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Ram & Ramayana Are Factual Or Imaginary Budha Dev Why Are You Bothered?- Shut Up- Bharat People Do N

Ram & Ramayana Are Factual Or Imaginary Budha Dev Why Are You Bothered?- Shut Up- Bharat People Do Not Need Your Certification- We Condone Such Communal Views / Statements- By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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Objective: Bharat Public has to awaken for Hindus are at risk.

1 Buddha Dev Bhattachayrya, the sitting chief minister of Bengal disregarded the existence of Ram & Ramayana by stating them as poet’s imagination.

2 CPM so far claimed to be secular but is proving communal. Hearts of billions of Bharat people broke due to Karuna, Budha Dev & Government of Bharat.

3 Buddha wants to please Congress to overshadow Nandigram. No values for human emotions. Foolish you are Budha Dev.

4 Budha talks of existence of no Engineering university in Ram’s era. Budha redefines secularism in pursuit of Karuna.

5 Of course, by disregarding Shri Ram, Shri Krishan is automatically disregarded. Such are our acclaimed secularist leaders.
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 Real picture of hidden secularism is gradually appearing on surface by the given statements of 2 reputed chief ministers of the two reputed states that used to be ranked on top. The central government has through the apex court revealed its true colours about the definition of the secularism in the minds of the politicians. May be, there could be more chief ministers from various other states who might have to state against the existence of Shri Ram, Shri Krishan & Ramayana as well as Mahabharata. Budha Dev has given foolishly a statement in public that Ram never existed & Ramayana is an collection of imaginary poems written by a scholarly poet.

2 My dear Buddha Dev, did some one ask you to tell whether or not, Ram & Ramayana are facts of the past? Buddha Dev, do you know where were you before your birth & when shall you die? You are a killer of Nandigram people & encouraging to attack the existence of Ram & Ramayana. You acted as an animal & also a devil for the people of Nandigram while now are talking the religious philosophies. Are you qualified & educated enough to comment in public about Shri Ram who resides in the hearts of one billion plus souls? Buddha Dev, first tell us whether you are a Muslim or a Christian? If you are a Muslim, prove that Al Lah exists. If you are a Christian, prove that God exists. If you are not able to prove their existence, why you are foolishly talking nonsense? Tell Muslims that there was no prophet Mohammad & tell the Christians that there was no lord Jesus & then let us see how you stay in this world & how brave you are?

3 You fool Budah Dev, have lost your senses. You claim to believe in & follow secularism. Disregarding Bharat community sentiments & beliefs is your defined secularism. If this is so called defined secularism, we do not require any secularism. Bharat belongs to Bharat communities & none else. You & Congress bloody both are traveling in the same boat. It is the innocent Hindu community that never united to teach people like you a lesson how to work in politics. Do not forget that once Hindus are united, rats like you shall be killed on road. You are from a state where majority people believe in Bhagwati Mata & you are condemning Ram & Ramayana. Go to Sri Lanka & study the evidences that are openly speaking in favour of Ram’s existence. Go to Chitrakoot & see the evidences yourself to make up your knowledge. Go to Satna & see the existing mountain composed of Rishi’s bones.

4 Even if Ramayana is an imagination of a poet, it is none of your business to talk about the issue in public. Keep your thoughts up to you. The Hindus shall believe in imaginations to be true & factual. Who the hell are you to hurt the sentiments of one billion plus people? You are not able to control your state & you have murdered thousands in your state. You are talking of condemning Ram. Had you believed in Ram, you would have not even thought of killing the innocent persons for none of their faults. Actually, you are talking imagination of your idiotic mind. You have lost your senses of maturity. You are not representing the people of Bharat or West Bengal. You are representing foreign lands/nations. May you die in fistful water If you have a little degree of shame?

