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Naresh Khanna to Rana
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Congi Stooges are at it again....
What happened to the much touted Queen of Firengee;s "Ultimate Sacrifice" where she pretended to have given up the post of PM. ? -Sour Grapes that were. Now this Chandaal Chowkdi-(UPA) is back at it once more. It shows the true intentions of the Sonia maino Khan's Sacrifice. Shame on the people who belong to and pay obessiance to a foreigner for few crums thrown at them. No wonder the few wily brits & moslems molested our Great Nation with the help of these Congi-Commie type fifth column.

Naresh Khanna

Sonia can hold constitutional posts: Centre to SC

By A Correspondent | December 19, 2008 | 16:54 IST
The Centre has told the Supreme Court that Congress president Sonia Gandhi can hold constitutional posts.
In a counter-affidavit, the Centre also said that Sonia Gandhi has been in India for more than 35 years as a citizen, and she is an Indian.
Further details are awaited.

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