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‘Super Terrorism’ against India

Hindu Nation is perched on the top of a volcano when the Hindu society is in deep slumber! According to Press Trust of India, a report of the Union Home Ministry warns that terror groups backed by Pakistan's ISI could use chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological weapons against India initiating a form of 'super terrorism'. The report also gives out the shocking news that ISI is spreading its tentacles in the country from Jammu and Kashmir to down south. South India is an important part of the ISI game plan since it is being targeted to recruit unemployed youths. The report further mentions that the Pakistan agency is also trying to liaison with the underworld in Gujarat and is using the coastal line for transporting arms and drug running operations. The National Security Advisor, Sri M.K. Narayanan, has revealed that there are as many as 800 terrorist cells operating in this country with 'external support' and these terror modules have been uncovered by intelligence agencies. He has also revealed that, after the exit of Musharraf, the threat from ISI is all the more increased.

Manifesto of Indian Mujahideen

Whom does the Islamic fundamentalists target and who are behind them? The renowned journalist and writer Sri M.V. Kamath has given a startling revelation that the Indian Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility for the bomb blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur, has issued a manifesto in which it states that it is "raising the illustrious banner of Jihad against the Hindus and all those who fight and resist us, and have begun our revenge with the help and permission of Allah—a terrifying revenge of our blood, our lives and our honour that will, Insha Allah, terminate your (Hindu) survival on this land". The manifesto also calls on the Hindus "to realize that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty and idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of Ram, Krishna and Hanuman (words spelt in lower case) are not all going to save your necks from being slaughtered by our hands." Additionally the manifesto demands that Hindus change their attitudes lest "another Ghauri shakes your foundations and lest another Ghaznavi massacre you, proving your blood to be the cheapest of all mankind".

Fifth Column Supporting Aggression

Who are the supporters of this Jihad? Dr. Gautam Sen, who taught at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades, points out: "Within India, some mosques and Madrasas are the fifth column that provides critical support for the aggression that it is encountering. Their role is to cultivate passive and active support for the Islamic onslaught. It entails ensuring that most Muslims refuse to cooperate in efforts to interdict Islamic terrorists by remaining silent spectators while the murderous bombings continue, provide safe havens in impenetrable Muslim areas for terrorists and a vital element of local manpower to the Pakistani and Saudi agencies engaged in terrorist activities." Intelligence Bureau has stumbled upon a lead which points out that the Hyderabadi Moulana Nazeeruddhin arrested in connection with the assassination of Gujarat Home Minister Sri Haren Pandya and lodged in Sabarmaty had made calls to Pakistan on cell phone from the jail premises!

Patriotic Stand of Australian PM against Islamic Fundamentalists

Compare these startling revelations with an earlier statement of our Prime Minister, Sri Manmohan Singh, that though India had the largest number of Muslims living in a democratic polity, there are no Muslim supporters of Al Qaeda. The Jamaa-at-Islami leaders have the guts to say that even those suspected terrorists arrested in bomb blasts in various parts of the country are innocent and cases are foisted against them! The Indian Mujahideen takes pride in the achievements of Ghaznavi, Ghauri and Khilji, the invaders of Hindu India and aspires the advent of their prototypes to come again and destroy our temples and conquer our nation once again! And compare the soft approach of our Prime Minister and the ruling UPA leaders including the Congress President Sonia Gandhi towards the Islamic fundamentalists including Afzal Guru who tried to blast the Indian Parliament and who has been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court, to that of the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard's stand with regard to the Muslim fanatics in his country. He told Muslims who want to live under Islamic Shariat law to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. In his unambiguous and unequivocal statement, Howard has warned: "Immigrants, not Australians, must adapt. Take it or leave it. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language! Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us. This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'. If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted."

