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On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Mohan Gupta wrote:

Dignified beggars or looters of Bhaarat and Hindus
No country in the world gives subsidy to Muslims for going to Hajj pilgrimage except Bhaarat. The money given to Muslims for Hajj pilgrimage is a form of Zazia to Hindus. Our prime minister Man Mohan Singh says that Muslims have the first right on the wealth of the Bhaarat nation. In Hindu Bhaarat for a long time a pilgrimage tax was charged from Hindus for going to pilgrimage. Taking cue for subsidy for Hajj pilgrimage purpose, Christian chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh with Hindu name Chander Shekhar has decided to give subsidy to Christians for pilgrimage going to Bethlem.

This is done on the name of secularism. Secularism is supposed to be not to interfere in any religion and not favouring any religion. But in practice secularism in Bhaarat means to be anti Hindu and looting Bhaarat.

Muslims and Christians have been looting Bhaarat for the last 1000 years. First Muslims were looting, and then Christians came to loot Bhaarat. These two communities looted Bhaarat to a very extent.

Hindus were expecting that after independence the loot of Bhaarat and Hindus would stop. But unfortunately for Hindus the administration of Bhaarat went into those leaders who were anti –Hindu. Due to such anti Hindu leaders loot of Hindus in Bhaarat is going on unabated. There are less than 3% Christians in Bhaarat still there are four Christian chief ministers in various states of Bhaarat.

The anti Hindu leaders to provide subsidy and other benefits to minority are looting temples on a great scale. There are very rich temples in Bhaarat. Government has made many such laws by which they are taking away money of Hindu temples to give money to anti secular, ant – Hindu people. No money is touched of mosques and Churches by anti Hindu governments of Bhaarat.

There are many provinces in Bhaarat where Hindus are in minority. But Hindus are not given minority benefit in those states. Kashimiri Pandits are in extremely poor condition in Kashmir state but they get no help from any quarters.

Muslims are Christians may be in minority in Bhaarat but in the world they are in majority and are extremely rich people. There are 57 Muslim countries in the world but there is no Hindu nation in the world. Christianity is the largest religion in the world. The whole of Europe, north and South America are Christian countries.

Muslims and Christians get several hundred thousand billions of dollars from these Muslims and Christian countries for conversion of Hindus in Bhaarat and for the benefit of their community. Still Muslims and Christians are considered minorities in Bhaarat and anti - Hindu leaders still give these communities trillions of dollars in various subsidies and benefits. The time is not far off when Hindus would be in minority in Bhaarat and Christian and Muslims would be majority communities.

To earn some puniya by going to any pilgrimage, people should earn their own money. I wonder what kind of puniya Muslims and Christians would earn by going to pilgrimage after looting Hindus or by taking charities from Hindus. Hindus do not get any charity for going to pilgrimage. The act of getting donations or by looting of Hindu money, Muslims and Christians are behaving as dignified beggars or looters of Hindus.

These are millions of people in Bhaarat who do not get meals even one time during the whole day. All sorts of subsidy to Muslims and Christians must be stopped immediately. Rather than giving subsidy to Muslims for Hajj subsidy and to Christians for going to Belt hem, money should be used for giving food at subsidized rate to poor people irrespective of religion and caste.

Please see the following writing about the subsidy given to Christians and a glimpse how much Christians are getting money from other Christian countries of the world.

Andhra Pradesh: Rules set for Christian yatra

June 15, 2008

(CrusadeWatch note: It is unfortunate that in a state where people cannot even afford square meals a day, the Government headed by a Christian fundamentalist chief minister is misusing people's money to pay each Christian pilgrim to visit Jerusalem. The amount paid to each Christian visitor is enough to feed a poor child for 2 years)
source: Deccan Chronicle, June 15, 2008
Hyderabad, June 14: State government is finalising the guidelines to Holy Land Yatra to Israel for Christians on the lines of Haj Pilgrimage. Only white card holders are to be made eligible under the scheme for which government earlier gave the nod for financial. The Minorities Welfare Department will be soon coming out with the guidelines after consultation with AP Federation of Churches sources said. Christians holding white cards will be given preference on first cum first serve basis and those who are above 50 years will be given financial assistance.

