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Re: [proudHindu] RE: [haindavakeralam] RAHUL "GANDHI" IN EAST PUNJAB
Vijay Ashar Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 10:31 AM
To:, "S. Sharma"
Kudos to you, Dr. sharma, for your energetic and indefatigable efforts to awaken the consciousness of Hindu society to the impending danger. I relish reading yr views on various topical issues, and usually learn a lot from them. I wiah to inform you, however, that the website on nehrugandhi family that you have referred to seems to have been pulled down, and the info on it is no longer accessible, as indicated below. You may want to inquire who is responsible for it and why( i.e., with whose authority).

I agree with your views expressed in the article below on Rahul Gandhi's visit to Punjab except for one item. I would desist from characterizing the brutal assassination of Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, by her Sikh bodyguards, as an act of 'gallantry'. It was, rather, an act born of blind Hatred and Betrayal of Trust, unlike the killing of Gandhiji by Godse who had shown his respect for the many noble qualities of Gandhiji by first bowing down to him. Indira Gandhi met with her cruel end not because she had hatred in her mind and heart towards the Sikh community, but only because she had shortsightedly nurtured the monster of Bhindranwale for her selfish political ends.

Let all the patriotic Indians today come together on a war footing to teach a fitting lesson to the Congi traitors like Sonia, Manmohan and their cabal by eliminating them politically, if not physically.

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From: Dr S Sharma
Subject: [proudHindu] RE: [haindavakeralam] RAHUL "GANDHI" IN EAST PUNJAB
To:, ""
Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 2:52 AM

To know Nehru-Gandhis please click
www.janataparty. org
This most unfortunate to see Sardar M.M.SINGH LICKING SONIA's feet.

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From: mgupta@rogers. com
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 01:09:49 -0400
Subject: [haindavakeralam] RAHUL "GANDHI" IN EAST PUNJAB

From: RSingh305@aol. com
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 14:29:49 -0400


The scene in Punjab where thousands of Sikhs gathered around Rahul Gandhi to welcome him and sit at his feet to listen to trash was amazing and unbelievable despite the fact that his Party has reduced the state to one fifth of its original size and given a “bloody nose” to the Sikhs in 1984.

He belongs to Nehru Dynasty, studied at St Stephen's College New Delhi, and is the general secretary of All India Congress Committee as well as in charge of the Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India. Like his mother he is a staunch Catholic.

His Party has the dirtiest record of treason against India and her people and, in particular, has done the greatest disservice and damage to Punjab and the Sikhs.

Let us look at his great grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, who happily delivered all the Hindus and Sikhs of West Punjab to slavery under Islamic Law.

At the same time ethnic cleansing started across Pakistan with millions slaughtered, abducted, raped, looted and driven out of their homes. Jawaharlal Nehru had neither ensured their safety while signing the unconditional surrender of India nor did anything to ensure their safe evacuation.

For that high treason, the worst in the history of India, Nehru ought to have been dealt with as the Italians dealt with Mussolini and the Romanians dealt with Ceucescu. Nehru escaped death due to suicidal blind loyalty of his Hindu following.

Now let us look at his grandmother who ascended the dynastic throne automatically because she was the daughter of Nehru. Being an arrogant autocrat she could not tolerate any voice of dissent. She forced the “rubber stamp” President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to declare Emergency across India that lasted 21 months (25th June 1975–21st March 1977], effectively bestowing on her the power to rule by decree, suspending elections and civil liberties. Finally, in order to ensure success at elections, she tried to gain popularity among the Hindus by isolating the Sikhs. She launched a fearsome army assault on Sri Harmandir sahib while imposing curfew in the whole State. Thousands of innocent Sikhs, men, women and children were needlessly killed to ensure her Hindu votes. She met her well deserved end when two gallant knights of Khalsa Panth dispatched her to Hell on October 30, 1984 (Halloween). Immediately Congress Party instigated unprecedented massacre of innocent Sikhs across India.

Now let us look at his father, Rajiv Gandhi. After taking over the office of Prime Minister of India he let the massacres continue, remarking, “If a tree is felled its leaves will fall, too.” Thus he compared the Sikhs (Guru-kay-Laal) to leaves, an insult that cannot be forgotten by generations of honourable Sikhs.