Congress and Vivisection of Bharat

When the Australian Prime Minister has the guts to ask the Islamic fundamentalists to leave his country if they are not happy with the Christian culture and ethos and could not adapt to the nationalism of his country, let us see what is happening in our country. Since times immemorial, Bharatavarsha has been a Hindu Rashtra. Even during the period of Islamic aggressions and European colonialism, the brave kings and emperors of our land continued their incessant battles against the aggressors. However, during the Islamic aggressions, millions of Hindus were butchered, Hindu women were raped and kidnapped and many were converted at the point of sword. The European colonialists also made use of their rule over India to plant Christianity in this nation and the Inquisitions like the Goa Inquisition and the onslaught on tribal communities, especially in the North East, left millions of Hindus annihilated and many converted forcibly into Christianity. When the final blow to the British empire in India was given by the Indian National Army of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose by creating mutiny in the British Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and the British had to leave the country, they played a very cunning game with the help of the Indian National Congress which was originally founded by a British national, A.O. Hume, to take the wind out of the patriotic and revolutionary movements in Bharat that emerged after first war of independence in 1857, and with the help of Muslim League which had the avowed object of bringing back Islamic rule in India, to divide India and weaken it for ever. On the eve of Indian independence, when the Congress politicians were eagerly preparing themselves to take over power from the white man and therefore willingly acceded to the vivisection of the country, a lone voice thundered from the South. It was Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo, speaking on the All India Radio from its Tiruchirapally Station, who issued a warning with deep foresight: "But the old communal division into Hindus and Muslims seems now to have hardened into a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that this settled fact would not be accepted as settled forever or as anything more than a temporary expedient. For if it lasts, India may be seriously weakened, even crippled: civil strife may remain always possible, possible even a new invasion and foreign conquest. India's internal development and prosperity may be impeded, her position among the nations weakened, her destiny impaired or even frustrated. This must not be; the partition must go".

Woes of Kashmir Valley

The Muslim fundamentalists who managed to get the country divided and create an Islamic nation of Pakistan soon realized that the Congress rulers who came to power were more western oriented and were not inclined to accept the truth proclaimed by Sri Aurobindo that "Sanatana Dharma is Indian Nationalism". When Sri Aurobindo was incarcerated in the Alipore Jail, he had the vision of Krishna Vasudeva from whom he received a message: “When you go forth, speak to your nation always this word, that it is for the Sanatan Dharma that they arise, it is for the world and not for themselves that they arise. I am giving them freedom for the service of the world. When therefore it is said that India shall rise, it is the Sanatan Dharma that shall rise. When it is said that India shall be great, it is the Sanatan Dharma that shall be great. When it is said that India shall expand and extend herself, it is the Sanatan Dharma that shall expand and extend itself over the world. It is for the Dharma and by the Dharma that India exists.” The atheistic, western educated and semi-Islamized Kashmiri Pandit, Jawaharlal Nehru, scoffed at the ideal of Hindu Nationalism and wanted to make India a "secular" country where Muslims, Christians and atheists including Communists would share power to systematically disintegrate the country and create new nations. The long rope given by the Congress Government under Nehru's leadership to the Muslims in Kashmir, even to the extent of incorporating Article 370 in Indian constitution to make Kashmir the exclusive land of Muslims, gave an opportunity to Pakistan to occupy a part of the state and to set up Islamic terrorist cells in various parts of the state in order to annex the entire Kashmir into Pakistan.