Church authorities and lay groups asked the government to sanction Rs 20,000 to each pilgrim on par with Haj Pilgrims. As per the schedule the pilgrimage covers Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jordan River, places around dead sea and Sea of Galilee and several other places connected to Christian faith. A group of 50 to 100 pilgrims will be visiting the Holy Land.

"Mainly the tour is for a week and charges would be around Rs 55,000 to Rs 65,000 depending on accommodation and facilities provided by travel agent. It is proposed to limit the period to five days in Israel excluding the travel to reduce the cost to Rs 45,000 in which government will bear Rs 20,000 and the rest will be borne by the pilgrims," Fr T Anthony Raj, Executive Secretary of AP Federation of Churches, said.

The state government already sanctioned Rs 2 crore and at least 1000 pilgrims will be benefited. Advisor to the Government and former South Central Railway, GM Mr T. Stanley Babu, is also part of the team finalising the guidelines.

An official of Minorities Welfare Department said "The pilgrim shall produced SSC certificate which shows that he is a Christian. Even the MRO certificate stating that the person is a bonafide Christian will also be valid. The applicants should possess a valid passport with a minimum validity period of two years at the time of applying." A screening committee with five members including officials from Minority Welfare Department, AP State Minorities Commission, AP Minorities Finance Corporation and representative from the church bodies.

Move to loot 100 crore rupees from Guruvayur Temple's Fixed Deposit
18/06/2008 15:20:58 HK

Guruvayur: Those who know communists in Kerala have no second thoughts that destruction of Temples in Kerala is one of their important hidden agenda.

After completing the first part of their agenda successfully, that is by Nominating Communist leaders and sympathisers into Devaswoms and Temple committees now they are slowly entering its second phase.

It has been learnt that there is a move to withdraw 100 crore Rupees from the fixed deposit of Guruvayur temple. In this 50 crore will be diverted to water authority department, 35 Crore for Multi Parking System coming in Guruvayur and 15 crore for making annexes for Srrevalsam and Panjajanyam. The palatial guest houses are made for the VIP’s. Such extravaganza is entertained when there are no facilities even for the primary necessities of devotees.

During the term of UDF Government the move to divert 50 lakhs for Water Authority was thwarted following widespread protest from devotees and timely intervention of Hindu organisations.

In the name of GuruvayurTemple there is fixed Deposit of 342 crore Rupees. If 100 crore is withdrawn from it , there will be serious effects on day to day management of Temple as there will be significant reduction in the money temple gets from the interest of fixed deposit.

At present there is a clandestine move to change the provision in Devaswom law, so that Government can easily interfere with Temple income. Once this precedence is started then, within no time the temple coffers will be wiped out by the Atheist Communist’s sitting in the helm.

At present Guruvayur Devaswom spends more than a crore rupee just for the salary of Temple staff, which is much higher than monthly income generated from devotee’s contribution.

It is also learnt that Devaswom Chairman is planning to buy a new luxury car as the present Lancer he is using is outdated! Devaswom Administrator bought a new Ford Fiesta recently dumping the old Hyundai accent – All with the money given to Guruvayoorappan by his devotees


From: Pastor
With his Believers’ Church Receiving foreign funds worth Rs 1,040 crore for soul harvesting, Yohannan’s dealings have come under scrutiny
Shaju Philip While carrying out its drive against fake godmen and street-side spirituality retailers, investigating agencies in Kerala stumbled on the empire of Kerala-based evangelist and self-consecrated archbishop Dr K.P. Yohannan.

Thiruvananthapuram, June 16:

Last week, Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had revealed that Believers’ Church, founded by Yohannan, had received foreign remittances of Rs 1,040 crore in the last 18 years. “The state will seek a probe by a Central agency to look into the foreign funds Yohannan received,” he said.

Yohannan has been a Pentecostal follower and president of Gospel for Asia (GFA), a group set up in the early eighties to promote biblical teachings. Yohannan’s highly spirited preaching won him lakhs of followers across the world. Athmeeya Yathra, one of the dozen trusts Yohannan set up, has been broadcasting religious radio programmes. Yohannan’s GFA has 54 Bible colleges in various countries, where over 8,000 missionaries train to harvest souls for Christ. The GFA Biblical Seminary near Thiruvalla houses students from 31 different evangelical denominations. His GFA had faced the wrath of Hindu organisations several times in the past for forced conversions.

