Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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Email updates to meCancel my email updates This is the political message of Indian Muahideen.But if u read in between the lines it's just to prevent the BJP taking thecause of anti-terrorist stand.They had mentioned POTA would not deter them.Since it's a political message it had to be read differently.When someone says "I don't want to become CM" that means he wants to become CM.Similarly when they say they are not scared of POTA it definetly means they are scared of POTA.Clearly IM preferes thrid front to congress and prefers congress to BJP.It knows it's safe under congress but still would prefer Thrid front(Mulayam and Lalu,CPIM) in order to weaken national institutions and also for spereading ISLAM and terrorism.And their main enemies are not congress or any political parties there enemies are hindus.These political parties are just pawn.
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