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The Spiritual Arab Imperialism
By Dr Anwar Shaikh

THOUGH the concept of Jehad that the Prophet Muhammad devised, is unjust and anti-human, it served as the tool to establish a Secular Arab Empire, which by its nature, ultimately leads to the creation of a Spiritual Arab Empire the same way as a larva eventually develops into a butterfly. This Islamic phenomenon is unusual, and thus deserves serious attention.
All chapters of the Koran, except one, commence with the words: "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate." Unless mercy and compassion are the biggest joke, Allah (God) cannot hate unbelievers and order their plunder, massacre and enslavement for the sheer 'crime' of not acknowledging Him. If we bear in mind that according to the Koran, Allah is the Creator, Almighty and All-knowing, then the concept of Jehad proves Him to be the most incompetent person, who knows nothing about justice, mercy and compassion. Since His greatest passion is to be acknowledged as the Only True Lord and worshipped as such, it was His duty to design man in such a way that humans should have been born circumcised and faithful. Since this is not the case, Allah is surely a failed Creator, who is neither Almighty nor All-knowing because He wants to impose circumcision and the Arabian faith (Islam) on people through torment, tyranny and torture. To judge the creative fiasco of Allah, it is sufficient to know that out of six billion people, who inhabit the earth today, only about one billion are Muslims. It means that well over 80% do not want to practice Islam, yet they carry the Divine threat of forced conversion through the edict of Jehad.
Just ponder over the vastness of this universe, which exceeds trillions of stars and planets, bound by the authority of an unbending and neutral law. If God is the controller of such an immense and wonderful world, He cannot be so mean, miserable and miscreant to terrorise mankind into submission. He has got to be Lenient, Loving and Liberal towards humans who need mercy and understanding owing to their innate infirmities. The Allah, who is compassionate in words only, but cruel in action, does not deserve man's respect or devotion. This is the logical interpretation of Jehad, which makes it the most defamatory, derogatory and denigrating medium to injure the dignity of God.
One should also remember that, according to Islam, even such people do not qualify as faithful, who believe in God but not Muhammad; they are subject to a permanent threat of Jehad and deserve all the disgrace, devastation and despoliation, reserved for the pagans. Obviously, Islam is the decorative description of Muhammad, and Allah is just a convenience to serve his cause. The Prophet, in reality, sought his own Lordship through the glory of his motherland. Common sense demonstrates openly that Jehad has nothing to do with Allah, who being Almighty, does not require human sword to sustain His greatness. Thus, this device was invented to create a Secular Arab Empire where Islamic laws were enforced to install Muhammad as the fountain of political and legal authority, and people could be psychologically manipulated to believe in his Prophethood for forging a Spiritual Arab Empire, as well.
This is not libellous thinking but a fact of history: over fifty countries, which were once pagan, but practice Islam today, though now free from the political dominance of Arabia, have become spiritual satellites of Mecca: they all receive their moral and cultural guidance and control frond the Land of Muhammad. Something is good or bad because this is how it is looked upon in Arabia! At the death of the Prophet, most of his followers, who had accepted his creed out of greed, which was gratified by the booty they received through his military campaigns, reneged on Islam. This mass movement known as Riddah (apostasy), proved a test of strength for Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, who decided to use force against the seceders for re-converting them to Islam. Yet the Muslim scholars pretend that there is no coercion in religion!
Pacification of these people, whose minds were being attracted by several other Prophets that had sprung up at the same time, suggested the remedy known as "Carrot and Stick," and not just the stick. Abu Bakr was a wise man; following the tenet of Jehad, he declared a military expedition against Syria and persuaded the people of Mecca, al-Taif, al-Yemen, Naiad and al-Hijaz to participate in it to gather booty, which Allah had declared "good and lawful," This lure of holy loot proved an effective fillip for the hungry Bedouins to re-embrace Islam and invade innocent people. So great was the force of this divine earthquake that it turned into rubble the great edifices of civilization, which had been flourishing in Iraq, Persia and Egypt. It requires several volumes to narrate how each country that was initially a part of the secular Arab Empire, gradually became a component of the spiritual Arab Empire. Therefore, I shall give a brief description of India only to annotate this tragic process of history: To understand the following discussion, it ought to be understood that except for the last two centuries, India has always been the richest country in the world. This is fully attested by the fact that history of all the great diamonds of antiquity goes back to this country: Koh-i-Nur, Darya-i-Nur, Great Mughal, the Florentine, the Sanchi, the Shah, the Regent, the Orloff – all originally belonged to India.
