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Namaskar and Jai Bharat Rashtra.

Very well written article by Aroraji. But let us also remember that upon partition of India, Nehru saw his future in keeping the Moslems in India and declared his so-called secularism on the unsuspecting Hindus, supported by Mr. Gandhi, following the policy of divide and rule and therefore his family is still ruling the country and the Sonia Maino, a foreigner who is using her Italian fascist tactics and actions to bring her son to be the next PM of India, and working to Muslimize the country by bringing more and more moslems from Bangladesh and Pakistan into India illegally to bolster the moslem population.
Why some of our filthy rich Hindus like Mukesh Ambani etc. cannot be convinced by some of the prominent Hindus to buy out some of the leading media to stop the continuous onslaught and damage the present media is doing today against Hinduism and the Bharat rashtra.

Your comments are most welcome.; Dhanyavad.

Jai Sitaramjiki, Jai Radhakrishnjiki and Jai Veer Hanuman.

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From: Devendra Singh
Date: Nov 11, 2007 4:52 PM

Subject: [prohindu] Create proHindu Media

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This is a very factual and thoughtful article by Mr. Arora. It should be a point of review why the media is anti-Hindu. The media didn't start acting against Hindus interests overnight and it was not due to a mere chance. The media, especially the English media,was bought by the westerners to keep Hindus disfavoring their own culture so that they can be kept mentally slave to western thoughts. The West has played this game for centuries because they want to win under any circumstances,be it by hook or crook. They don't believe in fair game,even though they would like us to believe that they do. They first destroyed the sugarcane juice market in Bharat as unhygienic to introduce Pepsi and Coca Cola and we,the champions of secularism,gladly bought it.

The West in general and America in particular created their own rules by which they judge others. They would even try to patent yoga postures and neem. Baseball games are called 'world series'. I never understood how one can be the 'world champion' by playing among themselves! This self-grandiosity is extended in creating sanctions against other countries if they don't comply with American 'rules'. Why the other countries are not entitled to impose their own sanctions on America is never discussed by the western media.

I think Bharat should remain a predominantly Hindu country,not just in Hindu majority but in Hindu thoughts. I am not prejudice here,but Hinduness is the fabric of Bharat and it is important for the survival of Bharat. Let us not feel guilty in openly professing about this great dharma. This is probably the best way to create a pro-Hindu media because the media can only influence those people who are not culturally strong.


Create pro-Hindu media to save Hindus & Bharat
November 10, 2007

By J.G. Arora
Why are Hindus so self-effacing that they follow the agenda set by anti-Hindus and act against their own interests? The tragedy is that most Hindus are self-alienated by Macaulayan education and brain-washed by anti-Hindu media.

In the recorded history of thousands of years, Hindus have never been disgraced so much as at present; and have never felt as vulnerable as now. Religion is a matter of faith. But in September 2007, Hindu-bashing achieved new heights when the Union Government's affidavit filed before the Supreme Court claimed that Ram and Ram Sethu, sacred symbols of Hindu faith, never existed. This affidavit attacked the very foundations of Hindu faith.

Though the affidavit was withdrawn after protests, the government's contempt for Hindu sentiments had been affirmed. This shame heaped on Hindus is the latest of such insults and is a part of anti-Hindu forces' design to demolish hinduism the way other native religions and cultures have been destroyed elsewhere.

This affidavit would never have been filed if truncated Bharat had been proclaimed a Hindu republic in 1947 as a natural outcome of India's Partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims. And why cannot there be a Hindu Bharat when the world has over a hundred Christian and 57 Muslim countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which used to be Hindu lands?

Why are Hindus so self-effacing that they follow the agenda set by anti-Hindus and act against their own interests? The tragedy is that the most Hindus are self-alienated by Macaulayan education and brain-washed by anti-Hindu media.

Truncated India i.e. Bharat should have re-asserted itself after 1947. Instead, fake 'secularism' which implies 'anti-Hinduism' has seized and ruined the Hindus.

Genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir, infiltration of countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators bent upon creating one more Muslim country on Bharat's soil, global missionary organisations Christianising India, government control over Hindu temples whereas no mosque or church is covered by such control, special privileges to non-Hindus under Article 30, special rights to Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370, and provision of Haj subsidy though none of 57 Islamic countries gives any such subsidy are just some of secular oddities of India.

Anti-Hindu media

In any democracy, media is the most potent weapon of attack and shield of defence. In India, most of the mainstream print and electronic media are controlled by compulsive anti-Hindus who masquerade as secularists. Though media is supposed to guard national interests, most of the Indian media is an ally of various anti-Hindu outfits, and has a similar anti-Hindu agenda.

This media is denigrating and distorting Hinduism, demonising Hindus, spreading misinformation about Hindu scriptures and dividing Hindu society on caste-basis though based on Vedas hinduism does not permit any caste system. It is also distorting history.

