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Sohrabuddin: Save terrorism, hang Khaki

K T S Tulsi, the lawyer who is representing the Gujarat government in the Supreme Court has threatened to resign if Chief Minister Narendra Modi did not apologise for his remarks justifying the fake encounter. Advocate Tulsi was also the advocate of in the past of Jayalalitha's Govt. for sending the jail to the Shakaracharya Jayendra Sarswati. This is sufficient for his introduction.

Counsel for the Tamil Nadu Government KTS Tulsi said that the fact that the seer was planning to flee from the country. But if the seer was indeed planning to flee to Nepal he could have done immediately after the murder and not wait for so long. No aircraft can take-off without the permission of Director General of Civil Aviation. The Indian Air Force is empowered to shoot down flights that over flew the country without permission

Humanity: Save terrorism, Hang blooded Khaki
Former IB Chief Sharma, confirmed at Sahara News Channel that Soharubuddin had links with Don Daud and he hided the weapons including AK56 rifles in the well of his village. He confessed this before the police. The CD of that confession is still in the custody of MP police. Terrorism, Naxal-Marxism, Insurgency, Infiltrations are combined face of Ashwatthama. Nationalist and patriotic forces are representing Lord Krishna. Padvas Ajun Bhim represents our army, security forces and police. Parikshit is related to the security of the nation and safety of our people.

I read a bold title CNN-IBN: Blooded Khakivardi
I see titles of the articles in NDTN: Kin of encounter witness fears for life; Polygraph test for encounter police and others.

Fake encounters violent and non violent
Non-Violent fake encounters of farmers, soldiers and the police
Suicide has become alarmingly in India in farmers, soldiers, army commanders, students and the people every field every age without any type of descrimination except politicians. Have you seen smiling white beard and Super flying eagle around death bodies?

We are panic because of the fake encounters of Soharabuddin and others. We have right to be anger on the police and the CM Modi. We have right to be more anger on the encounters in J&K. We have also right to be folded hand before the Afzal because he is innocent youth. We have right to forget the sacrifices of those who sacrifices their lives for the sake of J&K and its people. We have also right to forget the sacrifices of security men for saving the parliamentarians. We have such rights because they are paid for doing all sacrifices.
Fake Encounters: Violent and Non-Violent

Fake encounter secular and non secular

Gujarat Fake encounter was communal because Soharabuddin wanted to be a don of Malwa and Nandigram Fake Encounter was secular. In Gujarat accused communal police officers are sent in jail but in West Bengal neither police nor CPM cadres are charge sheeted because they are secular. Farmers, Soldiers and Security force are forced to make suicides due to the UPA government's policy. Is it not non-violent fake encounter? Please find those

Fake Encounters of Subhash and Mukherjee...
There is too much talk of fake encountering of Soharabuddin and his wife kausar because these encounters are related to Gujarat. Anti-Hindu media is
doing duty day and night in three shifts for this cause. This culprit media never came in favor of such security forces families demand who have been sacrificed their lives for saving those criminals who are supporting and advocating for Afzal.

Was Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were not killed in the fake encounter by Nehruism? Was Marxism not gun downed our brave soldeires in Indo China war? Was Lal Bahadur Shastri not killed in the fake encounter of USSRism? Was Deendayal Upadhyay not killed in the train compartment of Mugalsari Rail Yard by communists in the fake encounter? So called humanity sheds tears for the fake encounter of ten naxalites of Chhattisgarh and Sohrabuddin, an associate of don Daud because they are happened in the BJP led states. Is it patriotism or traitorism to save the murderers of Humanity in the name of Humanity and civil libererty? Day and night continuously thousands and thousands soldiers and police are being killed by terrorists and naxal Maoists. Are these holy encounters under the appeasement policy of Gadhigiri and Marxism?

Non-Hindu Anti-Hindu with Hindu name and make up to deceive

Teesta Setalvad of NGO Citizens for Peace and Justice (CJP) smiles to see bloodbath in J&K and Nandgram but cryes to hear a praising word for Vajara a police officer. She feels sorrow to see the Afzal in the prison.

Anti-Hindu Teesta Setalwad says: "I am born a Hindu. I know my conscience. I know from where my faith comes. I know the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena don't speak for Hindus." Teesta married with jihadi Javed Anand. Sonia toured with her to spread hate against Hindus abroad. All they did anti- Hindu activities in the name of Hindus.

Secular and Communal Police: Congress
Congress spokesperson, Rajya Sabha Member and Supreme Court Advocate Abhishek Singhvi called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. He divided police also in secular and non-secular. Are army and police of J&K are communal?

It is said that CPI (M) cadres killed villagers to hide behind the police of WB.

Is fake encounter of Nandigram awardable and fake encounter of so called terrorist in Gujarat punishable?

Manekshaw Army Police be jailed to save Huminity Terror

Manekshaw a Pak Spy?: CNN-IBN;
Vajara was paid to kill Soharbuddin: Top story at NDTV;
Veer SAvarkar and lokmanya Tilak are terrorists: NCERT IGNOU books;
"Mere angnaa men insab kaa kyaa kaam hai";
".ham honge kamyaab ek din ho ho ho ho ho"
Manekshaw Army Police be jailed to save Huminity Terror

Police had gunned down Sohrabuddin following a report that he had links with the Lashkar-e-Toiba and had come to Gujarat with the mission of killing Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Sohrabuddin, killed in fake encounter at Ahmedabad wanted to be a Don of Malwa. His mother was the sarpach of that village. It is unforunate that he could not do more to strengthen the secularism and democracy, as Abu Salem, Bablu Srivastav, Seema Prihar! Story behind the tears of kapil Sibbalm CPM and media is only this.
Encounters: Sohrabuddin Vs Ishrat

By Premendra Agrawal


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