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We were shocked to view full length flattering documentary on Rajiv by RAYAT TV today, May 31, 2008.
Here is our feedback to them.


COMMENT SENT TO RAYAT TV. 31.05.08 posted on


today you devoted much time to BOFORS CHOR raising the King of Corruption sky high. I found this blind adoration of ONE dynasty in BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State) disgusting.

You never mentioend that his grandfather signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces in 1947 for which he had to be shot dead like Mussolini.

You never mentioned that his mother returned EAST Bengal after capturing it while letting the enemy keep North Kashmir.

You showed the Son of Feroze Khan (Rajiv) with oversized sacred TILAK who embraced Catholicism, finally being cremated, not buried like his father, for deception.

You think it is democracy where even grandson can jump from cockpit to mother's chair.

Indian "COOLIE" media is making MORONS out of the brainwashed Hindus being bashed at home while exterminated in Lahore, Dhaka and Kashmir.

Please DISCOVER some HINDU patriots, like Subhash Bose, to inspire the defeated & bashed Hindus who finance you.

Do give full biography of that brave TAMIL GODDESS who sacrificed her own life to despatch Gandhi No. 3 to rid Bharat of dirty dynasty.

Media must serve the nation as they do in the West.

What is left of India is a HINDU nation after Lahore & Dhaka were snatched by MOHAMMED. Secularism is bogus in Delhi if not imposed in Lahore.

Hindus are now being prepared to accept Rahul & Priyenka, the Indo/Italian mongrel "aulaad" of Rajiv even when they are not Hindu.

Please mention the HIGH TREASON of Nehru and COWARDICE of Bapu in collapsing before ISLAM in 1947 that left India MINUS Lahore and the Hindus robbed of self esteem.

Rajiv never said, "BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL," having preferred foreigner to the indigenous. Did he not degrade all native females?

Mr. Clean was Mr DIRTY after Bofors. He ushered in the new era of rampant corruption. He could have established at least one university of the standard of Cambridge where his own children could study. He did intimidate the press like his mother.

You did not mention how he treated the Sikhs after his mother's assassination. For that alone he deserved the bomb that blasted him seven years later.


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