As an undeniable truth, it is a well known and broadly accepted fact that Hindu religion is not limited by a few words written in one book composed just a couple of thousands years ago. A Hindu is not instructed to hate people who follow different way of worship. Within Hinduism, people are allowed to worship the way they deem fit. In fact, the worship of God is considered meditation in self to reach within. Different people might employ different means and all are welcome. We do not name people as "Pagan" or "Kafir" just because their belief system is different from us. This is the essence of inclusion what makes Hindu religion unique. Hindu is the only religion in this world, which can allow its followers to visit Synagogue, Mosque, Church, Dargah or any other place without losing their religion. Would a Muslim visit Hindu temple and offer prayers? It is not allowed by Quran and people who worship a deity are insulted are called Kafir. Would a Christian allow its family to observe Hindu religious custom? No. The church will most probably insult him/her in public as happened in India less than 2 months ago. The news article is provided below for reference. I understand the point made by Mr Sridharan and babuseelan and fully agree with it.

The problem we Hindus have is that many of us are "intellectuals" or brain-washed Gandhi-followers or Nehru-followers. This is our biggest weakness and it is easily reflected in the comment made by Santhos ji. I urge all of you "peace loving intellectuals" to please take a break and look at yourself. Which side are you on? What do you stand for? What is your contribution in making India stronger?

Do they, whom you protect and defend, stand for your values?

With all due respect to all who took time in reading this piece of my mental anguish.

-Rajeev Aggarwal

Reproduced below is Haidar Naqvi's report, Wife's karva chauth costs pastor his job, published on page 15 of Hindustan Times (New Delhi) on Monday, November 24, 2008:
"Kanpur, November 23: A PASTOR has been dropped from the panel of pastors by the Assembly of Believers' Church after his wife observed the karva chauth fast.

Satyeendra Shrivastava, who along with his wife Anita converted to Christianity 11 years ago, has threatened to end his life , if the decision is not revoked .

" Is karva chauth the copyright of one religion? What wrong did my wife do by fasting for me? Wives of my Muslim friends fast . It is common these days," said Satyeendra , who is also the vice president of the United Pastor Committee. Last month, a local newspaper wrote about some non- Hindu women observing the fast, which was on October 18. Anita was one of the women it wrote about. The church took note. "The next morning they asked me why I observed the fast when it wasn't part of the custom," she told H T. She said though she fasts for her husband, she doesn't follow other rituals. "A woman would do any thing for her husband's long life. I fasted because my husband was once a Hindu," said Anita, sitting next to Satyeendra in their Bakarmandi home.

The church first relieved Satyeendra from marriage and funeral duties. Recently, it dropped him from the panel of pastors. The all-powerful Bishop Council left him out of the list of pastors sent for approval to Bishop Anthony Augustus in Lucknow. Another pastor who, too, had been left out told Satyeendra of his exclusion.

He took up the matter with Bishop Council head Rev. E.J. Singh and sought a written reply. Satyeendra claimed he was told that when he was made pastor, it wasn't conveyed in writing, so why should his exclusion be conveyed in writing. For the last two weeks, Satyeendra has been on his own , "I have approached every one, even the Bishop, but no one is ready to listen." The United Pastor Committee took up the issue with the church, but got no response even though they " talked to Pastor Singh twice", coordinator Pastor Aashu Thoplus said . H T tried to contact Bishop Augustus and Pastor Singh over the phone several times, but the calls weren't returned."

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Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: [Branded Indian] Traitor KRISHNA IYER REMEMBERS JESUS

Hello Mr.Sridharan and Mr.Babuseelan,

Are you people belongs to our Nation INDIA. Or are you the traitors/militant of Pakistan? I suspect like that. You people are raising baseless arguments to destroy the communal harmony that exists in our nation. Upon reading your posts, i could see that you know nothing about my nation INDIA and the values that we kept from centuries.

