Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Each one of us is interested to prolong our life, to have longevity, as also to remain in good health and have a 'feel good' (not the BJP type who lost the last election) each day.

Some of the tried suggestions are given hereunder:-

1. Eat some prunes with the evening meal, 4 or 5 (dry fruit) for two days and then give a gap of one or two days. On the other days eat some FLAX seeds, one or two spoonfuls. The correct way to eat flax seed is to grind it on the spot, in a small grinder, then mix it with some dahi or yagurth, maybe fat free.

2. About Once or twice a week take one spoonful of trifala with water in the evening after or with the meals.

Just try the above and let me know if you really 'feel good' or better the next day.

The above procedures not only bring immediate benefit but also have long lasting effect on our general health; this is what the writer has experienced.

Your comments and suggestions most appreciated.

June 04 08


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