The editorials, articles and general treatment of news in most newspapers are anti-Hindu. Media suppresses and censors Hindu perspective on every event and displays its anti-Hindu slant. Same anti-Hindu agenda is visible in many television channels.

For mainstream media, genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir are no news whereas Gujarat riots which started after Hindu rail passengers were torched at Godhra are always in the news. Hindus killed in Sabarmati Express do not matter for media; nor do victims of terrorism evoke any sympathy.

Similarly, the late Pope John Paul II's call to convert Asia to Christianity given in New Delhi in 1999 created no outrage in anti-Hindu media. Conversion of Hindus to Christianity by fraud and inducement creates no ripples.

Most of the media supports divisive Sachar Commission report and Muslim reservation in government jobs though reservation on religious grounds is unconstitutional and though there can be no Muslim reservation after the creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims.

Demographic invasion

Shockingly, media is silent about Pak-Bangla design to plant one more Muslim country on Indian soil by planned infiltration of countless terrorists and crores of their nationals. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans on Indian soil in future, one must remember how Pakistan was created.

Though even Will Durant, the American historian, calls Muslim rule in India as the bloodiest story in history, media paints a rosy picture of Muslim rule in India.

Entire Indian sub-continent used to be Hindu land with zero Muslim population till 711 when Muhammad bin Qasim's Arab army attacked Sindh. Hindus lost Afghanistan in 987, and present day Pakistan and Bangladesh to Muslims in 1947. While Hindus fought bravely to defend their religion and motherland, they lost millions of lives and saw destruction of thousands of temples during the repeated Muslim attacks for a thousand years.

After overthrow of Muslim rule, India was under the British from 1857 to 1947. Formed in 1906, Muslim League demanded Pakistan for Muslims in 1940. On March 23, 1940, Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented his 'two nations theory' stressing that Hindus and Muslims belonged to two different religions and civilisations; and were two separate nations and could never live together in one country; and demanded Pakistan, a separate country for Muslims, comprising of Muslim majority areas in India.

In 1945-46 elections, Muslims voted for creation of Pakistan. In 1947, the Muslims got a third of Bharat's land as Pakistan.

Natural consequence of creation of Pakistan should have been the declaration of truncated Bharat as a Hindu republic and exchange of population as demanded by Muslim League. This would have been the permanent settlement of Hindu-Muslim conflict. However, though most Hindus and Sikhs have been driven out from Pakistan and Bangladesh, most of Indian Muslims who had demanded Pakistan and exchange of population did not go to Pakistan. Rather, the present percentage of Muslim population in India is much higher than that in 1947.

And to plant one more Islamic country on Indian soil, Pak-Bangla combine has sent crores of infiltrators into India during the last many years.

Despite the Supreme Court's judgements delivered on July 12, 2005 and December 5, 2006 to deport infiltrators, the government has taken no follow-up action in this regard. Rather, the government's policy of soft borders is inviting more infiltrators every day.

Unfortunately, media is silent when Bharat is being hammered and grabbed by Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators.

"Uttishth Bharat" (Get up Bharat)

Since history warns that advanced civilisations were attacked and defeated when they became too soft and lost the will to fight, the most crucial concern for worldwide Hindu society now should be the survival of hinduism and Hindu civilisation.

It is deplorable that though there are numerous countrywide daily newspapers and television channels promoting anti-Hinduism in the name of secularism, there is no all-India daily newspaper or television channel projecting Hindu concerns. As a result, Hindu concerns remain suppressed; and the writers, journalists and activists defending Hindu interests remain like warriors without weapons.

Since most Hindus have been de-Hinduised by Macaulayan education and brain-washed by anti-Hindu media, only pro-Hindu mass media will awaken, unite and strengthen Hindu society. It will educate Hindus about Hindu religion, Hindu heritage and Hindu history; and make them pro-active to save hinduism and Bharat. Besides, it will liberate Hindus from sham secularism.

Pro-Hindu media will restore Hindu self-esteem and fighting spirit. It will expose the lies of terrorist friendly media, and debunk deceptions like multi-culturalism, Aryan invasion theory and the so-called caste system.

This media will also help to create a genuinely secular political party which would give justice to all and appease none. It will help to remove enactments and laws which discriminate against Hindus. It will liberate Bharat from countless terrorists and crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators bent upon creating one more Muslim country on Bharat's soil.

Helped by this weapon, hinduism and Hindu civilisation will survive and prevail. Accordingly, all pro-Hindu organisations, individuals and Hindu social and religious leaders all over the globe should do their utmost to create the all-India pro-Hindu daily newspapers and television channels at the earliest.

This is the only way to save hinduism and Hindu identity of Bharat.

As per Kathopnishad, "Uttishthta jaagrta praapya varaan nibodhat" (Arise, awake, and do not stop till the goal is achieved). When pro-Hindu mass media is in place, no government will ever question the existence of Bhagwan Ram and Ram Sethu.

(The author is former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and can be contacted at


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