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Baba Ramdev to set up first yoga centre in China
2 Jun 2008, 1234 hrs IST,PTI

ON BOARD, STAR CRUISE VIRGO: Expanding the reach of yoga, noted exponent Baba Ramdev is finalising plans to set up its first centre in the country.

"Yoga is not religion. I think there can be no better alternative to spirituality for China than religion because it is above everything," Ramdev said.

The yoga guru, who is leading a delegation of over 950 people from across 15 countries in a novel yoga camp aboard luxury cruise liner Super Star Virgo is preparing to set up a Patanjali Yog Peeth Centre in China within a year.

People in China, a communist country, have displayed interest in Yoga, a way of life which is not bound by any rules of any kind of religion.

The Patanjali Yog Peeth, a research centre in Haridwar which Ramdev confounded is a trust that does research on yoga and medicine. It has several branches across India and abroad and this would be the first time that it would be set up in China.

"We are already doing some work in China but there is no formal centre for yoga yet. The Chinese are very hardworking and enterprising and like others they also look for different methods to distress themselves during their energetic lifestyle," the guru said.

He said his mission was to take yoga to each and every person in the world. "I want to introduce yoga to each and every person in the world and believe within 20 to 25 years it would be possible for me to take yoga to every person in the world.”

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