But Yohannan’s real tryst with controversy began after he set up Believers’ Church about eight years ago at Thiruvalla, the NRI town in Pathanamthitta district. It was then that this preacher decided he was cut for higher things in life. He voluntarily donned the garb of a bishop and hired the service of K.J. Samuel, a bishop of a sister church. In normal course, only a priest can become a bishop and his action stunned his community. Both the Church of South India and the Church of North India pulled up their bishops for conducting the installation ceremony, the nature of which had been unprecedented in Christian circles. But Yohannan wouldn’t stop at that. He later upgraded his post to that of an archbishop and appointed six other junior bishops.

“Prayer and money makes Believers’ Church. Yohannan has become an archbishop by bypassing the traditional route,” said Kerala Congress(S) MLA P.C. George.

Archbishop Yohannan now heads over a dozen trusts. A major chunk of Yohannan’s followers are outside his home state, particularly in the northeast. Believers’ Church claims a flock of 15 lakh in India, with Kerala accounting for a mere 15,000. Like other churches, Yohannan’s church also runs a posh school.

Yohannan’s real estate interest came to the fore in 2005 when Believers’ Church purchased 2,263 acres of rubber estate from Harrison Malayalam Limited for Rs 63 crore. He also bought Cheruvally estate, one of the best-managed rubber estates in Kerala. Besides, he has several tracts of land, paddy fields and islands with tourism potential in various parts of central Kerala. The land tracts were purchased on behalf of the trusts Yohannan headed. Nobody was under any illusion that the rubber estate and paddy fields were meant for sowing the seeds of gospel.

Yohannan got into many more controversies, among them over the misuse of a tsunami rehabilitation fund. But political parties have rarely bothered to look into the transactions of the Church.

Despite the police probe and controversies, Yohannan’s team at Thiruvalla remains unfazed. According to Church sources, the self-styled archbishop is engaged in relief activities in the cyclone-hit Myanmar.

“We welcome any kind of investigation. Our accounts are transparent,” said Jacob Pothan, central administrative officer of Believers Church. “It is true that the Church has received Rs 1,040 crore since 1990. But only 144 crore has been diverted for real estate dealings in Kerala. The rest has gone into charity,” said Pothan, who took a voluntary retirement from the Rubber Board to join Yohannan’s spiritual company.

Pothan justified the Church’s real estate investments, saying such projects have to be seen as income-generating ventures .

DGP (Intelligence) Jacob Punoose told The Indian Express that a state-level probe would be held into the funds that Believers’ Church got. “Our investigation has revealed that the church maintains accounts about the money that had flowed into its kitty. However, they have to probe where the money has been deployed,” Punoose said.

Besides, the State Revenue Department has initiated a probe into land dealings by the Church.


Temple liberation movement
Let HAV (Hindu Aikya Vedi) take the initiative under Sri Kummanam Rajasekharan ji, to liberate our temples from the clutches of the unethical/immoral Govt. Let a Corpus Fund be constituted for the purpose. All Hindus who want to offer money to our 'Ishta Devathas', should pray to the particular Deity and offer it to the Corpus Fund, which is for a very noble Cause, no less religious than dropping it into the 'Bannaram' or 'Hundi'. We must request all devotees not to drop any money into the Bannaram/Hundi, till such time that the temples are freed from the Government control. We must be tenacious in our resolve, and also thwart the looters' efforts to deplete our temple funds.

Agitate until temples are liberated
Hindus should start agitation under the leadership of Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan of HAV until all the temples in Kerala are liberated from the clutches of secular govt. HAV should form an organization/committee comprising members from each and every community (caste - namboothiri to aadivaasi) of Hindu society and make sure temple wealth is used for the benefit of HINDUS ONLY, not for secular purpose. Yes, schools, colleges, hospitals and old age homes for poor Hindus irrespective of his/her caste. Emulate the example of missionaries in this respect. Start agitation right now until victory is achieved.

Take our message to people.
The message of Hindu Aikya Vedi should reach every devotee coming to Guruwayoor and other main temples. Hk and HAK should do something in this regard.Participating in HAK activities is like service to God. We should be able to send this message across our society.