Telling yourself be an indian will not make you an INDIAN. Understand india from its root. Understand the values that we keep from centuries. Indian culture is not build by you like anti nationals. I dont know, whether you know Mahathma Ghandhi, father of my nation. He liberated us from the black hands of british not through building up intolerance. But by building by good relationship with each indian, or each bharatvasi. (The term 'bharatiya' or ' bharatvasi ' means, it is who keeps the values of INDIAN tradition in his life. ) He kept the policy of ahimsa and satyagraha. Thus he liberated INDIA. He wasn't a religious fundamentalist like you. He respected all the religions. Also INDIA was liberated not because of the effort of any religion. It was due to the effort put by all INDIANS.

Regarding Christianity and ISLAM. Both religions are not instructing their followers to destroy others or make others slave. It is your ignorance or lack of knowledge that made you to tell that they are trying to destroy others. So learn our culture in depth. Learn dharmas. If you are a true hindu, then learn and understand the core of dharmas and vedas. Can you point out a single veda that instruct you to insult and destroy others. If you are a true believer of your religion, then you will not make such foolish comments on others. Only the fools and fundamentalists and antinationalists will try to make such comments. So dont be a part of Militant Pakistan. Proud to be the part of INDIA, our great nation.

--- On Thu, 1/15/09, Sridharan.R wrote:

From: Sridharan.R
Subject: Re: [Branded Indian] Traitor KRISHNA IYER REMEMBERS JESUS
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009, 11:02 AM

Hindus must understand that christianity and Islam are just political ideologies and cannot be termed as religions.A religion has to have universal outlook and accept and respect all thought streams. But these political ideologies have at the core of their belief the destruction of all other faiths.We must remember that these were started by individuals and naturally have integrated the narrow mindedness, blind faith, arrogance, superiority complex and ruthlessness of the various individulals. But Hindu Dharma was not the brainchild of any individual and no one had any vested interest in its origin ,spread or propagation . It is the filtered essence of thousands and thousands of Rishis, Gnanis, Yogis, Tapasvis, Gurus, mahatmas, and siddhas who took Avatar only on this Punya Bhoomi. There is no other place on earth where such a great number of Mahatmas took birth and taught- not narrow minded dogmas , but universal brotherhood of not only the Human kind but also all the animate and inanimate life forms.If Hindu Dharna dies then the world woill become a desert.For thousands of years out of jealousy and narrow mindedness the managers of alien faiths have been trying to destroy this beautiful philosophy and consequently this Punya Bhoomi Bharat. We Hindus have a great to save our Dharma from destruction and pass on the legacy to the next generation of not only Bharatvasis but the entire Human race.

--- On Fri, 12/26/08, Babu Suseelan wrote:

From: Babu Suseelan
Subject: [Branded Indian] Traitor KRISHNA IYER REMEMBERS JESUS
To: "brandedindian brandedindian"
Cc: "Bangolotr Bangslore" , "sapra sapra" , "kumar kumar" , mineshkumar2@, "Mohan Jain" , "Roshan Sridhar"
Date: Friday, December 26, 2008, 2:27 AM

This converted Christian Yeshu is frequently posting pro-Christian, anti-Hindu and anti-national articles as part of missionary psychological war against Hindus. Missionaries have hired several paid agents to denigrate Hindus and to promote totalitarian, divisive and dualistic Christian dogma. They frequently throw few meaningless utopian ideas such as socialism, social justice, secularism and economic justice. Historically, Christianity, as an imperialistic dogma was against all these concepts. Even today, Christians are interested in domination, subjugation, oppression, discrimination and slavery. They deceptively liberate poor people to enslave them. Once they are freed from their life sustaining tradition and culture, they are abandoned to serve as slaves. Fictitious heaven is offered after their death while their slave masters steal their land and wealth and enjoy a comfortable materialistic life. Converted Christians are never told the real, brutal history of Christianity. Christianity' s brutal, evil and destructive past is hidden from them.