Given that background, Rahul came to a State where the soil is soaked with the blood of its people. Most Punjabis still recall that horrible decade when the Sikh youth were hunted across towns and fields like game in forests and killed in fake police encounters. Some can even recall the widows and orphans of 1947 when Punjab was betrayed by Nehru and partitioned in death, destruction and bloodshed.

Away from political buffoonery and cheap gimmicks to make a fool of the Sikhs, did Rahul have a word of comfort for any Sikh widows, grieving mothers and orphans? Did he offer an apology for the high treason, corruption, nepotism and misdeeds of his father, grandmother and great grandfather? Did he express any regret or remorse over the malicious and criminal destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib that had been constructed during Sikh Raj? Did he express his desire to see the killers of 1984 hanged or put behind bars? Did he wish to see Article 370 of Constitution extended to East Punjab whereby the State could enjoy the same privileges and autonomy as South Kashmir? Did he express any support for conceding sovereignty to the State like East Bengal? Did he wish to see every Sikh family owning a computer with access to Internet? Did he mention his future bride- also from abroad like his mother? Did he want to embrace the Sikh Faith while touring the sacred soil of our Gurus?

That he was invited to enter Punjab speaks volumes for the very poor memory and extremely low self-esteem of the SIKHS who welcomed and accompanied him while he spent happy days among them, on their territory, stealing the limelight from the martyrs of 1984 and 1947.

Is this the once mighty powerful Sovereign State of Punjab of my cherished memories, the sacred soil of my Gurus and Maharaja Ranjit Singh, to which a spurious Congressi Youth “lafanga” with Sikh blood on the hands of his father, grandmother and great grandfather, and lot of money from BOFORS commission, could be invited, garlanded, and then allowed to depart alive?

Since 1947 and from the day of elimination of Sikh youth in their thousands by his father during 1980’s, till today, the sole wish and endeavour of Rahul, his Dynasty and Party has been to turn the Lions of Soil, the “Singhs”, into unquestioning, obedient, humble subjects like the rest of one billion.

-RS Rajput

September 23, 2008

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To state clearly that Partitioned Indian Secular State is a FAILED STATE and in the process of decomposition.

Secondly, you wish to RISE as her Saviour. This ambition is fraught with dangers since the ruling Dynasty are no chickens to see a cat and run away. They are TODAY as powerful as Martial Stalin was in 1945 or as Hitler was in 1940. We know what THEY did to Opposition.

You may already be aware that Congress is AXIS of ITALY & ISLAM being supported FINANCIALLY by ignorant and subservient HINDUS who would even sell their mothers for some post or reward.

While I can only wish your mission the BEST OF LUCK, I wish to caution you to the danger of being ASSASSINATED. This is the fate in Hindustan of any Hindu who raises his head above the rest.

Having "FLATTENED" the Hindu landscape now they are doing incursions into East Punjab, regarded traditionally as the Land of Lions.

Last week, Rahul, son of BOFORS CHOR was there, being garlanded by Sikhs (See below), and today SAIF ALI (lit. Sword of Ali) is in PATIALA for a film shooting.

Again, flattened by Congress Hammer, the citizens of Patiala will not spare two minutes to LEARN about him.

His father was a MOHAMMEDAN but his mother was a HINDU.

Under the TERRIBLE TRADITION of "Dogs & Slaves", every Hindu bride who is seduced by a Muslim and then marries him must deliver her children to MOHAMMED of Arabia, i.e., bring them up as MOHAMMEDANS. On top of that, such "haraami mongrel MOHAMMEDAN aulaad" then gets strikingly stirring MUSLIM names like SWORD OF ALI.

If the SIKHS of East Punjab let go Rahul ALIVE from their territory and if they now admire this LOAFER-LAFANGA Saif Ali and do not ask him to embrace the Sikh Faith, then today's Sikhs are PEOPLE OF DUST, too, thanks to the unchallenged rule of HINDU BASHING, SIKH KILLING Dirty Dynasty

RS Rajput
29 Sep 08
Instt. of Hindu Ideology.

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