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[prohindu] Minority cell in BJP is a costly affair....

DIKSHIT NIMESH Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 7:00 PM
To:,,, UnitedHindu
"Ditched you! ",said Naqvi.

I always wonder why BJP a party that was reborn after Ayodhya "Scandal" should
have a minority cell ?

How many muslims are going to vote for BJP ? Has BJP ever one a single
seat in Muslim Majority areas anywhere in India from Kerala to Kashmir ?

Naqvi was nervous that the recent terror blasts in Mumbai is going to give a
clear advantage to BJP in the coming elections - he was suffocating to
give a sound bite to the media to run against BJP. Watch my prediction
all the secular media would keep repeating Naqvi's statement during the
lok sabha election - A muslim spy in BJP did his job -

Recent signs against him in Mumbai :

" Donky donky old and gray
open your mouth and gently bray
lift your ears and blow your horns
to wake the world this sleepy morn."

"Naqvi's powder lipstick - Nahi Chalega!"

I don't know why he said what he said, but that was so embarassing coming from
BJP spokes person - that i almost cursed. A lesson to be learnt for all the BJP
stalwarts - there is still time - remove Naqvi from the party. At the best, ask
him to start a Nationalist Muslim Party and support it from outside and remove the
entire minority cell from BJP. Keeping such moles in the party is going to cost a big
time in coming future...



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