Obviously, the mining of diamonds and the art of processing them, first started in India. The foreign predators were attracted by the Indian wealth. It is the riches of this country that enabled Shah Jehan to build the Taj Mahal at a staggering cost of 230,000,000 dollars to celebrate his love for his wife. Without Indian wealth, this monarch could not have seated himself on the Peacock Throne costing 7,000,000 dollars. Nor could he have possessed elsewhere the two underground strong rooms each having a capacity of 150,000 cubic feet, packed with precious stones and metals.
History has also noted that Warren Hastings, the British Governor General, was so impressed by the highest standard of luxury practiced in India that he ordered to strip the Khas Mahal (Shah Jehan's palace) of its royal bath and the unusually sumptuous bed. He brought them to England and they were presented as a gift to King George IV. His majesty had no hesitation in accepting these two second -hand Indian items to adorn his imperial chambers! Muhammad Bin Qasim was the first Muslim predator, who invaded India in 710 AD His pillage amounted to 600 million dirhams in addition to several thousand slaves. It was a fantastic sum of money in those days. Naturally, it reduced the Sindh province to penury. This punitive plunder had a religious purpose, too. He forced the brahmins to beg in the streets for displaying the displeasure of Allah against those who served the cause of idolatry. The tale of despoliation associated with Mahmud Ghazanvi, one of the biggest robbers of history, who suppressed the Indian psyche for a thousand years through systematic persecution, plunder and perdition, is simply hair--raising. It shows that those who cannot guard their wealth, amass it only to invite derision, degradation and destruction.
This man had developed addiction to booty, barbarity and brutality the same way as in modern times people become hooked on hard drugs. He committed these crimes against humanity in the name of Allah, who expects His adorers to destroy all idols and worship Him only, without ever explaining why worshipping visible statues is bad but worshipping an invisible idol like Himself (Allah) is good. If it was really good to worship Him, He should have created everyone with the urge to worship Him exclusively. He has not done so, yet He enjoys the massacre, mutilation and misery of those who do not believe in Him. Such a God is totally devoid of virtue and must be shunned by virtuous people. Mahmud Ghazanvi, addicted to looting, made it his profession to raid the rich Hindu temples in India. The Hindus, who had developed the habit of adorning the statues of their gods with gold, diamonds and rubies, but ignoring their national defence and welfare to save money, had the same attraction to this thief as a lamb has to a wolf, a sparrow to a hawk or a pretty damsel to a rapist. He raided India no fewer than seventeen times. In 1001 AD when he defeated Jaya Pal, he made him pay a ransom of 250,000 (gold) diners and also surrender his necklace valued at 200,000 diners with a further penalty of 400,000 diners that his (Jaya Pal's) relatives were made to pay for the sheer crime of being related to the Chief Idolater of the Punjab. His invasion of Multan (1005-6 AD) brought him 20,000,000 dirhams in ransom. Even greater sums he exacted by various ruses: for example, he fined Nawasa Shah 400,000 dirhams when he renounced Islam tore-embrace his old Hindu faith.