In fact, true Christianity is a demonic, deceitful, evil, and murderous closed dogma. The Bible like the Koran is a bloody book, and some have used it as a justification to bloody themselves. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the command to slay every man, woman and child, slavery, cultural destruction, coercive religious conversion, colonialism and imperialism are part of Christian tradition. The Taliban destruction of Hindu temples and Buddhist statue is on a parallel with God-mandated destructions of idols in the Bible including Abraham destroying his father's idols. Scholars used to say "The most evil, vile, heartless, and inhuman massacres, genocides, and subjugation have been performed and instigated by none other than Christians and their imperialistic and racially motivated conquests". krishna Aiyer is a communist, a traitor and a paid agent working for subversive groups.


To: Branded_Indian@ yahoogroups. com
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From: yeshu2004@yahoo. com
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 20:57:21 -0800

Remembering a glorious rebel

V..R. Krishna Iyer

Was not the kingdom of god that Jesus held up but the forerunner to socialism, social justice, secularism and democracy? He was a raging egalitarian, an invisible socialist, and an economic democrat.

Jesus, born of humble parents in Bethlehem, rose as a glorious phenomenon. He became a world wonder of spiritual-temporal revolution against an imperial establishment and a corrupt priestly order. Judas Iscariot betrayed his master for a few pieces of silver. Every barbarity from those treacherous days still exists, indeed in magnified malignancy, to victimise the have-not humanity and slay the radical humanist and activist.
Lofty testament

For all of humankind, Jesus’ magnificent, yet militant, teaching was a lofty testament of egalitarian liberation from obscurantist faith, authoritarian politics, theological orthodoxy and big business freebooting. Similarly, the ring of his message constituted a de facto revolt against Roman imperialism, absolutist injustice and priest-proud godism. He stood for a higher culture marked by a sacred, sublime, compassionate ethos, and a divinity of humanity that is free from crass, class-mired materialism and gross, greedy, grabbing riches. This rare man of Nazareth resisted Jewish ecclesiastical domination, opposed discrimination among brothers and demanded, in God’s name, socio-economic justice. This is the essence of the Jesus jurisprudence of human dignity, inner divinity and fraternal obligation to help every brother in distress.
Born into a carpenter’s family, Jesus lived a sage and simple life and chose his disciples from a weaker section of society — indigent fishermen. He symbolised a revolutionary change in the theological- temporal establishment and advocated social justice and divinity, dignity and equity in the social order. Such a transformation was the truth of the kingdom of heaven, which was a challenge to the Roman Empire, the Jewish priestocracy and the arbitrary justice system that then prevailed. H.G Wells wrote: “This doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed human thought. It is small wonder if, the world of that time [and of our time, if this writer may add] failed to grasp its full significance, and recoiled in dismay from even a half apprehension of its tremendous challenges to the established habits and institutions of mankind.”
Rare daring

Jesus, the glorious rebel, proclaimed the reality of a universal moral order. He called it the kingdom of heaven and told the people that the kingdom of god was indeed within them. He outraged the hypocrites who did their commerce inside the temples and the shrines. He drove them out with rare daring. Now, right before our eyes, our temples and churches are again centres of big business.
Jesus, to the anger of the proprietariat, resisted the commercialisation of god and the commoditisation of man. Big temples, great churches, god-men, bishops, mullahs and acharyas are a mundane part of the capitalist establishment and are anti-Jesus in spirit. India’s Constitution mandates equality, secularism and economic democracy. What a marvel it was that Jesus preached ages ago — that God was equal in granting his favours to all, as was the sun. Jesus was a raging egalitarian, an invisible socialist, an economic democrat. Proof of this lies in his parables and preaching.
In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus cast scorn upon that natural tendency we all obey, to glorify our own people and to minimise the righteousness of other creeds and races. In the parable of the labourers he thrust aside the obstinate claim of the Jewish people to have a sort of first mortgage upon God. All whom God takes into the kingdom, he taught, he serves alike. There is no distinction in his treatment, because there is no measure to his bounty. There are no privileges, no rebates, and no excuses. H.G... Wells has presented these propositions in The Outline of History..
Barabbas jurisprudence