Amarnath Issue

Then began the planned and systematic eviction of all non-Muslims, i.e., the Hindus and the Buddhists, from Kashmir valley. The Kashmiri Pandits were attacked and lakhs of them were killed and forced to flee from their home state. The land of Rishi Kashyapa, the land of Ksheer Bhavani, the holy land of Lord Amarnath, was vandalized. Thousands of Hindu temples including that of Ksheer Bhavani and Sharada Peetha were razed to the ground. Though Kashmir is an integral part of India, no Indian outside Kashmir could ever think of settling down in Kashmir or owning a piece of land there, though the Kashmiri Muslims could freely purchase land in any part of the country and settle down anywhere. The Pakistani militants sponsored by the ISI received the patronage and support of the Kashmiri Muslims to cut off the State from the mainland. Millions of Hindu pilgrims who visited the holy shirines of Amarnath and Vaishnodevi were targeted. In spite of that millions of Hindus have been travelling from other parts of the country to the holy pilgrimage centers in Jammu and Kashmir. Finding that the visit of Hindu pilgrims to the holy shrines brought hefty income into the state treasury, the Coalition Government of Jammu Kashmir headed by Ghulam Nabi Azad of the Congress and supported by People's Democratic Party of Mufti Mohammad Syed agreed to make some amenities to the visiting pilgrims and transfer 80 acres of land on the snowy mountain slope to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board to set up temporary shelters during the months of July and August every year when the Amarnath Yatra takes place. However, when the Islamic fundamentalists strongly objected to the entertainment of Hindu pilgrims marching into Muslim majority Kashmir, the PDP, whose minister originally passed the order allotting the land, bolted out and resigned in protest against the transfer, and the Government withdrew the order. It was indeed a blessing in disguise, because the entire Hindu society in the country got awakened to the realities and came to know what is in store for them in their Hindu India. The whole nation rose in protest and there was bloodshed and violence in Jammu as well as Kashmir. Ultimately the Congress-led UPA Government has conceded the right of the Amarnath Shrine Board to get the land once again allotted to them. However, the PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has condemned the move as a "unilateral decision" without considering the sentiments of the majority community in the State. The Kashmiri Muslims want the Government of India to consider "the sentiments of the majority community in the State", but they will not consider the sentiments of the majority community in the entire nation, because they do not consider India as their motherland or Kashmir as a part of Indian nation. It is not only the Kashmiri Muslims who consider the rest of India as an alien land. The Madrasas throughout the country and the Mullahs and Moulvis all over India brainwash the Muslim population with the theory that India is a Kafir's land and it is their sacred duty to make it into the land of Allah through Jihad.

Christian Fundamentalists and Communist Maoists

Islamic fundamentalism is only one of the three forces that are targeting the integrity and independence of the Indian nation. The other two forces are the Christian fundamentalist force and the Communist Maoist force. What has happened in Orissa recently has very clearly brought to light the fact that these two forces are now launching a combined operation to destroy Hindu society and Hindu Nation. Ever since the European colonization of India, Christian missionaries have been actively converting the poor and downtrodden sections of the population, especially in tribal areas, into Christianity in order to perpetuate the interests of the European powers. At the time of Indian independence, when the Muslims succeeded in carving out a Pakistan, the Christians planned to create a Christianistan in the North East where they have already converted a large number of tribals, especially in areas like Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh. The American and European Christian organizations also have come forward to pump in millions of dollars to promote Christian militant groups in these areas. It must be interesting for us to appraise now to what extent the insurgency in Nagaland has grown. A New Delhi report in the Indian Express, Madras, dated as early as January 25, 1995, said: “Two years ago, an underground Nagaland outfit self-styling itself ‘Government of the People’s Republic of Nagaland’ levied an annual servicing tax on hoteliers in the State. A sum of Rs.30,000 had to be paid secretly towards the National movement for the sacred cause of the Nagas”. The report further said that “sometimes even high ranking police and Government officials, especially the non Nagas and political leaders pay their share of taxes to the current underground outfits such as ‘Kahaplang’ and the ‘Issac Monvie faction’. The newspaper further reported the claim of Col. (Retd) Dharam Vir Kataria, Secretary General, International Sprititaul Peace Mission for the unification of Religions that even the advisor to the then Nagaland's Governor Lokanath Mishra, admitted paying money to these insurgents. The Mission has taken up the cause of Nagaland and The North-East region where it says a nexus has been established between Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) insurgents and the illegal Muslim immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh."

