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A BANK CALLED NAMA - a song sung in Telgu with English exzplatnion

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A Bank called Nama - A song sung in Telugu and its explanation
Ravishankar Gopal Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 5:44 PM
Radhe Krishna to All Seniors,

Here below is the Song sung in Telugu which narrates the importance of Nama Sankeerthan

Muppana kala kingarulu munngida nilachanivela : -

Yama dudas( kal kingaralu) will be standing in front of us at the time of our last breath

Rogamul gopparami nanu kabama guthukonadina vela : -

because of age factor, I might be having lot of rogas/disease / cough and unable to speak / utter any word

panthavalu kappina vela, me smarana kalkuno kalkathou

: - wife / children and other relatives will be standing near to my bed side and at that moment, I might not be thinking about you lord o- Rama)

appudikipudae thappaka jesuthanu me bhajana dhasarathi: -

at that point of time, I might not be thinking about you. So I will do bhajan now itself dhasarathi/ Rama & save me from this lifecycles

karuna bayothi! Pl forgive in case of any mistakes.

Some people used to say that they will do the bhajan after retirement / after 60 years of age but what is the assurance that our indiriyas / health condition will cooperate at that time

If our hair changes to white, we can apply hair dye, If our vision is poor, we can do cataract / eye transplant for vayodika, old age – we may become unable to speak, hear, walk, stand, sit, nervous
problem To this what sort of operation is possible to do ?

Hence when all our Indriyas (senses)are in good condition , we have to start chanting the Maha Mantra . The saint says, that at the time of my bed ridden unconscious state, I am neither able to chant your name nor think about you though my blood relations / relatives are beside.

More than my relations, I need your (god) presence Rama, because you are my Athma Pandhu.

Our Swamiji says that if we do not have savings in our bank account, it is not possible to withdraw money; like wise, by chanting Bhagavan Nama , we will be saving Nama in our Nama bank, which will surely help us get rid off from all our sorrows / problems" and not only guide us for a comfortable life now in this materialistic world & will also guide us to moksha

So let’s start Chanting and increase our savings in our Nama bank

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Radhe Krishna

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