Sunday, November 04, 2007


Shree Hari:

4th, November, 2007, Sunday
Karthik Krishna Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Ravivaar

This world is not for us. He who does not feel the need for the world for himself, he becomes useful to the world; and the one who feels the need for the world, he becomes useless for the world. Thus, when you live in a house, then live for the members of the house. If you live in an Ashram, then live for the other residents of the Ashram. If you are part of any Organizations or groups, then live for those members, not for yourself.

Now when will we be able to live for the benefit of others? When we do not keep any specific vows, resolves for ourselves. If we keep such vows, then we will become dependent, and if we do not keep such vows, then we will become totally independent.

Now what are these vows, resolutions etc that we speak off ? Such and such, must definitely happen, and such and such must definitely not happen - this is vows, firm resolves. But when we say that we must realize God, this is not a vow. It is a necessity of the essential Self. It is also the real reason for human birth.

In this world, such and such must happen in this manner, and such and such must not happen in this way, following must take place, certain things must not take place - these are resolves and vows.

We have received this human birth, it is not received for the purpose of attaining certain situations, rather it is for remaining apart from those situations to attain and realize our true essence. That essence, which is detached from the situation, is not dependent on any situation. That essence is not dependent on any state, not dependent on abilities, not dependent on any special person etc. It is completely independent. Attainment of this independent essences, is through independence only. One is not dependent in this. But a vow, a resolution cannot happen independently. We desire enjoyments, respect, name recognition, leisure and rest, etc, all such things are dependencies. It is not independence. In satisfying these, there will be definitely dependence on something else. There simply cannot be independence.

From "Bhagwat Praapti Ki Sugamtaa" in Hindi pg 53 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

NOTE; The above is a tall talk and big hypocrisy of the Hindu religion. How many of us in reality can do what is suggested above. Or how many can follow such a 'fairy tale' type of logic? IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THERE IS A MISSING DIMENSION as no one, including swamiji, in reality follow it. One is always dependent on something or the other until one is living and after death we do not know much as it remains a mystery! We cannot be independent even for a fraction of a second; we depend on air, sun, earth, clothes, food and everything else which God or nature has provided us all around without which there can be no existence excepting in the form of a ghost, maybe!

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