When Pope John Paul visited India as the head of Vatican State, he had the courage to declare openly standing on the Indian soil that their goal is to convert India into "the land of Christ". The emergence of Sonia Gandhi as the leader of the Indian National Congress has given a boost to Christian conversion activities throughout the country. Evangelists like Benny Hinns found a rousing welcome into India to speed up the proselytization activities. It is a known fact that CIA agents in the garb of Evangelical workers accompanied Benny Hinns. Padam D. Sharma, IPS (Retd), in his book titled "Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan and Its Activities" has thrown light on the nexus of ISI with CIA and says, "The CIA and the ISI worked hand in glove during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The CIA heavily relied on the good offices of the ISI to train Taliban Mujahideen to fight against the Soviet forces."

Cold-blooded Murder of Swami Lakshmanananda

If Christian fundamentalist forces could join hands with Islamic fundamentalists to destroy their common enemy, there is no wonder that in the recent attack on the Ashram of the Hindu monk and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader, Swami Lakshmanananda at Jaleshpada, who had been rendering yeoman service for the last forty two years among the adivasis in Kandhamal district of Orissa, they joined hands with the Maoists to gun down the Swami and his disciples Swami Arupananda, Swami Chinmayananda and Mata Bhaktimayi, in the presence of 130 children of the orphanage run by the swami, on the Krishna Janmashthami Day when the devotees were all engaged in a Bhajan satsang. The swamiji's work among the adivasis was a great hindrance to the proselytization activities of the Christian missionaries while it also prevented the recruitment of terrorists by the militant Maoists. The people belonging to the Pana community had deserted Hinduism and got converted to Christianity and therefore they became ineligible for the concessions given to the scheduled tribes like Kandhas belonging to the Hindu society. Many of them had joined the Maoist and naxalite movements. It is all the more shocking that the reports from Kandhamal point out the involvement of Radha Kant Naik, a Congress Member of Rajya Sabha and a pet of Sonia Gandhi, who is a Pana converted to Christianity and who is the Patron of a Christian NGO, 'World Vision', in the murder of the swami. There were already nine attempts made earlier by these anti-Hindu forces to kill the swami and appeals were made to the Orissa Government to protect the swami. However, the state machinery failed and the eighty-year-old Swami was made a victim of cold-blooded murder. When there was a nationwide protest against the atrocious deed and violence erupted in various parts of the State as a backlash in which Christian institutions were targeted, Pope Benedict of Vatican came forward with a statement condemning the attack on Christians and the All India Christian Council and all Bishops and Archbishops called for a nationwide band of all educational institutions run by the missionaries. They did not consider the killing of the swami and his disciples by the Christian and Maoist militants as atrocious, but the violent reaction to it from the Hindus is according to them high handed. And the Communist Party of Maoists has come out with an open statement claiming responsibility for the killing of the Swami belonging to VHP and warning the Hindus that there would be "many more such punishments if they continued the violence against the religious minorities in the country".

Communist-Muslim Militant Nexus

The Muslim appeasement policies of Buddhadev Bhattacharya Government in West Bengal has emboldened Muslim militants belonging to the Communist Party (Marxist) to engage themselves in murderous assaults on innocent Hindus. The first major attack was reported in Gangasagar, the holy confluence of River Ganga and the Bay of Bengal on June 12, this year. About 200 Hindus had gathered there to have a holy dip and to listen to discourses on Hinduism by religious leaders under the auspices of Hindu Samhati Manch. The Samhati had planned a three-day training camp and workshop on the current socio-political scenario of Eastern India. A frenzied 3000-strong Muslim mob led by a local CPM leader Sheikh Ismail pounced on them with deadly weapons. The reason for the attack was that the participants in the Hindu congregation raised slogans like "Jai Sri Ram!" and "Bharat Mata ki Jai!" The goons also set fire to a guesthouse of the VHP. Strangely the police remained onlookers during the murderous attack and later arrested the Samhati leaders for organizing the Hindu congregation!