Sack of Bhimnagar in Kangra yielded him a booty of 70,000,000 dirhams in addition to diamonds, jewellery, gold and silver ingots weighing over five tons. The "piety" of Mahmud heaped an untold impiety on the jewel-laden statues of Bhagawan at Mathura, who did not lift a finger to defend himself but let those pious Hindus, who tried to protect His honour, be slain in thousands. So huge was Mahmud's haul at Mathura that nobody has been able to guess it correctly. The lowest estimates state that it included 98,300 Misqals of gold, which the five idols of the temple wore. What an expensive taste Bhagavan had! In addition, there were two hundred idols made of pure silver, and weighed at least ten tons. The suburbs of this holy city had to pay 3,000,000 dirhams in penalties and confiscations. However, his plunder of Somnath, which yielded him 20,000,000 diners (gold coins) must have finally gratified Allah because thereafter this vicious looter never returned to his favourite hunting grounds in India. Besides Mahmud, there were several other Muslim predators, who were attracted by the fabulous riches of India. For seven countries, they financially raped this beautiful land of Lakshami, packed with gold, diamonds, rubies and pearls. This greed for plunder, sharpened by appetite of murder, is called Jehad, and considered the best form of worship and the guarantee of paradise!
The Muslim invaders belonged to several nationalities: the Arabs, the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans and the Mughals. After yoking India with a rule of seven centuries, they still remained as foreign dynasties and refused to identify themselves with India as a nation. This is the reason that they pursued narrow family interests at the expense of India. The fiendish selfishness of these ruling houses is confirmed by the fact that over such a long period of time they did not build one university or a hospital of national value. Their only achievement was to build the most luxurious private brothels known as harems, sumptuous palaces, exquisite family gardens and the most ostentatious buildings such as Taj Mahal to celebrate their romantic ventures replete with lust, lewdness and lechery. Since they lived and died as foreigners, they did everything to promote their dynastic interests and demoted all that could benefit the country where they were born, enjoyed life and were eventually buried. As they ruled with coercion, consent of the people was as alien to them as they were themselves to India. Their religion, which prescribes that Muslims are God's party, but non-Muslims are Satan's party, and therefore, the former must humiliate, harass and hunt the latter, was the real cause of the rulers' active hostility towards their subjects. In fact, this tenet of Islam made it obligatory on the Muslim monarchs to treat India as Dar-ul-Harb, i.e., the battlefield, where peace is forbidden to make persecution fashionable and all tyranny, torment and torture is justified by the set goal of the perpetrators. Because the ruling cliques of India failed to feel themselves as Indian nationals, they took no step to educate the public, raise their economic standards or strengthen the country's defences as a measure of national safety. Small wonder that India became regressive under the long Muslim rule, and the memories of these peregrine persecutors fill the local population with total disrespect, disgust and detestation. Had they made India their home and treated their subjects as their nation, the people of India today would have thought of them as their heroes irrespective of their religion. They will continue to be the focus of their eternal curses, and quite rightly.
It seems appropriate to quote the British history in this context to highlight the atrocious attitudes of these Muslim rulers towards India: Henry VII was a Welshman, who had a phoney title to the throne of England, but when he succeeded in establishing his rule there, he became the best Englishman despite his difference of language and culture. His son, Henry Via, not only breathed a new spirit of nationalism among the English by various means but also set the trend of rule-by-consent by encouraging the Parliamentary process, which has become the most popular form of government all over the world. Queen Elizabeth I, turned out to be such a great Englishwoman that she laid the foundation of the British Empire, which eventually devoured India by dethroning the Mughal dynasty.
No wonder, little England became Great Britain, but India, despite its greatness of territory and economic resources, shrank to become a political dwarf! Henry VII and his descendants are naturally national English heroes whereas the Muslim rulers of India are plain traitors for having no nation behind them, at all. This difference arises from the fact that the Muslim rulers treated India as Dar-ul-Harb owing to their faith, which incites them to mistreat non-Muslims through a permanent process of oppression and humiliation. However the vastness of India, which required much larger numbers of the ruling elite to enforce foreign despotism effectively, worked even more injuriously against the Indian interest because these outlandish tyrants started an active policy of converting the Hindus to Islam for creating a class of stooges to assist them in their task of governing. This is what led to the vicious doctrine of Divide-and-Rule. This conversion assumed alarming proportions during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. His religious bigotry proved to India what eclipse is to sunshine, frost to flowers and water to fire. India had been led astray by a long period of economic prosperity, and philosophical cogitation, which encouraged intellectual indulgence at the expense of deed, dare and diligence. Behind this national apathy, however, lay a strong fortification of the Vedic tradition based on sword, sacrifice and self-reliance.
