Tuesday, February 12, 2008



People are in bondage, because they have not yet removed the idea of the ego. The thing and its quality are different in our thought, but not in reality. Heat is different from fire in our thought, but you cannot remove heat from fire in reality. You say that you can remove the qualities and leave the thing, but if you think your theory to the end, you will find that this is not so.

Is not man an organism of many aggregates? Are we not composed of various attributes? Man consists of the material form, of sensation, of thought, of dispositions, and, lastly, of understanding. That which men call the ego when they say “I am” is not an entity behind the attributes; it originates by their cooperation.

How much confusion of thought comes from our interest in self, and from our vanity when thinking, “I am so great,” or “I have done this wonderful deed?” The thought of your ego stands between your reason and truth; banish it, and then will you see things as they are. He who thinks correctly will rid himself of ignorance and acquire wisdom. The ideas “I am,” “I shall be” or “I shall not be” do not occur to a clear thinker.

Moreover, if our ego remains, how can we attain true deliverance. If the ego is to be reborn in any of the three worlds, be it in hell, upon earth, or be it even in heaven, we shall meet again and again the same inevitable doom of sorrow. We shall remain chained to the wheel of individuality (our individual ego, self or soul) and shall be implicated in egotism and wrong. Is this a final escape?

All combination is subject to separation, and if we cling to the combination which is the ego, we cannot escape birth, disease, old age and death.

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Seattle, February 12 08

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At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Andrew Marshall said...

"A thing is not removed from its qualities," this makes sense to me, as does the fact that I am made up of many facets, qualities, experiences. But still it is this aggregate that chooses to reply here, and it is this aggregate that has cultivated a distinct voice, has distinct preferences and goals, and engages in the act of thinking.

1) By your very logic, isn't it impossible to shed the ego? What does it mean to be without ego?

2) Why is taken to be positive, or sought at all? Isn't recognizing personhood in others an integral part of compassion?

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