The second major attack was reported on July 8 when Swami Punyalokananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and President of Ramakrishna Ashram at Gorehat under Joynagar police station in South 24-Parganas was stripped and beaten up by Muslim CPM goons. The Swamiji, who had taken initiation from Swami Gambhirananda Maharaj, the 11th President of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Belur, Howrah, was devoted to the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged people in Gorehat. Swamiji was trying hard to start a free coaching centre for the primary school boys and homeopathic dispensary in the Ashram campus. But a local CPM leader, Mohammad Abdur Ali and his associates planned to set up a country liquor shop after capturing the Ashram premises. They attacked the swami with iron rods and lathis and tied him to a tree before stripping him off of his ochre robes and beat him mercilessly till he lost consciousness. The local people in hundreds witnessed the ghastly scene but dared not to confront the goons. The police later registered a case, but did not arrest any culprit, fearing the wrath of Muslim fundamentalists and the red eyes of the ruling Communists.

Not only in Bengal, but even in the Marxist ruled Kerala, Islamic fundamentalism is getting protection and patronage. The Student Islamic Movement of India, spearheading bomb blasts in various parts of the country, has been conducting camps in Kerala to train the militants and Islamic terrorists from various parts of the country have been attending these camps. The militant Muslims clear the Malabar Coast of all Hindus so that it would be easy for Islamic nations to set up their spy camps and bring terrorists from Islamic countries into India. However, the ruling Congress and the so called secular political parties, who are almost convinced now that the majority of the Hindu votes in the forthcoming elections to the parliament and to the state assemblies will go only to the Hindu nationalist parties, are vying with each other in garnering the minority votes for their political survival and they are not prepared to antagonize the Muslim and Christian vote bank.

The Indifference of Hindu Elite and Spiritual Leaders

Now the question that arises is what is the reaction of the millions of Hindus all over the country to this grave threat that is staring at the Hindu nation and society. When Hindus settled in Christian countries like America and England are vociferous in condemning the atrocities against their brethren in their homeland Bharatavarsha, the vast majority of the elite Hindus and, more shockingly and surprisingly, the so called Hindu religious and spiritual leaders within the country are silent witnesses to all that happens around them. When Hindu swamis are attacked in Kerala, Orissa and Bengal, our so-called Dharma Acharyas all over the country have no courage to condemn the attacks. When the Christian missionaries, bishops and archbishops all over the country protest against the retaliatory action against the Christian militants in Orissa who killed Swami Lakshmanananda, and when Muslim Mullahs and Moulvis try to defend the Islamic fundamentalists, the Hindu sadhus and saannyasis all over the country have no guts to come forward to raise their voice unitedly. Even the attack on the Swami of Ramakrishna Order could not be condemned by such a big organization like Sri Ramakrishna Mission, leave alone the other big Hindu spiritual organizations and spiritual leaders. The great patriot monk, Swami Rama Tirtha, was right when he said that in India, at his time, there were more than fifty lakhs of sadhus and sannyasins, but only a handful of them were like beautiful lotuses in a lake and all the rest were useless scum that covered the lake. Is it not absolutely true with regard to Bharatavarsha of the present time? We cannot blame the sadhus, sannyasins, mutt heads and spiritual leaders of the present day, because most of them have taken to the robe of a religious leader as it is the most lucrative profession today which would bring them huge fortunes with the least investment and effort. Once they amass the wealth, their prime responsibility becomes the protection of their own institutions and properties and pleasing their so called devotees, especially with various political leanings, who hover around them with equal selfishness and materialist moorings. Therefore, naturally, they are the least concerned about what happens to the Hindu society, culture and ethos and the Hindu nation.

