Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Shree Hari:

11th December, 2007, Tuesday
Margshirsh Shukla Dvitiya, Vikram Samvat 2064, Mangalvar

Whatever things that have been received by you, must be utilized properly. Children must be taken care of properly. They must be taught good lessons and things. They must develop good inner feelings and expressions (bhava), have good character, qualities and behavior. You have time to earn money, but what are the children doing? How are they being raised? What are they learning? You are totally oblivious and inattentive to these things .

Oh Brothers ! The children are the real treasures. They can become great souls, which will be a great thing. For every great soul born, it is found that their mothers were divine and divine mother's children inevitably turn out great. Many have become great saints and great souls. Mother's nature comes in the children. Therefore mothers must want their children to learn good lessons and things in life.

But on the contrary, the lessons she gives are just the opposite. She teaches the girls to keep their money in their own possession, so that when there is a separation, that money comes to the girl, and with such teachings she sends her daughter to groom's home. She teaches things like why do you do all the work, let the sister-in-law and others do the work at the in-law's home. She says - Avoid so much work. All this leads to confrontation with the husband's family.

Now just think, what if such things were taught by all the mothers? One day we too will have a daughter-in-law and she too will behave the same way. She too will not work and we will complaint that my daughter-in-law does not do any work. If you do good, then things will be good for you. Brothers ! If you do evil, then things will be bad for you.

"Kaliyug hai is haath de, us haath le, kyaa khoob saudaa nagad hai."

Have great respect for your mother and father, your in-laws and elders, serve them, give them respect, then these impressions will be imprinted on the children. In old age they too will serve you. But if you do not do this, if you do not serve the elders, then the children too have the same impressions in their mind and their nature too will become the same. We cannot remain the same at all times and there will be a time when this body too will become old and incapable of doing a lot. At that time, your children will not come to help out. Then you will complaint that they do not help, they do not listen. Well! How much have you served your elders? Now why must you expect anything from your children? Therefore have good conduct and behavior at all times.

From "Jivan Upyogi Pravachan" in Hindi pg 49 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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