Monday, December 29, 2008


Evidently, Satya Sai Baba has some divine powers and his followers get
help from him wherever they are. Similarly, there are other Gurus,
like Darshan Singhji, Self Realization Fellowship guru Lahiri Mahashya
and Swami yoganandji, who are no more, but they still appear to help
their followers and believers. There are several others who also
help. But I wonder if one does the bhajan of the RAM NAAM, SITA RAM,
RADHEY KRISHN, i.e. whoever their ISHT DEV be, in his or her time of
need, would God also not help them directly and effectively. Moreover
most of the time we are asking for worldly help which is only
temporary; the main purpose of life being moksha or returning to God
from where we came in which case one should put up with whatever comes
his/her way in this earthly existence gladly and thank God for it and
keep working to attain God as best as one can, unless one wishes to
continue in the rebirth cycle endlessly for better or worse, same as
in the past lives.

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