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The Hindu Art of Self Hate

Shachi Rairikar

January 22, 2005

(The author is a Chartered Accountant working in a software company in Indore , MP, India and manage

The Hindu talent for self-condemnation does not find a parallel anywhere in the world. The art of self-hate is what the Hindus have mastered in during the latter half of the last century. The politicians, media, so-called secularists, intellectuals, human-rights activists who never tire condemning Hindus are themselves Hindus. The greatest enemies of the Hindus today are the Hindus themselves.

Understanding the Hindu mind is not difficult. Let us try and analyse our mentality - the Hindu mentality. Whenever there is a problem with some other community, which is harming the Hindus, how do we address the problem? We have two options – we acknowledge the problem and take action for its resolution or we do not acknowledge the problem. What if we acknowledge this problem? – We will have to take steps to resolve it, interact with the other community in question; there might be confrontation and agitation; we will have to "fight". What if we do not acknowledge the problem at all. Nothing happens – no confrontation, no agitation, no "fight". The adverse effects of the problem can be tolerated – after all, it is easier to tolerate than to fight. What if grave consequences will have to be faced in the years to come? At the moment we are comfortable with few adjustments and compromises, so why worry about the future? Who cares if to make today more comfortable we make tomorrow bleak?

How do we address the problem then? The easier course of actions is to blame our own people for being communal, narrow-minded fundamentalists. After all, it is much easier to confront the Hindus as they are less aggressive and less violent . Fighting the real enemy would require a lot of courage so we choose to make the enemy look saintly and turn against our own people. We find faults with our own people rather than addressing those who are actually at the crux of the problem . So our politicians, media and the so called secularists and intellectuals call the Hindus communal and fundamentalists, responsible for rioting but never have the courage to criticize the Jehadi terrorists; and the human rights activists agitate for the human rights of the terrorists, never caring for the human rights of the victims of terrorism.

So we don't acknowledge that the rising Muslim population is a threat to the integrity of our country and to the very existence of the Hindu civilization. What if we have faced a vivisection of our Motherland when the Muslim population became one third of the country's population? What if the only Muslim majority state Kashmir saw the driving away of the Hindu minority from their homeland ? That is history and we Hindus have an excellent record of not learning anything from history . Even though the current trends and figures clearly reveal that we are heading towards a second partition, our intellectuals and media refuse to acknowledge this. Instead, they are criticizing our people who conducted demographic studies on the basis of religion. They find census figures on the basis of religion completely irrelevant and uncalled for in a "secular" country like India. The larger threat facing the country becomes a non-issue whereas whether religious demographics should be studied as a principle or the technical errors like the publication of wrong data on the first day become the issue. The idea is to take the attention away from the larger issues and focus on the non-issues, so that we don't have to address the real issues. To address the real issue we will need to talk to our Muslim community, persuade them to go against Islam and practise family planning, persuade them to not shelter but report the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants staying in their colonies, we will need to confront and "fight". We quietly look for an escape route, don't acknowledge that the problem exists and condemn those who perceive it, then there is no confrontation and we need not "fight".

Thus, when Uma Bharati gets arrested for hoisting the national flag on "disputed ground", we do not question how and why a ground became "disputed" for hoisting the national flag, we do not question the loyalty of the community whose "sentiments" get "hurt" by the hoisting of the national flag, instead we blame her for indulging in communal politics and criticize her for using the national flag to play with the sentiments of the people. When the Shankaracharya gets arrested on the charges of murder, we do not see the conspiracy and evil motive behind it, instead we start doubting his innocence and character and start discussing "equality before the law". When riots break out in the aftermath of Godhra, we condemn the rioters as communal fundamentalists but do not say a word to those who started it all by torching a train full of Hindus. Instead we conduct an enquiry to prove that the Hindus had themselves deliberately started the fire in order to have justified grounds to riot.

Thus, we cannot perceive a threat to the country's integrity from illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, we cannot acknowledge that the terrorism faced in India and throughout the world is Islamic terrorism, we cannot see the merits of teaching the real history of the atrocities of the Muslim invaders, we cannot change the British education system, we cannot regulate the madrasas which breed terrorism, we cannot ban the missionaries who defame our religion and convert our tribals by unethical means and methods, we cannot feel pride in rebuilding our demolished temples, we cannot call India what it truly is – a Hindu Nation.

Thus, we condemn our own people who talk of driving away the Bangladeshis staying illegally in our country , we call our people who implement laws against terrorism communal, we call the teaching of the true history of India as "right-wing" history, we call the teaching of Vedic mathematics and astrology as "saffronisation" of education , we believe that the missionaries are doing great services for our tribals, we find the re-building of demolished temples a wasteful effort to dig up the past, we call India what it officially is - a secular country.

If we acknowledge all these problems, we will have to work towards their solution . The cowardly, escapist Hindu mentality refuses to acknowledge the problem, so the question of working towards a solution does not arise. We do this under the pretext of Hinduism being secular, peace-loving and non-violent , but we accept and practise only those aspects of Hinduism which suit us. Hindus spend time, money and energy in performing poojas, yagyas, Bhagwat path, visiting swamis and babas but when it comes to practicing the real philosophies of the Vedas and the Bhagwat Geeta, we back out.

We have forgotten the teachings of the Bhagwat Geeta which asks us to fight against the wrong – adharma. We are using the tolerant and secular mask to hide our incapacity. We have tampered and moulded the doctrine of ahimsa or non-violence to camouflage our inaction. Not protesting against violence is in fact supporting and encouraging more violence, which is a greater sin. What we are resorting to today is not tolerance, secularism or non-violence but cowardice. Mahatma Gandhi had once said, "My own experiences but confirm the opinion that the Mussalman as a rule is a bully, and the Hindu is a coward; where there are cowards there will always be bullies ." Even this great apostle of peace and ahimsa had said, "I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence ... but non-violence is infinitely superior to violence."

The ostrich mentality of the Hindus does not help make Bharat a better place to live in. Rather it endangers the very existence of the Hindu civilization. Turning a blind eye to our problems will not solve the problems, instead it will only aggravate them . Nehruvian secularism has already left us with a legacy of complications and it would be sad if our successors were to inherit more. Playing the blind man's bluff is leading us to disaster. It is high time we call a spade a spade, "fight" the real enemies or else it will be too late. It is time we pay heed to what Lord Krishna told Arjun:

"Klaibyam maa sma gamah Paarth naitatvayyupapadyatey

Kshudram hridaya daurbalyam tyaktovttishta Parantapa"

"O Arjun! Yield not to unmanliness for such an attitude is not worthy of you. Casting aside your weakness of mind, therefore arise, O scorcher of enemies, and get ready for the battle."



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