Thus, Maharana Partap, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Shiva Ji proved extremely threatening to the stability of the foreign rulers, who being a tiny minority in the country, could not hold the huge majority in abject subjugation indefinitely. They desperately needed a check against the impending doom. Islam was just the cure for the situation: the Arabs, wherever they went as conquerors had propagated that "all Muslims are brothers" ( ), meaning that there is no nationalism in Islam, and all faithful form the One Party of Allah, who stand against the non-Muslims, the Party of Satan. However, this brotherhood, in practice, made the Arabs the masters and the indigenous Muslims as the slaves who carried the yoke of subordination for the love of Muhammad! History demonstrates that as a general rule, the vanquished usually suffer from a psychological insensibility which lowers their power of reasoning and they feel happy to dance to the tune of their masters.
In fact, it is like a circus-lion whose sense and prowess has been minimised by the trainer to reduce him to the level of a puppet-on-a-string, which has got to act in accordance with the string that is being pulled. Using the well-tested prescription of "carrot and stick," the foreign rulers of India carried out mass conversion of the Hindus: they provided fairly high offices to the converted Muslims, granted them landed estates and titles and offered them marital facilities and political privileges such as freedom from poll tax and the social distinction of being a Muslim, which apparently meant that he belonged to the ruling clique, though in reality he was no more than a stooge, who was there to serve the will of his foreign masters: nobody can deny the fact that members of every ruling dynasty, whether it be Arab, Persian, Turk, Afghan or Mughal, thought of the converted Indians as members of the ruled class, who were inferior, lower and abject.
To show appreciation of the "benevolent attitude" of their outlandish lords and their adherence to the new faith, which gave them a spurious sense of brotherhood, they felt obliged to sever their ties with their own motherland and act in the interest of these foreign dynasties. This was a strange phenomenon of national treason in the guise of faith! Since Islam declared India a Dar-ul-Harb and the Indians as Kafirs, i.e., the enemies of Allah, the foreign rulers also maximised the dosage of faith to the proselytes for quickening the process of turning them against their own motherland and brethren.
To perfect this art of traitor-manufacturing, these monarchs secured the services of Sufism for proselytism, though this creed is the exact antithesis of the Islamic faith, because it blends the pantheistic principles with the monothesic doctrine, but it did not matter a jot to the dominance-seekers; they were more interested in political power and less in Allah, who was just a means to achieve this end. These Sufi saints, who founded the Mystical Orders known as Qadriya, Chishtiya, Naqshbandiya, Suharwardiya, etc., and acted as spiritual patrons of the royal courts, were also foreigners, who came to India for perpetuating the rule of their countrymen in the guise of "Islamic Mysticism," which has no real foundation in the Koran and hadith. The truth is that their mysticism is an extension of the Upanishadic teachings founded on the doctrine of Brahma. These outlandish saints learnt the mystical lore in India and imposed it on the Hindus as Islam to deviate them from their ancestral path. Thus, the Hindus converted to Islam began to think of themselves as a Separate nation!
