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Brajesh Mishra - CIA spy, anti India.. Make sure he does not get elected
Brijesh Mishra a CIA agent?

On September 27, 2001 Rahul Gandhi MP and his Columbian live in girl
friend of Kerala backwater tourist centre fame, Juanita alias Veronique,
was arrested in United States of America's Logan airport in Boston, by
the FBI. Rahul was having an Italian passport and was carrying suitcase
full of dollars. Some say it was about $2 billion or was it $2 million.
This huge dollar amount generated suspicion with the US authorities.
Rahul and his girl friend was thus detained by FBI. FBI suspected that
Rahul was carrying terrorist funds or drug money for laundering in US.
Rahul called his mother Sonia Gandhi in India. In turn Sonia called
Brijesh Mishra, the former National Security Advisor and a key aide to
former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee at the Prime Ministers Office.
Brijesh Mishra intervened on behalf of our PM Vajpayee with the US
Administration for the release Rahul from FBI custody. Rahul Gandhi was
released only when the Indian Ambassador intervened and gave assurances to
the State Department that Rahul Gandhi will be produced for any future
enquiry by FBI. Not only that as a patriot, it was the duty of Brijesh
Mishra to find out the reasons for the arrest and inform our CBI to take
necessary further steps. Brijesh Mishra did not do any such thing. The
incident clearly shows that Brajesh Mishra was working for Sonia, that he
had deep connections with US state department. In short Brijesh Mishra is
a traitor.

In Sep 2004 when Washington played host to Young political sons, Sachin
Pilot, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada (all Congress Party), and Manvendra
Singh (a lone BJP fellow) followed by liquor baron who got himself elected
to a the Rajya Sabha, Vijay Mallya (Janata Party) and ever smiling Rajiv
Shukla of the Congress. Yet one prominent face was missing which was that
of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi didn't go to USA with the young
politicians. It was Shukla who conceived the idea of the Indo-US
Parliamentary Forum to create a counterpart to the India Caucus in the US
House of Representatives. Rahul Gandhi had to avoid going to the U.S.
forever, because of the pending police questions he could be arrested
again by FBI if he ever steps in to US. What money Rahul Gandhi was
carrying? Was it another Bofors type pay off? Was it Columbian drug
money on behalf of his Columbian girl friend? Or was it fund for Osama Bin
Laden group, as it is known that the Muslim terrorists are using
Christians as front men for laundering terrorist funds as the normal
banking channels are being monitored by FBI.

Brijesh Mishra has strong connections with Sonia Gandhi's Italian family
through his daughter Jyotsna. Jyotsna is married to an Italian and lives
in Italy. So it is not surprising that there was no investigation when
Sonia lied about her birth date, and birth place. Sonia Gandhi first
declared her birth date as 1944 and birth place as Luciana. This was
confirmed by the Italian embassy which submitted her birth certificate to
our Home ministry in 1983. Sonia Gandhi's name was Antonia Maino as per
this certificate. This true birth certificate was submitted by the
Italian embassy to the Indian Home Ministry when Antonia Maino applied for
Indian citizenship. When Rajiv Gandhi married Antonia Maino newspapers
had written that both of them were of the same age. It also confirms that
Sonia's birth year was 1944. . Antonia Maino's father, who was a mason
and a fascist, Signor Stefano Maino, was a prisoner-of-war in Russia from
1942 till Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1945. It is obvious that
Maino cannot be the father of Antonia Maino. So the date of birth and
place of birth of Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi had to be changed to
cover up this fact. Her new date of birth became December 9, 1946, and
her place of birth became Orbassano. . Instead of investigating all
these fraud by Sonia Gandhi, Brijesh was working for Sonia Gandhi while
heading Prime Minister Vajpayee's Office. Even after the UPA government
came in to power Brijesh is holding a secret official position in the
present UPA government that entitles him to a diplomatic passport. This
should be called the biggest treachery in modern India.

Brajesh Mishra refused to authorize from February to May 2004 period the
arrest of the CIA spy in RAW, .Rabinder Singh, despite repeated request
for permission. This urgent request for arrest was asked by RAW official
Mr.Amar Bhushan. It looks like Brijesh Mishra himself was working for CIA
and thus by not permitting the arrest of a traitor enabled the CIA spy,
Rabinder Singh to escape to USA in mid May 2004. From this one can guess
the capability of our Vajpayee who only dropped the corrupt N.K.Singh, but
refused to let go the traitor Brijesh Mishra in spite of warnings.


At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
assuming that revealtions in your blogg about mr. brajesh mishra are true,the following queries arise in my mind.
1. what was the " nationalist and mojboot neta", who was also an RSS swayamsevak, Mr. l.k. advani doing in the cabinet as a HOME MINISTER?.
This "mojboot neta", never once did he try to expose and hence put an end to the sinister designs of mr. mishra and his mentors.
2. Why did the "nationalist" organization the RSS remain a dumb spectator to the whole conspiracy?.
3. what were the compulsions of Mr.atalbihari vajpayee ?that he totally turned himself over to mr. brajesh mishra.


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