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Mony Vital
A Breatharian Speaks Out

Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 12, 2005. Part II. Mony Vital on Immortality. Written by Cara McKennon

Mony Vital is one of about 1,000 people on earth who lives totally on prana, Light energy. He does not eat food of any kind, nor drink liquids of any kind, including water, yet he is in perfect health.

His comments were done in first person, so I will write it that way. These quotes come from notes taken during the conference call.

Quoting. Mony Vital on immortality.

�I don�t eat, I live on Light. I don�t drink water even. I live on pranic nourishment If you think you are getting anything from food, you are totally mistaken. Food is poison, it takes from your health. You actually get your energy from air.

�Physical things, not living physically immortal, I reject it. I don�t have to accept the culture of death. Human beings are only a number.

�You receive two certificates in your life: birth certificate and a death certificate. From the moment you are born, you buy into the death culture. You don�t see yourself in the death culture. From the moment you are born, you start to die.

�People decide when they will die. It is a slow, painful process. People believe they must grow old and die. It controls you, you have no future, no vision.

�You must have a vision, you must have possibilities, and not be bound by the restrictions of earth. I designed my life and the people around me. I love myself. I am totally into myself.

�You are being controlled-mind controlled. Your conversations in spirituality have no basis in reality.

�Doing this you are not going to have a brand new body tomorrow. You are not going anywhere, unless you accept yourself 100%. Not 99%, but 100%.

�Our bodies are 90% water, sacs of water. Water is changeable. Since water is changeable, you are changeable. You are the ones creating the symptoms you have.

At this point, Mony was interrupted by Dr. Yu�s presentation. I will resume the next part when Mony returned.

Michael commented that what we have been living is the old paradigm, Dr. Yu represents the present paradigm. Mony Vital the new paradigm.

Mony continued. Mony started with some background history.

�I was raised in Israel. From the age of 5 I was taught the teachings of the Torah, what I am to believe and not to believe. Was I in or out? As a child I was very confused about what they wanted me to do.�

He resumed back to where he left off before.

�After every meal, your body has to rest. In some societies, they have a siesta, a 2 hour break, after the meal to rest. People eat too much. It shuts down the system. There is no good food. Your stomach is the size of your fist. You should eat 1/3 less than you do.

�Change your system. Clean it up. Balancing is cleaning it. Cleaning it is balancing it. Most people have parasites. If you clean up your system, you clean up the parasites. The parasites are a symbiotic relationship. You don�t get cravings for certain foods, your parasites get cravings for certain foods and you feed the parasites when you satisfy your cravings.

�So why feed your parasites? It�s all excuses.

�Your body wants to heal itself. You should never see a therapist or doctor. You are buying into the death culture. You should try Tai Chi, Meditation.

�I tried it all, being a vegetarian, eating only raw fruit, or all juices. �

When asked how long he had been on prana, he said.

�Five years.� He said something about 21 days. Not sure in reference to what.

He said,

�After 3 days of not eating, you will not be hungry anymore.

�Learn to be a whole human being. Learn to love yourself completely.

Loving yourself is very important, and loving everybody else.

�The only love that really matters is loving yourself. Look inside yourself.

Buddha and Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. Self love, inner love, promote Loving self, loving inner self, loving yourself collectively.

�I never do anything to harm me.

�Who is ready for this change of lifestyle? Everything about this world is about eating. It�s the old energy. If you don�t eat, you have time for other things. Not eating doesn�t cost anything, it instead saves lots of money.

�I don�t get invited out much because I don�t eat their food.

�You can�t buy life force in a can. You can�t buy it in a pill or plastic bottle. Change is the new paradigm.

�Think about being alive. Most people can�t see 20 years into the future.

�The most revered man in the world is the Pope. It is not about youth, or being happy. He is very old, he�s about religion, not living, being in a death culture, a culture of death from A to Z. Like the movie the Matrix. Go see it, if you haven�t seen it. You are living in a matrix, inside the box.

�You are living in the damning of America, and getting dumber and dumber. You don�t question, you act like robots. The controllers don�t want you to find out you are living in a box they control.

�The medical community believes in a death culture. In medical school, they practice on cadavers, on dead bodies, not on live bodies.

�Homeopathic medicine is imitating traditional medicine.�

Michael asked Mony how to do this.

