Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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From: "Sher Agrawal"
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 05:33:23 -0700
Subject: Questions for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Respected Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji,

Namaskar. I have attended your five day course recently in Santa Clara, CA and am presently attending your evening course for three days at Hayat.

I am very much impressed with your courses and I am glad that you are instilling Yoga and Meditation especially amongst the Indian
origin young in the West, who do not have an inkling or idea of the Hindu religion and its derivatives which can benefit a human being to infinite happiness and prosperity. You are indeed sowing a seed which will bring out immense results for the mankind for its betterment in the immediate situations as also in the long run.

No doubt you are a gift of the Hindu Dharma and of India to the mankind.

At the beginning of the three day course a short film was shown, in which, among other things, was shown that how you have gone to the troubled spots of the world, like Kosovo, Iraq and Kashmir and met the leaders there in order to bring peace, etc. I particularly wish to ask you about Kashmir that as a result of your visit and meetings with the leaders there, will the Kashmiri Hindus be able to go back to their homes in Kashmir? Have some of them already gone back because of your message to the Moslems there.

My other question is that with the minorities presently ruling in India and being given preferences and reservations in every field, will the whole of India go the same way as Kashmir (which has happened during the independent India), i.e. will she become a Moslem/Christian dominated country. And Hindus eventuallly will either have to convert to Islam or be decimated? With the unchecked influx of moslems from Pakistan/Bangla Desh with the active encouragement of the Congress government for the vote bank it appears more than likely.

Sir, do you not see this ominous prospect for India? Or this is of no concern to you as your field is to spread yoga and meditation only irrespective of whatever happens to the country and the Hindu dharma. Also what, if anything, you have done or are able to do to save the Hindu dharm and Bharat Mata which has given personalities like you to the world.

Bhagwan aapki raksha karein aur ham sab ki bhi,



from Seattle, WA, USA
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