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Flood forces Belfair woman to make life-changing decision

06:37 PM PST on Friday, December 7, 2007


Woman forced to make life/death choices during flooding

BELFAIR, Wash. – Some flood evacuees were forced to make dramatic life and death decisions within seconds during this week's storm.

One mother in Mason County knows she made the right choice, but she wishes things could have worked out better.

When Monday's storm hit, Sharon Meigs was at home watching over two boys and four dogs.

"I got up and looked out the window, and saw the river had broke the bank," she said.

When she saw logs and propane tanks floating straight toward her home, she decided it was time to go. She told her 13-year-old son Miles and his 13-year-old friend to get in the car, after they grabbed the family's four dogs. They all managed to get in the Mazda that was surrounded by water.
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Flood waters quickly filled her property, blocking any getaway route.

"It's coming up fast. It was coming up to the point where I opened my car door and then water just gushed in," she said.

Before they could make it to the road, the car broke down.

"We just stood there staring at each other – what to do? And I said go for high ground," she said.

Before heading out to swift water, they tried to get the dogs out. But Sharon had to leave them in the flooded car.

"I believe I heard them howling to get out – but they just couldn't do it," she said.

Neighbors helped Sharon and the boys, but no one could safely get to the car until Tuesday.

The dogs had drowned.

"To me my dogs were my babies," she said. "I would give anything just to have them back."


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