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m: On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep:
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth
(2) Article: Instead of Rajiv Murder Secrets, PM seeks Swiss support
for Nuke deal?


On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Wearing bangle bright hand
Bows to light deep Deepavali
Highly Stars landed on earth
Silver meets oil full soil deep

On the day of Deepawali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Sunita a little deep of earth
Has flied to meet the moon
Keeping Gita to remove fear
Almighty Ganesh near to her

On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Golden hand kisses deep
Lovely oil poured in deep
Hear Hindi Hindu Hindustan
And vasudhaiv kutumbkam

On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Deeps of mothers & sisters
Soldiers on border in lines
Lighting deep of patriotism
Secure all for lighting deep

On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Gardeners kissing water
Flowers move throw smile
Spread them on such paths
Soldiers go on those paths

On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Seeds are sowed on fields
Drops drop on seedy fields
Eyes pleased to see green
Earth is full all stomach full

On the day of Deepavali, when she is lighting deep
Thoughts comes in my mind, moon bowed on earth

Usne bida tha uthhaaya bhalaai ka
Huwa nahi niraash, viswas kaa deep
Uske saath prabhu kaa hai wardaan
Tyohar ye hai diye aur deepawali kaa

By Premendra Agrawal


Instead of Rajiv Murder Secrets, PM seeks Swiss support for Nuke

Why does Congres not want to know Rajiv Murder Deal?

TOI reported on Nov 7, 07: PM seeks Swiss support for nuclear deal.
Is Nuke deal more important for congress than knowing the facts,
reasons and motive behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? Who are
blocing the road which may go towards the Rajiv Gandhi murder deal?
On the basis of FBI Behavorial Sciences Unit's 7 Steps for

(1) Evaluation of criminal acts.

"......The investigator must be as intelligent as the offender."
After the indira's assassination India's Congress govt saw and
showed every ordinary Sikh terrorist. France realized Quattrocchi as
a terrorist. Because he was preventing the France export to India.
So France Intelligence Agencies kept Q under a heavy day and night
intelligence surveillance. Opposite to this Fooliish Congress and
its Govt facilitated Quatttrocchi to fly from India and from

Why do Congress and its Govt hesitate to know the facts related to
Rajiv murder deal from France besides Swiss PM and members of the
Maino dynasty and its reltives such as Maria wife of Quattrocchi
relative of Maino dynasty?

"Another requisite is an understanding of people and the environment
in which they live....".
Quattrochhi is gift of Sonia to India

The Special judge Prem Kumar observed in his order of November 14,
"…. that time Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot in Indian Airlines; Italian
food and other gifts were also being exchanged between them.
Quattrocchi thus became very close to Rajiv Gandhi and his wife: CBI
to appeal against court order in Bofors case", The Hindu, Apr 11,

"that bureaucrats used to stand up when Quattrocchi visited
them"Ashok Malik notes in The Pioneer:

"An investigator canot seek personal aggrandizement...does not seek
personal credit, but rather seeks to give credit to others who have
assisted him..." Why did top to bottom entire Congress deny others
to believe only on 10 Janpath'?

(2) Comprehensive evaluaton of the crime scenes.

"The most common error made by investigators is to pass up evidence
as immaterial and unnecessary. …?
Quattrocchi Flied: India's Sovereignty is mortgaged to Italy

In January 2006, frozen bank accounts, 5A5151516M and 5A5151516L,
held by Quattrocchi and his wife Maria were unexpectedly released by
India's law ministry, apparently without the consent of the CBI
which had asked for them to be frozen: Sheela Bhatt. "This is not
about Bofors",, 2006-01-16

(3) Comprehensive analysis of the victims.

"Motive for murder can be divided into seven specific groups: 1)
Profit; 2) Elemination; 3) Revenge; 4) Jealousy; 5) Conviction; 6)
Sadism; 7) Sex....Removal of the person who happens to be the way'
is the determining factor in a great number of murders." Motive
behind the assassination of Swiss PM and Indian PM was Bofors
kickback mainly.

Professionals (Experts) are involved in the conspiracy and are
guilty of murder because they procured the 'trigger men' who did the
actual killing, but they have an alibi to prove they were many miles
away from the scene of death at the time of the homicide...
So concpiracy might be planned in Pari s Hotel of France, swiss and

Who wants to think about the invisible faces and their conspiracies?

Answer is buried beneath the various samadhis of Gandhighat and the
ashes of Subhash Bose. Jawaharlal Nehru's samadhi is to the north of
the Raj Ghat and is known as the Shantivan or Shanti Vana meaning
the forest of peace.