Unstinted Patriotism—The Only Way To Save the Nation

What is the way out of this present imbroglio? In a forest, there are many species of animals, right from the fearful rabbits, antelopes, cunning wolves and foxes to strong elephants and mighty tigers and lions. Similarly, in the Hindu society also there is variety of people. There are lions and tigers among them and during the struggle for India's freedom, the country witnessed the valour and courage of brave revolutionaries and freedom fighters like Mangaal Pande, Rani Jhansi, Nana Saheb, Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Veer Savarkar, Bhaga Jatin, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad and Netaji Subhas. In the present day Hindu society also, such valour and courage is not wanting, but they are to be identified and moulded into powerful forces to protect the Hindu Dharma and Hindu Nation. It could be done only by patriotic and utterly selfless Dharma Acharyas like Samarth Ramdas, Vidyaranya, Vivekananda, Rama Tirtha, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Dayananda, Swami Shraddhananda and Sister Nivedita. There are still quite a few bold and fearless spiritual leaders in the country and they must come forward to train the heroes and heroins of Bharat who will, under their able guidance, offer their all at the altar of the Motherland. It is possible only if they are prepared to renounce once for all their attachments to their cults, sampradayas, missions and mutts and come forward to embrace the entire Hindu society as their children and, like the Santans of the Ananda Math of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, adore and worship Bharatamata as the Supreme Goddess above all the thirty three crores of Gods and Goddesses. Under their guidance and inspiration, millions of young men and women must come out of the narrow confines of caste, creed, cult, language, sampradaya, etc., and declare themselves as the brave warriors of Mother Bharat. There should be absolute unity and brotherhood among all these Acharyas and among the valiant Hindu youth and then only we could create a formidable force to confront all the anti-national forces and save the country from a grave disaster that it is facing today. There are quite a number of Hindu organizations and outfits who sincerely aspire for the rising up of our nation as the Loka Guru, but the urge for domination and senseless egoism prevents the leaders of these organizations to come under one banner or on one platform. This bloated ego and egocentric desires are to be wiped out if they really want their dream to be realized. There should be a federal council consisting of representatives of all Hindu religious, spiritual and social organizations, a forum like Hindu Human Rights Organization to protect the human rights of Hindus to whichever sect or sampradaya they may belong and a militant Hindu Khalsa consisting of valiant Hindu youth from each and every Hindu family who will unhesitatingly offer their lives to defend the society and nation. If the Christian militants loyal to their European and American masters, the Islamic terrorists loyal to Pakistan and Arab countries, and the Maoist revolutionaries loyal to China could take up guns and bombs to destroy the safety and security of our nation, the Hindu youth have every right to wield more powerful weapons to annihilate these anti-national forces and protect the nation and society, especially when the Central and State Governments are under the thumb of these forces and are incapable of protecting the country. The first and foremost step towards achieving this goal is to establish temples dedicated to Bharatamata in every nook and corner of the country where Hindus of all sects, sampradayas, hues and colours will congregate without any differences and distinctions and offer worship jointly to the Mother. The auspicious days like Navaratri and Akshaya Tritiya should be celebrated all over the country by the entire Hindu society as the holy days to worship Sri Bharatamata. In every Hindu temple there should be an idol of Sri Bharatamata to which worship should be offered by the devotees. In every Hindu home, the members of the family should touch the Mother Earth early in the morning when they get up from the bed and chant the hymn, "Samudra vasane devi parvata sthana mandale, Vishnupatnee namastubhyam, paadasparsham kshamaswa me"—"Oh Divine Mother wrapped by the three oceans as Thy robe, and with mountains as Thy breasts, Oh Consort of Lord Vishnu (Rajalakshmi), I salute Thee, please forgive me for my blasphemous act in placing my feet on You when I stand on my legs." And all the members of the family should sit in front of a portrait or idol of Sri Bharatamata and sing the Bharata Bhakti Stotra. In all Hindu religious congregations the immortal song, Vande Mataram, should be sung. The day this dream is fulfilled there will arise salvation to the Hindu Nation and Hindu society. Will the Hindu society hearken to this call, arise and awake? Time alone will give the answer. Vande Mataram!


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