As stated before, these Muslim rulers were interested in Allah as long as He served their purpose to fool, school and snool the newly converted Muslims. Even then, they acted as the ambassadors of the Arab values because without looking devotees of Islam, they could not practice the formula: divide and rule – which is founded on the distinction of Momin (Muslim) and Kafir (non-Muslim), requiring the former to pester, persecute and plunder the latter to please Allah, the Most Munificent! These remarks apply to all Muslim rulers of India, who needed support of sufficient indigenous population to make up their lack of numbers for backing their hegemony; thus they desperately wanted to convert the Hindus, who, despite knowing their Indian lineage, pretended to be a part of the Muslim nation for worldly gains and to hide their inferiority complex, which arouse from their second-class citizenship. They even went further: they changed their Hindu castes to become Sayyad, Qureshi, Farooqi, Siddiqi, Mirza, Malik, etc. With this, marched their hatred of India and Indian culture, to give this veneer the colourful air of reality. So great was their zeal to appear what they were not that treason to them looked as the truth, perfidy as probity, and deviation as devotion. Let us look at Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor of India. He is considered a specimen of Islamic piety and thus considered a saint who, despite being one of the most powerful rulers of history, is said to have been so parsimonious that he made caps and copies of the Koran with his own hands and sold them to make his living: Was Aurangzeb's character really Islamic?
Of course, Islam is cruel to non-Muslims but it advocates a policy of leniency, love and liberality towards the faithful. His conduct does not demonstrate any of these virtues: for nine years, he imprisoned his own father (Shah Jehan), who died as a prisoner, whereas the Koran and Hadith command children to show respect and obedience to their parents (if they believe in Allah and the Prophet). He murdered all his brothers to gain the throne. In fact, he was a usurper because Shah Jehan had appointed his eldest son Dara Shakoh as the Crown Prince to succeed him. Being a despot, his word was the law that must have been obeyed by Aurangzeb. Again, Islam allows expenditure which is just and necessary and forbids extravagance, but he opened the door of his treasury to complete his mother's tomb known as the Taj Mahal (when Shah Jehan was in prison). It should also be noted that Islam expressly prohibits tomb-building but he erected the most sumptuous tomb known to history! With a view to widening the rift of Momin-Kafir, he literally demolished thousands of Hindu temples, disqualified the non-Muslims from civil service except when it served his dynastic purpose; with a view to forcing Hindus and Sikhs to embrace Islam, he not only subjected them to the detested poll tax to kindle religious hatred against them but also adopted the open state-policy of forced conversion.
The Sikhs who resisted it valiantly, suffered most terribly. In fact, like his Muslim predecessors, he wanted to found his dynastic rule on Indian humiliation through a strong dosage of unfailing brainwashing, which Islam provides by the concepts of holy plunder, paradise and sex-after-death. This results in a strange form of insanity, which not only induces intoxicating day-dreaming but also persuades a dog to fall in love with a cat, makes a serpent worship a mongoose and convinces a dove that eagle is its best friend! The religious environment that Aurangzeb created during his long reign, was infested with the hatred of India and her cultural values to such an extent that most of the Hindus converted to lslam became a source of permanent insult, insincerity and insecurity to their own Motherland, whose honour they wanted to sacrifice at the Arabian Altar of Glory that the Prophet had prepared so assiduously. This is what makes Islam the ambassador of the invisible Arab Spiritual Imperialism: its beauty is that the lamb wants to be devoured by the wolf voluntarily! The real purpose of Jehad was to establish an Arab Empire with a view to converting people to Muhammadanism, which is a complex, yet an alluring euphemism for the Arabian suzerainty. Even when a person has freed himself from the political shackles of Arabia, he eagerly wears the spiritual fetters of Mecca to qualify for the fabulous sexual luxuries of paradise, which are available to none but the Muslims.
