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A Cow Walking Around Ramjanambhumi Completing 108 Revolutions Every Time Is An Issue Of Faith Whethe Post Your
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A Cow Walking Around Ramjanambhumi Completing 108 Revolutions Every Time Is An Issue Of Faith Whether Or Not, To Believe. Why Should Scientists Analysis All Such Issues??? - By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh New Delhi
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Interference of science in all matters of faith is not acceptable. Science is very significant discipline in human lives but not all times. Science does not have the capacity to prove everything. Science cannot show the god or prove it. Science cannot deny the existence of god by any logic. Science has to confine itself into the scientific fields. Religions cannot be crossed by the scientists. No scientist in the world is capable to oppose the god anyway.

1 Science & religion are two different fields. These should be complimentary to each other.

2 Science is the study of the nature & the systems created by god. Science does not do any original work on its own.

3 Dharma or religion is a sphere of basic faiths within all human beings. It is up to every society & individuals how they believe in religions & conscience.

4 Science has no right to answer or try to find answer to all religious fields as there is no scope for religion in the sciences.

5 Religion based on spiritualism is a sphere of elevated knowledge that is higher than the science. The science is created based on the right understanding of the knowledge drawn from the nature.
The public of the whole world living on the earth, one of nine planets are very tiny in comparison to the existing solar system that we know but there may be billions of systems like this beyond this solar system, That the human may not know so soon. It may take thousands of years more to discover all those if possible though it looks impossible. The human does not know all secrets of gods yet, God does not allow this small human who lives just for about 50 or 60 years to know its secrets. God opens those secrets for the human from time to time through certain specials souls that have been credited for scientific & knowledge discoveries. The science that we study is very small % of what is available in the god’s home. Only lucky are those who are able to get something out from there. The scientists having merely few years’ studies are not competent to draw much from there unless they do penance. Then what is the fun in crossing & giving logics for all issues concerned with any religion that result in hurting the hearts of millions of people around the world. Cows must be taken due care of.
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 Zee News relayed the news of a cow by the name Saryu walking around a path at Ramjanambhumi site. It has been said that the cow come in daily there & completes so called parikarma on the circular path 108 times. During every round, she raises the mouth & bows as if she pays prayer to Shri Ram. This action has been noticed hundreds times by the eye witness & the people watch the scene every now & then.

2 This may look to certain people that the cow could be trained so to do. It is quiet possible. But the facts are telling that the cow is not trained by anyone as she does on her own without any problem. She is called the Ram Bhakt Saryu. One of the scientists questioned about the issue started as often the scientists do naming that it is all natural irrelevant to the devotion considerations towards Ram. Cow is an animal & the animal has a tendency to repeat the taught or practiced activity.

3 The religious people claim that by their belief, the cow is a Ram Bhakt & by the virtues of cow according to the Dharma, she is the pious animal & knows the secrets of god. The Hindus are taking it in that spirit while the scientist goes oppose such thought calibrations. But why the scientists do not talk the language of people? Is it necessary every time to speak against the beliefs of the people? Why should such questions be raised by the news channel in the matter of beliefs? The scientists should also avoid contributions to such issues. Religions issues do not necessarily require scientific acceptance.

4 Do the scientists know about everything existing in the nature? Do the scientists know how the human is living & whereto one goes after the death? Do the scientists know from where the human is generated? Just knowing out of the known & doing research on the micro activities working in the nature does not give any right to any scientist to claim that the science has to verify all issues of religions. The science is supposed to help the human to understand the natural processes & not to criticize all faiths. To name the foregoing cow as a psychic patient is not acceptable. All creatures cannot be named by ill defined principles. The debate between the religious leaders & the scientist on line did not result in anything except generating a degree of friction. Then why should the TV call the scientists for their responses? What scientists have to do with the faiths? If people believe in Ram, why should they prove to scientists that Shri Ram existed & belief is right?

5 The value of faith is a synthetic process while the science is an analytical process. The god created systems cannot be understood in entirety. The scientists should confine to the relevant works that have been thoroughly understood & are called scientific principles. The people shall not believe in anything spoken or presented against the religion. It is good that Bharat being a cold blooded Hindus country is accepting all issues even denigrating their religion. Let some scientist do the same for Muslims & Christians & then face the wrath.

6 It is really, unfortunate that the Hindus are more advanced in criticizing themselves about their own culture, the undue benefit to defame the religion is then followed by others. If the cow takes 108 rounds or parikarma, let her take & let the people consider it as sacred. In Hindus even the stones are considered pious then cow is a creature having a pious soul. The people have every right to extend their regards to the cow’s work. What loss is given to the news channel or the scientist to start clarifying the justification? Do we not accept the piousness of other religion? The Hindus never talk opposite their beliefs.

7 Science is meant for supporting the human development by the creation of the organized knowledge after understanding physically the natural facts. The science is a great field for the human betterment. This betterment applies to the physical world. The religion is a spiritual world that controls the physical world. The person is composed of the biological or physical body & the soul. Both work in combination without any friction. Then what is the need that scientist have to raise certain irrelevant questions? The faith is a spiritual system & no one can stop anyone to deviate from the accepted faith. One may be highly educated or fully illiterate. All fear the gods though one may not accept in open. Thousands year have lapsed when the human could not understand about the kingdom of god. It shall take many more thousands years & the god shall remain partly understood. No science can get into the knowledge of god’s kingdom. The god works from whole to part while the science works from part to whole. Both are entirely opposite fields.

8 Then why to play with the sentiments of the community. The religion that has been in practice for times unknown, how can that be taken out of faith world by the communities? One can change the religion & accept any other but still the faith works in the name of other religion. This means the faith is not broken but the method is changed. Science is inferior to knowledge. Knowledge is already available in the nature. The duty of the science is to extract it from the nature. There was a period when zero was unknown but the effect was working. The human brought that knowledge to earth. That is a part of counting system now. Why do we unnecessary make tensions among the society? Faith shall remain faith by any name. Science has to do its work & if possible, try to answer to the human being about the theory working behind rather than criticizing & forming its own baseless opinions. The issue in this topic is very significant related to cow that is a pious animal & dignified like mother. The scientist raised the question about the mismanaged cows strolling in the streets eating garbage. Yes, that is true but that has nothing to do with the faith. It is really unfortunate that Bharat cannot take care of pious cows & allow them to be slaughtered by the non Hindus just for the taste of their tongues. All creatures on the earth have a basic right to live while the human has snatched this basic right from these innocent animals who never harm the human. These are also the god’s creations & the human does not properly respect them. I would suggest all that do not argue excessively about such considerations &use the energy for the nation building leaving aside such issues. Faith does not know any debate or argument for o logic.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh New Delhi

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