Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A zamindar, a rich landowner, was known for his short temper. He also had a weak heart. Therefore, his household and his servants were under orders that they should be very careful about what they said to him and how they said it. Once, when he was visiting the city, a servant was dispatched to him with some news.

The master asked him, "You come from my house? How is everybody?"

"Very well, sir," said the servant. "Only the black dog is dead."

"Poor thing, why did it die? It seemed quite well when I left."

It died of indigestion. How could it help dying when it eats so much horse meat?"

"Horse meat? Where did it get horse meat?"

"Where else but in our stables, sir"

"What, did our horses die?"

"How could they live when ther were no grooms to feed them?"

"Why, what happened to the grooms?"

"Only what happens to people when they starve, sir, when there is no one to pay them."

"What are you saying? Why were they not paid? What happened to the steward, what happened to my wife?"

"How could they live when there was no cook to give them food?"

"Why, what happened to the cook?"

"How could he live, sir, when the kitchen caught fire and the fire spread to the whole house and killed everyone?"

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