Wednesday, May 07, 2008


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With the Women’s Reservation Bill soon to become an act, I can imagine changes in the attitude of our elected representatives in the near future as they realize Parliament will soon have hundreds of the fairer sex thronging its otherwise boring portals!

“My makeup bill will go up hundred percent!” sighed an old MP ruffling his bald head, “I’ll have to cut down on expenditure for my constituency and spend instead on my beautician, hairdresser, manicurist and pedicurist!”

“What will you cut down on sir?” asked his worried PA.

“That bridge which we laid the inaugural stone for last week, I am sure the villagers can wade through the river for a few years more, I won’t build those three schools and also that hospital in my village, delete them from my list!”

“But you will lose many votes sir!”

“Bah! Who’s bothered about silly votes, women matter more!”

His wife was livid!

“You say you will be spending more time in Parliament?” she shouted, “then how will I take the children to school without the official car? How will I buy vegetables without your PA, your assistants and secretary helping me out? Who will see that my brother’s daughter and my cousin’s son get admission in the local school if you are not here?”

“My country comes first!” said the MP.

“How is it your country never came first before?”

“It always came first!” said the MP as he hurriedly fixed an appointment with the hairdresser, “but now it is coming more first!”

“Where are you going?”

“To the hairdresser!”

“But you have no hair to cut?”

“There is a new process to grow hair!”

“But that is a costly process!”

“Ask your brother for a small donation to put his daughter in school, and your cousin for a loan!”

And in the corridors of power some elected representatives were huddled in a corner listening to a learned colleague reading from a hard bound book, “What is the book?” asked the Speaker curiously as he passed by.
“Etiquette and Manners..!” said a junior MP and the Speaker smiled and thought, “It’s going to be a Women’s Reservation Bill which will finally see more work transacted in Parliament than ever before and a new bunch of polite and courteous MP’s! Ah women..!”


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