Sunday, October 21, 2007


Shree Hari:

21st October, 2007, Sunday
Ashwin Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Ravivar

A person who does not use his time wisely, cannot succeeded in any field.

It appears as if the time is going away, but in reality it is the body that is deteriorating and going away !

If we ponder over the time that has gone by, and if that time were properly utilized, how far would we reached on the path to God Realization ?

Lost wealth can be once again regained, but lost time cannot be regained. Just like wealth, time cannot be locked up in a safe. Therefore at all times we must remain alert and make proper use of time.

Money can be locked up and protected in a safe, but time cannot be locked up. Therefore do not waste this precious time in useless actions. Employ time in acts of goodness, otherwise it will be wasted.

He who wastes time is causing a great loss to himself. Even an animal becomes alert when it is alarmed. Man on the other hand, is wasting his time in TV, enjoyments, trifles etc.

Time is fleeting fast. Why do people die? It is because one has to die the moment his time is used up. Time is a very big asset. It is even more important than all the wealth and valuables. Any amount of wealth cannot extend your life span. Of what avail shall all this be !! The hour of death is fixed. Whatever you have accumulated is of no use at the hour of death. Not one extra breath will you be permitted when the time arrives. Your life, your living is controlled by time, as life will cease when the time is over. Time is the base of your life. Money is only spent when you buy or do something with it, but time is spent on it's own, constantly, ceaselessly. Whether we are sleeping, eating, sitting, working, singing, the expenditure of time never ceases. Death is approaching ! It does not wait even a moment ! We can be in the middle of an activity and death can arrive and the moment of time is over. Then we have no power to continue to live. The main
pillar of our life (time) is going. Make the best use of time. There is no remedy other than being cautious and careful in use of time. Be careful with each incoming and outgoing breath !

If you are careful now, if you become cautious of time, then no time can ever be wasted. This time that we have received is for God Realization, therefore utilize each an every moment in the best possible way. Time is not wasted when spent on remembrance of God.

From "Amrut Bindu" in Hindi pg 92 and "Acche Bano" pg 48 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram


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