Corruption and communists are two sides of one coin
Nowadays corruption has eaten away whatever ideals left in the communists. After tasting power, they too have gone the way of congressmen. They are atheists too. Communists have found a gold mine in the poor Hindu temples. Otherwise if anybody with an iota of shame or those who day in and day out talk about principles will even think of planting their fellow-travelers in temple administration. They are bereft of any ideals, principles, shame, morals, civilized behaviour. Hence they are to loot and destroy the temples.

It is time Hindus fought and get all the temples liberated from the clutches of these atheists and secular fundamentalists. The temples, especially at the top, can be managed by our elderly, devout, very knowledgeable people from our own religion who have retired from service and want to put in some honorary service in the fag end of their life. Thus we can save a lot of money which we are forced to spend these atheist white elephants. It is time to kick these atheists and white elephants out. Temples are for temple going Hindus.

It seems a rot has been created in Bhaarat by every minister who are engaged in a secular loot of the nation's wealth and resources


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At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont misuse your words on religion. If you repeat that you will have the consequence from GOd that you would regret throughout your life. Repent and ask GOd for forgiveness

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truely don't believe these type of religion stuff. True whatever was there in the blog.No god no fortunes,only self beliefs are the key.

At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please go through the below link, you will get the answer for this post:

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Jaseem said...

According to air travel rules, if a person travels in his individual capacity, he has to pay full fair but for group travel, fares are considerably reduced. If the entire plane is hired on charter, fares are reduced to even less than half. So it is clear that Air India should reduce (give discount) the amount paid by hajj pilgrims since it is a group. And political parties should not use the name subsidy for this discount. Hence these types of controversies won't come.

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i support your views

very good article

dnt listen to stupid ppl

u done a very good job


At 6:54 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

well you have done a commendable job.
I am an atheist, i do not practically understand spirituality.For me religion(HINDUISM) is a culture that gives us an identity. Which holds us together as the 7th largest nation in this world which is far more important that spirituality at personal level. Hinduism is a religion that has been pacifist in its course and has absorbed many philosophies in its core.So to speak Hinduism does not have a definite form,or a doctrine to govern human life rather some values to be a good human. The concept of conversion to hinduism has come lately reason being, hinduism unlike Judasm, zoroastrian,pagans,orthodox, greek and roman religion has sustained and preserved its form till now, It is secular and will be for religions that live in harmony buddhism,jainism,sikhism,Nirahankari and many others, which do not politicise religion and sustain on conversion. I have seen many people from economically lower class around me to have converted with in past few years for economical benifits. There is a conversion spree in cities that are remote ,
Disillusioned my money and slander
poor people are being used to gain political benifits and people who convert them get commission in varios forms like a sales man.
These religions are organised and behave like a corporate with levels of hierarchy and promotions for members involed,
these are hardline religions and control or influence many governments and some of the most powerful ones. They are spreading in the name of faith a network to which the indian subcontinent will have to submit.
The prime promoters to it are Congress and the left who are losing support and see this as a way to revitalise their power.

The moment they are in 50%+ majority they will openely attack many of the prevailing beliefs and in anarchy that follows people will be sick of fighting and LEFT will at last win and will be the only option.

At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is because of people like you that Hinduism is still alive.

I agree with you and wonder if we hindus will ever get our act together and get rid of these unfortunate policies in India.

Keep up the good work!!

At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fully agree with ur opinion. but i want to say that the real problem of our country and hindus is they are extra clever and good thinker. all thinks that what i can do. there is no any guts in this community. and they casts their votes to the illiterate and anti hindu, hindu politicians like lallu, mulayam and paswan. these fuckers are the son of muslims. and paid there mother to the muslims for there vote and can do anything for their satisfaction. why these fuckers always says gujrat is the shame, but not godhra. i want to know when hindus start any right, never always other religions do. today we hindus are totally blind and dont want to see or think on this situation. and if we dont think i am right that a new pakistan will come soon. not by muslims but by the fucker politicians that are false secularists(anti hindus).

At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know by every one that all countries have religion why and what is the problem that our country is secular. why. Is this is not our right to be a hindu nation? in 47 at the time of partition there are two countries born. one is islamic and other is off course hindu. then why we follow the gandhis thinking. if he his right then why our country is partitioned and why the problem of our country not solved yet. because the thinking of gandhi suits only hindus. not believed by other communities. it is also remarkable why nepalese declare them secularists. there is a large politics on hindus. think about it

At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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