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Shree Hari:

30th April, 2008, Wednesday
Baisakh Krishna Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Budhvar

This world leaving us. We experience sorrow that comes from coming together and later parting or separating. "Dukha sanyog viyogam" But the reality is that sorrow is not coming. It is leaving. It cannot stay. It leaves. It was going to leave, anyway. If you accept this point, then you will become a yogi at this very moment.

All are perishing and going away. Everything. Not a thing will remain. One day it will become "pralay" (devoured into nothingness). Actually the "pralay", the end is already happening. Just like when a child is born, the dying process begins. That which is perishing, is non-existent.

Remain ever alert. Just like this tree is a mango tree. You do not have to memorize and remember it at all times, "This is a mango tree, this is a mango tree" etc. Similarly you do not have to remember at all times that this is all going towards non-existence. Simply remain alert at all times.

Just like for a rich man, the greatness, the connection is with the riches. Similarly with birth, the connection is with death. All bodies will eventually come to an end. They will perish. That which does not remain is non-existent. That which remains is called yoga.

"Hai so sunder hai sada, nahin so sunder nahin..... " We are seeing what is not, and not what IS. One is a knower and the other is to be known. All sense organs are moving towards destruction, but that which is witnessing this, ever remains. "Samatvam yoga ucchyate" He whose inner being is without flaws has attained this realization. This IS-ness is not of the world, this IS-ness is of the Supreme Consciousness (Paramatma, God). What remains is God. (to be continued)

From Discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji - July 25, 2003 at 5:00 am.

Ram Ram

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