Monday, November 24, 2008


Self Sabotage

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Sunday, 23 November, 2008

Each lifetime is a journey in overcoming soul wounds and their lessons from paths we have already traveled. These wounds and lessons are revealed to us in our victim story, which represents the beliefs that we have about our lack of control, powerlessness and ultimately, our disconnection from Source. Our victim story plays out in our life in many different ways, through people, situations and events. But none of them is as powerful as the way in which we re-create our victim story through self-sabotage, the deliberate destruction of our dreams through our own efforts.

Self-sabotage is an unconscious manifestation of our victim story in which we create proof that we are unlucky, undeserving, unworthy and not entitled to the blessings that we may believe we have access to but cannot connect to. With self sabotage we do not need anyone else to take our good away from us, we do it ourselves. And it happens when we are so afraid of losing something that we destroy it first or so afraid of success and what happens afterwards that we ensure that it never happens.

Fear is part of every act of self-sabotage and it is a deep seated fear that we have carried for lifetimes. We can fear success because we may have once abused power. Or we fear loss, betrayal, abuse or abandonment, so we ensure that we never move past our position in life. The source of our fears may be unknown, we just know that we are terrified, unable to move forward. The unconscious nature of self-sabotage keeps our fears and our motivation hidden until we are ready to release our victim story.

We are unaware that we are in self-sabotage mode until we realize that we could have made different choices or acted differently. This can either create another victim story or raise our awareness that we are using self-sabotage to make our victim story true. The choice is ours and until we are willing to do things differently our victim story will repeat itself in self-sabotage and we will wonder what happened to our life and our dreams, and why they never seem to come true. This week, look at any areas of your life where you are in self sabotage. Can you find your victim story and make a choice to act differently? If you do, you will be many steps closer to living the life you want to live and putting your victim story back in the past.
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