Faith in Muhammad is the paramount condition for this Divine favour. This is the reason that his uncle, Abu Talib (the father of Ali) who brought him up and protected him against his enemies, is burning in hell for not embracing Islam. Allah also stopped Muhammad from praying for his own mother, Amina, because she did not believe in him (Muhammad)! This is really farcical because she did not know anything about her son's Prophethood. How could she have believed in him? Yet the Muslims have invented fantastic stories about the miraculous birth of Muhammad! However, he who believes in Muhammad is sure to enter paradise, no matter how wicked he might have been. Faith in Muhammad negates the value of good morals completely. How is this done? It is possible because Muhammad is equipped with Intercessory powers, i.e., the authority to intervene on behalf of his followers, and therefore, his recommendations are binding on Allah, who has no choice but to let every Muslim enter paradise even if he is guilty of high treason, rape, murder, mendacity, forgery, or worse. It is for this reason that people carry the spiritual yoke of Islam. However, when we examine the mechanism of Islamic Intercession, it appears fake, feigned and fictitious because the Koran repeatedly stresses that there will be no Intercession whatever on the Day of Judgement. It is exclusively for Allah to decide independently who should be pardoned or punished. In fact the Last Day is the Day of Judgement, and Allah is the Judge of Judges. Add to this exhortation, the following Koranic doctrine:
♦"O believers, be you securers of justice, witnesses for God, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents and kinsmen, whether the man be rich or poor” (Women 4: 130)
After stating these mighty principles of Justice based on neutrality, the Koran changes its tone completely to add that Intercession shall be allowed with Allah's permission! What a parody of justice and a gross insult to "Allah, the best of Judges" it is! It is a universally accepted principle that unless justice is strictly neutral, it is a fraud. Is God fraudulent? No. It is Muhammad's definition of justice to secure international following for building a Spiritual Arab Empire headed by himself. For this purpose, he appoints himself as the Dispenser of justice, using Allah as a figurehead:
♦"… . Truly this is the word of a noble Messenger (Muhammad) having power, with the Lord of the Throne secure, obeyed, moreover trusty." (The Darkening 81:1 5)
These verses have been interpreted by the Muslim scholars to mean that on the Day of Judgement, the Prophet shall occupy the right side of Allah on the Divine Throne of Justice. Owing to his Intercessory powers, the Prophet's decision shall prevail and Allah will have no choice but to open the gates of paradise for those whom the Prophet recommends. Since he loves his followers, he will intercede on their behalf. As a result, all Muslims will enter heaven to enjoy the most fascinating sex, amongst other luxuries, and all infidels such as Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, deists, atheists, etc., shall roast in hell eternally.
The Intercessory powers of the prophets are fully vouched for by the hadith, and the above verses have been quoted to show their mode of implementation. However, to gain paradise, the followers of Muhammad have also to demonstrate their allegiance to the land of Muhammad in preference of their own motherland and adopt Arab culture at the expense of their own. This is the root of the Spiritual Arab Empire. Here is sketch of Islamic plan, which the Prophet prepared so skilfully that it is hard to fathom its depth. The Prophet Muhammad possessed tremendous political acumen. Having said that every nation has its own Prophet, he asserted that it was different in his case because he was The Prophet not only for the Arabs but also for ALL nations:
♦"Every Prophet is appointed for his own nation but I have been appointed the Prophet for all nations." (Mishkat, 5500, Vol. 3)
When this claim of the Prophet's universality is coupled with change of Kilba from Jerusalem to Kaaba, then we realise the depth of Muhammad's wisdom. It means that non-Arab Muslims cannot have their own Kibla, which serves as the pivot of national honour and unity. They must treat the Arabian Kibla as their own Kibla and thus accept the Arabian law and culture to renounce their own national traditions. Do you kwon what it means in practice? Here is an explanition: This act raised Mecca to the highest spiritual reverence. Muslims from all nations, both high and low, prostrate towards it, not five times a day, but every moment owing to the changing time-zones of this planet. The act of habitual prostration enslaves their psyches, making them unconsciously obedient to Mecca; it decreases their power of reasoning, correspondingly increasing their intensity of faith, to worship the birth-place of Muhammad. It is amazing how Muslims beg Muhammad to intercede with Allah for His mercy both in this world and the world-to-come. Ordinarily, one nation has to subdue another nation with the force of arms; the vanquished dislike the victor and want to be free but, in this case, all non-Arab Muslims shed tears of devotion to be accepted as the Arabian cultural slaves! Is it not a classical example of a lamb, begging the butcher to lead him to the slaughterhouse? This is the wisdom of Muhammad!