From Shantivan the path leads to VirBhoomi, samadhi of Rajiv Gandhi.
VirBhoomi leads to other samadihis. But due to the Sonia led
Congress led UPA government Narsimha Rao's Samadhi is in Hyderabad
instead of the above said samadhis. Rahul followed that Humiliation
of Narsimha Rao.
Rahul Gandhi slaps Non-Gandhi PMs

Does present Gandhi's government want to give respect to the last
word of Mahatma Gandhi `He Ram' to ruin Ram Sethu and overlooked the
hidden facts related to Bofors and the assassination of Rajiv

(5) Evaluation of medical examinar autopsy protocols.

(6) Development of a profile with critical offender characteristics.

"… Motive is the 'why' of the act, the reason for it. Intent is the
result of a motive, and is the bridge between the motive and the

(7) Investigative suggestions predicated on the above.

On the basis of the above guidelines following information of public
should not be overlooked.

What is the relation of Mr. Q's wife Maira with the Maino dynasty in
which Rajiv married?
On whose instruction above said London bank accounts related to
Bofors in the name of Q and his wife were released?

Sad and lovely co-incidences
* Various facts have been given by the and
others. Rajiv and Swiss PM Olof Palme became friends. They were both
in power at the same time. During their time Bofrors deal completed.
This might be sad co-incidence. Opposite to this lovely lucky co-
incidence detai is at:
Ex-Waitress-Wives of two youngest Prime Ministers: Video of Oct 2

* Home of Bofors Company is Sweeden.

* On October 24, 1985 PM Rajiv Gandhi and Swiss PM Olof met during
the UN General Assembly Session.
* Rajiv said to him the Bofors must revice the price to match the
lower price of the French Sofma gun.
* The Bofors agent Win Chadda must be replaced. So Bofors kick
reached in the Swiss accounts Quattrocchi and his wife's firm
ultimately. Imidaaly, after that Nov. 1985, to Febuary 1986 Bofors
paid a commission of 1.5 percent to Q's AE Services.

* Here time factor works:
Olof Palme was assasinated on 28 Febuary 1986 to hide the secret.
Why he was assassinated after the completion of Bofors deal?

* After Olof Palme who was other pesons with secrets of Bofors? That
was Rajiv Gandhi. See the happenings from Feb 28, 1986 to May 21,

If Rajiv died then the Bofor's scam to would die, Thus, sparing the
actual Bofor's beneficiary. Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated on May 21,

* One PM dies after the Italian broker Quattrocchi is paid through
AE Services. The other PM is assasinated after the Bofor's Deal
became a scam.
* Rajiv Gandhi was so happy with Olof that he named an important
road in Dehli, as the Olof Palme marg.
* Should these be coincidence or conspiracy?

Quattrocchi in Lok Sabha for assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Raising the matter during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, BJP leader V K
Malhotra and SP`s Ramji Lal Suman said the conspiracy was hatched by
Italian businessman Quattrocchi and LTTE`s intelligence chief Anton
Balasingham in a five-star hotel in Paris.

(1) According to , French intelligence agencies
were in possession of documentary evidence that the LTTE, Italian
businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi and several Congress Party bigwigs
colluded to have Rajiv Gandhi eliminate.

(2) LTTE and Quatrocchi believed that Rajiv and his Congress were
not winning the 1991 elections, and therefore, panicked. According
to the website, Quattrocchi felt that as long as Mr. Gandhi was
alive, the scam would remain alive. If Rajiv were dead then the
Bofors Scam would die.

(3) Quattrocchi therefore met Balasingham in Paris and was also in
touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. The website said that the
entire meeting and conversation between Quattrocchi and Balasingham
was recorded by the French intelligence agencies.
More details are at:
Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Bofors kickback accounts were/are in Sweeden.
Other interested still hidden story may find at:
Hasan Ali of Rs 350 million in Swiss: Dung on wall? How did cow

Why not sting operated media's tehelka on Rajiv's assassination
deal? Is evoking minority for getting votes in Gujarat more
important than investigation of this?

So called secular leaders and blind followers of Gandhi dynasty
should file PIL for this on the basis of the public domain facts.
Court may also register suomoto case for this.

Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress Kaa haath
Quattrocchi detained on Feb 6. The facts came in public domain on
Feb 23. CBI took 17 days from its office to PMO. Government has to
complete all formalties before March 5. Why is intentionally delay?

By Premendra Agrawal



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