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Sher Agrawal

[prohindu] World opinion in sympathy to Mumbai Terrorists

Dahyabhai Patel Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 9:36 AM
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World opinion is driven by many bias reports becoming facts, after being repeated in many ways.

1. During 2nd day of on-going Mumbai terror, on CNN USA - Dipak Chopra made a statement that Islamic Scholars should do some soul searching research to find out why ONLY the Islamic terrorism takes a form of Global movement. Christiane Amanpour countered back to Chopra implying in very tactful words that he should not point at Islam. She said that according to Indian Government reports, the minority Muslims are suffering under majority Hindus. This terror attack has signs of home grown (=muslim) resistance (=against Hindus). One should look into the reasons for such attacks(=and not Islam) etc. etc.

Christine is now the head of CNN International affairs after her prestigious reporting on KOSOVO.
Indian channel IBN-CNN may be directly under her jurisdiction and may be, that is why we see many pro-Islamic-millitancy and anti-Hindu programs on IBN-CNN.

She came to lime light about 10 years ago, during KOSOVO affair. By reporting on behalf of Muslim sufferings, her reports and commentry gave fuel for USA, European nations and UNO in favor of Albanion Muslim terrorists to create a Muslim country KOSOVO. Many of us may say that KOSOVO is not a MUslim country. This will change after UN forces,( that were supposed to leave in one year) leave Kosovo. UNO now have to stay-in to protect non-muslims of KOSOVO.

Before UNO moved into KOSOVO to topple secular government, I had indicated that KOSOVO is terror movement and the innocent non-muslims will all be legally killed, if Kosovo is made an independent souveign country by UNO. I had written this in countering to an uninvited unwarranted unrelated statement by one New Jersey community leader(Off course he has Hindu Name), in favor of Muslim Terrorists of KOSOVO.

On the first news flash about the Mumbai terror attacks, Christiane Amanpour had already pointed finger to Hindu majority of India and suffering of Muslim minority in India, home grown mujahheddiins, along with Muslim Kashmir being under Indian control etc.

Like KOSOVO she can use her now more visible and authoritative position at CNN very effectively to move the world opinion in favor of Islamic terror and against so called oppressive Hindu Majority India.

2. Christine uses the word Mujahheddin is a sense of positive human right movement, when she refers to Indian Mujaheddins.

3. In USA, FOX channel (Affiliates of India's NDTV), brings Pakistani Meet-The-Press type programs that gives Pakistan to publicize and pose them selves in positive lime light to world press. Pakistanis get a great oppertunity to malign India. I have not seen such oppertunity to India in USA media. Like Bush administration, FOX is a conservative TV (that compares Obama with Hitler, then regrets with lesser adjectives) and has many members who were with USA support of Mujaheddins to drive out Russians

4. I see reports of Pakistani terrorists saying that their motivation is that they cannot tolerate Indian Muslims being killed and raped. Many reporters and people like Christine will ignore the fact that Hindus have been systematically openly killed and raped in Pakistan and Bangladesh and that no Hindu terrorizing innocent Muslims of South Asia.

5. Many Indian organizations have spung up in USA with sole purpose and vision to blindly attack Hindu Charities and spread propagenda about Sanatana Dharma that makes Hindus the target of known terrorist groups. The terrorists can prove the guilt of the victims from these special Indian organizations' artcles, lectures and conferences. Indian NGOs and Indian anti-Hindu organizations use the words like terror, Hitler, genocide etc. when talking about Hindu Charities. Many Indian NGOs also have anti-Hindu goal in their agenda to provide the terrorists a target to practice terror. No Target No practice.

(I missed a week of connection to all YahooGroups. I am taken back in few minutes ago. This Ashokji's message is the first BEF Message I saw after a week of silence of all YahooGroups that I am member of)


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Confusion that goes for intellectualism. Or perhaps it is designed to
confuse the readers so that effective action is not taken.


Ashok Chowgule

The target was democracy, not injustice

* Editorial
* guardian.co.uk, Sunday November 30 2008 00.01 GMT
* The Observer, Sunday November 30 2008


India's trauma will be measured not just by the scale of the attacks
on Mumbai, but by their duration. For nearly three days, security
forces battled terrorists for control of sites in the heart of the
financial capital of the world's largest democracy. Compared to the
instant horror of a suicide bombing, a paramilitary death squad
murders in slow motion. The time it took to defeat the gunmen brought
a new dimension to the fight against terrorism. On this occasion, it
truly looked like war.
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