The abolition of poverty is a socialist feature of the societal structure. In order to wipe every tear of grief from every eye, you need a social transformation and an economic regeneration, a special concern for women and children, and a rage against those who rob the people’s resources. This is the majesty and humanity of true spirituality that was absent during the era of Emperor Tiberius. It was his administration and justice delivery system, presided over in the region by Pontius Pilate, which decreed, with perverse judicial power and under pressure from the priestly class and in exercise of state authority that Jesus, who argued for the kingdom of heaven, be put to the cross. When treason was the charge and the priestly order was exposed by the accused, there was terrific pressure on the Governor-judge to sentence him. The same judge set free Barabbas. Even today innocence suffers state punishment and robbery rides state power. Barabbas jurisprudence is in currency even today.
Jesus spoke for all time and all mankind when he, bed-rocked on the spiritual philosophy of the kingdom of god, told that court this truth of human rights and social justice. His advocacy of the humanist culture as the ultimate value, as against obscurantist godism, is evident from the admonition that sabbath is for man, not man for sabbath.
Advocate of unity and fraternity

Jesus advocated the unity and fraternity of humanity, like the doctrine of Advaita that Adi Sankara propagated as an upanishadic fundamental. Not only did he strike at patriotism and the bonds of family loyalty in the name of God’s universal fatherhood and the brotherhood of all mankind, his teaching condemned all the gradations of the economic system, all private wealth, and personal advantage. He said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.”
To my mind, this glorious dimension of the kingdom of god is the forerunner to socialism, social justice, secularism and democracy. The life of Jesus was absolute simplicity, matchless humility, compassionate humanity, gender reverence and pro-poor egalite. He washed the feet of his disciples, he defined godist superstition. To share and care for your neighbour, even your enemy, were the fundamentals he taught. He was thus a pioneer of world brotherhood, who advocated freedom from dogmas and obscurantist cults. Such a universalism is the testament of Jesus. This is the Christianity to be practised daily — not the Christianity for a Sunday ritual, or for an alibi to hold the world under imperial might and big business power. Not showy charity coupled with mighty rapacity. The Buddha was a predecessor of Jesus. The Mahatma whom Churchill called “the half-naked fakir” was his successor.
Yet, Jesus if born today will meet Pilate’s justice yet again. Barabbas is in power everywhere again. Judas the pretentious disciple and arch-betrayer is a subtle and slight presence practising diplomacy — the Cross in one hand and nuke bomb in the other. The terrorist incarnation today masquerades as the ruler of the earth.
The resurrection of the world and the elimination of the sufferings and slavery of millions are desiderata for many a million honest disciples of Jesus. Even so, the finest teachings of Jesus have perished, and the world today suffers a grave decline in the values of humanism, compassion, morality and divinity. Greed, vulgarity and the collapse of the public good have been a shock and a shame, a terror and a horror.
Structural splendour

Resurrection, not in the lexical or biblical sense, but in the grand moral dimension of the term conveying the spirit of trans-material mutation, is the structural splendour of the world order. Peace, not war; stability, not subservience; high morality, not any grab-based acquisitive success, is the new ethic. Exploitation has become the rule of law, and equity and justice have become the vanishing point of international jurisprudence.
The hidden agenda after a unipolar world is the malignant methodology of insatiable accumulation of wealth. This terrible trend must be trampled under the foot by a triumphant and dynamic generation. This should be done with socialist convictions and a profound prognosis — of work, wealth and happiness for every human being. This should be the ‘developmental drama’ of the New World Order.
(The author, 93 years old, is a retired Supreme Court Judge of distinction, a former Cabinet Minister in the Kerala government, a great humanist, and a regular contributor to The Hindu.)

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