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date Nov 2, 2007 6:00 PM
subject [prohindu] How to defeat Narendra Modi : Congress Thinks too dip...
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How to defeat Narendra Modi in Gujarat Election? A
Maha Alliance is done with the rebels and NCP. Despite
the fact that some of the rebels or their supporters
openly spoke what they spoke in Tehlaka Drama.

Congress cares less, It knows that Muslims in Gujarat
have no choice but to vote for Congress. So they are
right in judging that nothing will go wrong vis-a-vis
the votes of muslims are concerned. Here they aced it
with their shrewedness. You have to give them, but...

Second Congress has to do something about the Educated
Youth, who is die hard fan of Narendra Modi. And that
is whopping 30% of the voting population...To nulify
them, Congress has with the help of Sharad Pawar has
invited the Pakistani Cricket Team in India. There
will be matches in December... And If I read them
correctly they will keep the cricket match on 11th and
16th december, which will freeze the Youth at home,
and hence poor show on voting booths. [anyone knows
the schedule yet?]

There is Koli and Levua Patels already ganging up with
the help of Keshubhai Patel. But the above two are
sufficient for the poor turnout of the Modi Vote Bank.

Uma Bharati is already campaigning in Gujarat against
Modi at the behest of VHP KING Mr. Togadia. As I had
discussed before Sangh Parivar, including BJP, is
acting against Modi. And Congress Loves this, thank
god they did not hear to the plea of Mr. Arjun
QuotaSingh to put a ban on Sangh Parivar outfits! What
a prudent decision they must delight!!!

I don't know if the SanghParivar is playing the role
of Jaychand, out of sheer jealousy, for the accolades
that Modi is bagging? Or they are following Bhishma
Pitamaha of Mahabharat, where the cognizence to Saving
a Party (Hastinapur) is much more then the Truth.
Bhishma erred, I hope some mindful people in Sangh in
Nagpur - remember Mahabharat at this point, and force
these outfits to switch sides before election. Talking
of Hindu-Hindu is one thing, and adopting in real
practise is quiet another. Modi does it, and we see
the result. I hope sense prevails in Nagpur - before
election; since only they can defuse the rage of the
rest of Sangh Parivar against Modi. What is more
painful is, if Modi wins with Landslide Victory - what
would that mean ? Sangh Parivar as a whole will loose
its face. Do they really want to risk that? In today's
war Krishna is the people of Gujarat - what a beauty -
isn't that analogous to the Vishwa Swarup of Krishna
himself ?

How Modi can Defeat this?

First of all, being a Gujju myself, I don't think that
Gujarat will vote on cast lines. Since Modi is
percieved beyond cast. The fact that he is unmarried
and does not have any strings attached, people in the
villages do give him the benefit of doubt. I just
talked to my farmers in small village. His wife said,
"Modi speaks in such a nice language? He is not doing
anything for anyone else but for people of Gujarat. He
does not have anyone of his own, for him we are the
only family." I was shocked in delight hearing this.
This is an illiterate lady of a small town (
population of less then 5000 ) is speaking. This gives
me a reason to believe that Modi has nothing to be
afraid of, but still care should be taken. This is a
real war of Mahabharat for him. His entire parivar,
VHP, Kisan Sangh, Sangh in Gujarat itself, Muslims,
Umaji's party, Sadhus and sants all are against him.
And he has to deafeat each one of them with utmost
respect. In the end the Truth WILL prevail and we will
all witness this Mahabharat in the first decade of
this century! There are nine more decades left for
Hindu Samrajya to be victorious after this first

Following are two cents to defuse the brigades against

1) Give ticket to some relative of that Koli girl who
was rapped and killed. Let that family itself canvas
for Narendra Modi. Anyway, its not tough since
Narendra Modi can not be hold responsible for that
act. And there are tons of other cases in Congress
Ruled states of such rapes and murder in daily basis.

2) Cricket - Here is the dilema. You can't block the
channels - since otherwise you may piss off the
people. So this has to be conveyed in the election
speeches right now before the vicious plan of Congress
unfolds - and people, especially youth should be made
to stand tall against this congress's filthy moves. In
war everything is fair, so we can't blame them as
such. We have to blame ourselves if we play in
COngress's hands.

3) Place levua patels from BJP everywhere BJP rebels
stand from. You would be surprised to know that most
of the rebels are not even Patels to begin with.

4) Some parallel unit should educate the Muslims
against Congress - sitting in the alliance with these
rebels who have already spoken in the Tehlka Drama.
BJP does not want their vote, but atleast their votes
can be diverted to BSP or some other party, Congress
Stand to loose.

In any case, if the war of Mahabharat was ever fought
in the presense of Shri Krishna, and all about it is
nothing but the TRUTH, Amen or Amin - no one can
remove Modi....

Jay Garvi Gujarat
Jay MahaBhart.

Nimesh Dikshit


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