Being aware of human frailties, the Prophet exerted further psychological pressure on his non-Arab followers so that they must subordinate their own culture to that of Arabia. He achieved this goal by raising the spiritual prestige of the Arab institutions. Here is brief account:
(1) Kaaba is the House of God because the Almighty had commanded Adam to build it for Him, and it was also rebuilt by Abraham.
(2) A Muslim's grave must be dug in a way that when his body is buried, it must face towards Mecca.
(3) So sacred is Mecca that nobody must defecate facing this City. He who does so is a Kafir (infidel).
(4) Allah speaks Arabic, and the Koran is also in Arabic, which is a very difficult language; all Muslims must learn it to be blessed. Fancy how biased Allah is in favour of Arabia.
(5) The Hadith No. 5751 (Mishkat, Vol. 3) reports the Prophet saying: "Love the Arabs for three reasons because (1) I am an Arab (2) the Holy Koran is in Arabic and (3) the tongue of the dwellers of paradise shall also be Arabic.”
(6) Kaaba is the centre of Allah's blessings because it is here that 120 Divine Benedictions descend every day, and are then distributed to the rest of the world.
(7) Ibne Majah reports in Hadith No. 1463, that a Namaz, i.e., Prayer in the Mosque-in-Medina brings 100 times more blessings than a similar prayer in other mosques, and a prayer in the Kaaba invokes 100,000 benedictions compared to a similar worship in other mosques!
(8) Even the Arabian graveyards known as Jannat-ul-Mualla and Jannat-ul-Baquee are the most sacred. According to a hadith, they look shining to the dwellers of the skies the same way as sun and moon appear to the people of the earth. Those who are buried there, shall enter paradise without any accountability and each of them shall be privileged to intercede for seventy thousand people!
(9) Read the following verse: "(O Prophet) tell people if you really love Allah, follow me, and if you act like this, then Allah will love you, too, and He will forgive your sins." (The House of Imran, III:30)
When read with the hadith (5) quoted above, one comes to the conclusion that to be a Muslim, a non-Arab believer has to live as an Arab to qualify for Allah's love and pardon!
10. It is a part of the Islamic faith that every Muslim, no matter where he lives, must come to Mecca for pilgrimage, at least once in a life-time, provided he has the means to do so.
Over two million Muslims from all over the world come to Mecca every year to perform the Hajj ceremony. Probably, the same numbers gather there to observe the Umra rites during the year. These ceremonies generate so much wealth for the Arabs that, considering their population, they can maintain standards of living compatible with those of the Western Europeans. The Hajj ceremony has been a part of the Arab culture from time immemorial; it has developed from the Indian principles of idolatry such as Trimurti, Sabeanism, local superstitions and Greek influences. There is no historical proof that the temple of Kaaba was ever rebuilt by Abraham. Even during the early times of Muhammad, it was the centre of idol-worship along with the age-old custom of kissing the Hair-e-Aswad, which the Prophet encouraged because of its deep association with the Arab national culture.
This pagan practice which appealed to the Arabs, certainly helped the Prophet to gain converts for his faith. The Hajj ceremony belongs to the pre-lslamic times. It is as much representative of idolatry today as it ever was. People perform the rites of kissing the Black Stone including the seven circuits of the Kaaba, which are considered emblematical relic of the stars' revolutions associated with the traditions of the heathen Yemen. What is true of Hajj, equally applies to Allah Himself. It was the name of the Chief idol of Kaaba associated with Quresh, the tribe of Muhammad. The Prophet's father's name was Abd Allah i.e. the servant of Allah for this reason. He retained this name for his God because of its appeal to the Quresh. Again, Allah was an Arabian God, and everybody swore by His name irrespective of religion. By such schemes the Prophet bestowed a greater sanctity on Mecca than the Jews could ever associate with the Temple of Jerusalem. The divineness of Mecca imbued the Arabs with an aura of holiness, which was made distinct by such hadiths that all Muslims must love Arabia, and those who begrudge it, they shall be deprived of the Prophet's intercessory blessings, and thus rot in hell.