Mony�s reply.

�You must love and heal the inner child within with appreciation, acknowledgment and love. Bless your cells, bless your organs.

�Every morning before you get up, and every night before you go to sleep, touch every part of your body, like your hair, face, arms, legs, stomach, chest, back if you can reach it. Touch it and tell your body, �I love you.� Do this every morning and you will have the best day of your life. You don�t need anyone else�s permission to do this.

�Get in your heart. Love every feeling you have. Do not condemn or criticize yourself.

�Try something different, do this program. Do this for 42 days. It takes that long for change to come about.

�Affirmations don�t work. You must acknowledge the problem. Your body wants to heal itself, to cleanse itself. If you have something wrong with your lungs, you won�t stop the problem by suppressing it. Monitor what you are doing to your body.

�Accept and love the parts of your body. Detox the body and allow it to heal itself. Your body is geared for survival. Most people can�t hear their body talking to them through their symptoms.

�I choose to feel good. Feelings are important. Affirmations don�t work. Don�t deny the problem. Change it by acknowledging it 10 times. As long as you don�t acknowledge it, you will have a misconnection.

�Connect directly to your brain. Say it 10 times. Love your body. Encourage your body to become what you want it to be. Don�t deny what problems you have. The body wants to heal itself. By pretending, you are lying to yourself.

�You can�t fragment your body through religion and governmental control. Having a belief in the present culture is like committing suicide, giving your life to a culture that has nothing to do with you.

Michael asked Mony if visualization would help.

Mony�s reply,

�Yes, use your imagination, have a vision. Put words to the reality you want. If you can�t see yourself as being healthy, you will never be healthy. To get healthy, get a vision of being healthy.

�Hospitals only have a 33% survival rate. It�s not about life force.

�Change your life style. Do your own healing. See how beautiful it is to be alive. You are sick because you choose to be sick.

�You must change your chore belief by loving your feelings.

�Food is the illusion, that it is necessary for survival.

Mony was asked about soy.

Mony�s reply.

�Soy is poison. Splenda is poison. Both cause pain and misery.

�Don�t eat too much food. A little will do it.

�Go to my website. Read about how to get cleansed. 40, 50, 60 year olds, clean your intestines. You should do this once a year at least. It�s good for your eyesight.�


�Start at the basics. There is no magic bullet.

�Make a decision. You must change your thinking. Pay attention to what you eat. Consider how long it will take it to digest. It�s waste energy. The longer it takes, the faster it will cause aging. Eating food is a waste of time and nutrition.

�You never gain one ounce of energy from food. Instead, you lose energy because it takes more energy to process food than you get from it.�

Sonali asked Mony. Paraphrasing. �How are we to get our children to accept this new way of not eating when it�s all around them, in their school, social activity, if they don�t eat with the other children, with their peer groups?�

Mony�s reply.

�The culture is not concerned about your children. They are considered a consumer. They are part of the productive steps of buying. They are being imprinted with this death culture. Schools are nothing more than babysitters. Children don�t learn anything important. They have to want to be different. They are a social issue. They buy into the culture, needing cell phones, stuff, they don�t know what life is about.

�It is your inner child that is deprived. Let go of impossibility thinking.

�Home schooling is better than the public school system.

�Baby�s are put on soy formula. It�s like poison. Baby food is bad for babies. Every food in your culture is bad for people. It�s all nonsense.

�Drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning will ruin your day because it will play havoc with your blood sugar levels. It�s worse than drinking coffee in the morning.

Mony gave a toll free number. 888-225-7501

He said he would be going to Thailand soon and would not be around to answer his phone. In Thailand many would be going into a Dark room retreat. When asked what that was.

�People go into a dark room without any light for a period of 2 weeks. They drink only water. They go beyond the beyond. Changes every part of their body and resets their clock. �

Another website given was:

Name of a book was given. �Living on Light.� by Jasmuheen

When asked about gazing into the sun. Reply.

�I am a breatherian. They are sun gazers. It is wonderful to look at the sun before sunset and sunrise. It helps to reset your clock. Do not do it in the middle of the day.�

[The above information is transcribed as best as possible from the weekly conference calls. Some errors or omissions may have occurred during the translation. This information is being provided freely for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal or financial advice or consulting.]


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