Saturday, November 03, 2007


:Shree Hari:

2nd November, 2007, Friday
Karthik Krishna Navami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shukravar

When a fisherman throws his net in the river, then all those fishes that come inside the net are caught, however those fishes that stay very close to the fisherman's feet are not
caught. Similarly getting entangled and attaching to God's illusory creation (the World), this Embodied Soul (jeev) is caught and trapped in bondage, but those Souls that take refuge at the Lotus Feet of God, they cross over His illusory power - "Maameva ye prapadhyante mayaametaam taranti te." (Gita 7:14).

From this illustration, the point to understand is that the fisherman has the intention of catching the fish, whereas God does not have the least bit of desire to entangle this Soul in Maya (His illusory powers). God's primary intention, His desire is to release this Soul from worldly bondages, and to bring it under His own protection. It is with this intent that God says - "Maamekam sharanam vraja." It is the embodied Soul, of it's own will gets entangled and bonded in the illusory World, due to it's own craving and longing for contact born pleasure.

Just like wheat poured in a grindstone gets crushed and ground, but the wheat that remains right around the center rod (the central pole, dependent on which the entire grindstone is revolving), those grains of wheat remain just as they are, untouched and unaffected. Similarly in this grindstone of birth and death cycle, all the embodied Souls get ground up, rather they experience sorrow; but those that have taken refuge in God, the sole supporter of all the Souls, they are saved from being crushed and ground. "Koyi Harijan ubare keel maakadi paas." Even this illustration is not quite complete; because the wheat grain by
their very nature tend to remain near the center. They do not try to do anything to save themselves. The embodied Soul, inspite of being a part of God, considers this world as it's very own, or desires something from this world, and he himself gets entangled in this birth and death cycle and experiences sorrow. Whereas God's devotees, detaching themselves from the world, take shelter at the Lotus feet of the Lord and are freed from all sorrows and worries.

From "Sharanagati" by Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi pg. 27.

Ram Ram

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