5 Buddha Dev, your eyes & mind are closed therefore you cannot see from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka various evidences available about the Ramayana happenings. Politically, all name BJP as communal but now it appears that all political parties except BJP are communal. Government of Bharat is also communal. Buddha we do not need the idiots like you or stupid Karuna to advise us about our religion. Hindus shall teach & give you in the coming time your real value. We know about our religion. We shall very well teach all you Anti Hindus leaders the force of Hindus & their impact on people like you. Just for vote catching, you senseless guys have started bashing the original faith / religion of the world. You are not a good human being but a rascal to kill others physically & emotionally. You have got no respect for the sentiments of others. It is said that despite being a veteran, you have been conducting in unbecoming style. It was never expected of at least by you. Karuna is understood to have conducted in unbecoming style as he belongs to Dravidian but you do not.

6 Bharat public shall not care for political leaders & historians or scientist to prove that Ram & Ramayana existed. We know about their existence. You worry about yourself as well as whether or not there shall be an existence for you people in coming future politics. The water has already risen above the nose of people. The schedule of yours & your friend Congress to diminish the Hindus from Bharat by converting to Christianity or Islam shall not sustain for long. The force of Ram & Ramayana & Bhagwati Mata shall definitely for sure remove you from your leadership soon. Worry about you & not about Ram & Ramayana. Thousands of mad like you, like Karuna, like Sonia & like Man Mohan who came & left for unknown destinations. Ram shall for ever remain in the hearts of people. You too are in line of departure. Better for your good future, remember Ram who may extend shelter to you as well. Raven like criminals also, at the end accepted Ram’s existence & begged for liberation what the hell is your value. You are an ordinary stupid chief minister who despite occupying a constitutional office, started condemning secularism by speaking against Ram who is the leader of secularism & democratic respect for its people..

7 You have burnt the hearts of people & many of them may resort to go against you & your survival is going to be in danger in politics. We do not understand on what basis some people think themselves consider so high to have the courage to speak against Ram like historical king & leaders of the hearts. Ram did not require any university. University is nothing. It is Ram’s power that gives the knowledge to the university professors & all engineering & other sciences. Ram is the father of all subjects of present, past & future developments of the world & universe. You are stupid to think that Ram needed university education to be certified as a civil engineer. Do not forget that the strength to speak against Ram is given by Ram to you. Better use this strength for the national development & peoples’ welfare that you never did but killed them. You have admitted about the lapses in your administration as the governments for which you are responsible & also the failure of the political leadership. Then on what basis you have been occupying the chief minister ship till now. Resign & go. The people shall be relieved a lot after your demitting office.

8 You are unable to protect the citizens. You are also one of the parties to appease the Islamic forces as the Congress use to do. It is your state that opened the doors for the British to enter the lands & enslave Bharat. Future of Bharat is not safe in the hands of communists & Congress. People like you have no moral values but only intend to stick to powers granted by those who believe in Ram. This power cannot be allowed to be given to you any more. Any political leader who condemns Bharat culture shall not survive in politics of the nation. This pious land is not for those who talk against Ram, Krishan & Bharat Sanskriti. No one shall tolerate such persons. May be, some one kills you in future. Then do not blame the Hindus as it is the result of your own doing. You have broken like Karuna all limits of tolerances. Just to demand destruction of Ramsetu you have bashed Shri Ram & Ramayana. What a pity on your school of thoughts? How could you think like that being against the interest of Hindu community? There is no difference between you & a devil.

9 It is better for you to withdraw your statement & ask the people for forgiveness in your own interest or you have to face the music. You have incited the people of their emotions & millions hearts shall go against you. You have condemned the oath that was administered to respect the secularism. You have condemned the nation & Bharat Mata. You have like Congress & DMK proved to be a agent of Muslims & Christians. You have no respect for Hindus. You have no respect for the national values. Do not forget that your Sonia & Man Mohan to save face went to Ramlila to worship Ram on Dushera day. Are you in the same boat? You cannot comment on Ram Setu. Just for demolishing the oldest monument of the world Ramsetu, you people have started condemning Ramayana & Ram. The public is you think that level foolish that shall accept you. Do not forget that hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bharat still believe in the existence of Ram as these Muslims in Bharat were previously Hindus. You are a public criminal. Court may or may not punish you but the people shall definitely punish people like you. It is therefore suggested to you that ask for forgiveness. The people are too good & patient that shall forgive you. Ask for Ram’s shelter. Otherwise, face the music.
Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi


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