In his Master Plan of Arabism, the Prophet kept himself right on the top: even though he calls himself a mortal and the servant of Allah, it is Allah, who along with His angels, prays peace to Muhammad, i.e., worships him. Therefore, love and obedience to Muhammad is the true Islam and Allah becomes a mere euphemism for Muhammad, who has such a strong grip on Him that belief in Allah alone means nothing at all without acknowledging Muhammud! The best way of practicing Islam is to treat Muhammad as the Model of Behaviour:
♦"You (Muslims) have had a good example in God's Messenger (Muhammad) for whosoever hopes for God and the Last Day." (The Confederates, X X XII 1:20)
It means, imitating the Prophet even in minor details i.e. one must think, feel and act as the Prophet did; one must develop the same tastes and habits as the Prophet had; one must even eat, drink, talk, walk, sleep and look like him in dress and general appearance!
When we further ponder over the issue under discussion, it transpires that this doctrine, i.e., the Prophet as the Model of Behaviour, is the true force, which makes the Islam, the Self-Perpetuating Arab Imperialism because such a confession inspires a Muslim with the duty of treating the Prophet's principles and practices as his true guide of action! Though the Muslims are the most depressed, deprived and distressed people today, they are not willing to give up Islam, the real cause of their penury, privation and persecution. They willingly suffer these torments, the consequences of the Spiritual Arab Imperialism, hoping for the carnal treats of paradise. What a price for the privilege of enjoying sex-after-death!#

Sufism and Islam

♦ISLAM is the most violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to mankind. Those, who hold this view usually quote, The Disputer, LVIII: 20, which declares that non-Muslims are Satan's party but the Muslims are God's party.

♦Thus, it is the most sacred duty of the Muslims to annihilate the non-Muslims or at least reduce them to the status of tributaries.

♦On the contrary, the enlightened Muslims protest against this non-Muslim attitude: they quote Sufism to prove that Islam is an international ambassador of love. Of course, there is some truth in it, but who deserves the credit – Islam or Hinduism?

♦Basing his judgement on the historical and scriptural evidence, Anwar Shaikh concludes that what is called Sufism or Tasawwuf, collides with the basic principles of Islam, but it does conform to the Vedic doctrines.

♦Therefore, Sufism, broadly speaking, is an offshoot of Hindutva. Then, why is it considered an extension or Islam?

♦Mysticism or Sufism is an international faith, which is deeply rooted in the Vedic philosophy. It is a pity that the people of India have forgotten all about their ancestral glory.

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Sonia is speaking like a true christian...Jis se
jootey padtey hain iski ga... chaatney lagtey
hain...this would not have happened if the muslims had
not blown up the christian strongholds in UK USA &
other European & white areas. Let some Hindus do that
a couple of times, & these Judases will promise to
convert the entire world to Hinduism & will even sell
vatican to India. Well the haed of Vatican too should
be killed for he is the biggest bigot... the
descendent of the anti christ
Hitler....HA...HA...HA...the christians line up in all
sorts of condition to kiss the hem & ring & feet of
this Antichrist follower. Well done christianity,
Jeetey raho.
--- wrote:

> Sonia's Promise to Muslims
> Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter as part of a 2007
> election campaign in UP, specifically pleading to
> thousands of Muslim leaders in the state to “help me
> generously to fight against caste and communalism
> [read majority Hindus, already targeted by jihadis]
> so that I can build a society of your dreams...”
> Analysis:
> Given that Muslim clerics in UP identify with
> Deoband-type fundamentalist Islam, this promise
> represents Sonia Gandhi's commitment to convert
> India into Islamic state!
> With this statement Sonia is also sending a message
> that she doesn't care for the future of majority
> children. Congress party led UPA's unfair
> reservation scheme for Muslims is further
> confirmation that Sonia is indeed working to convert
> India into an Islamic state!
> Why should Hindus or other non-Muslims vote for
> Sonia-led Congress?


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