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FOR Immediate Release Date: Oct. 2, 2007

Peaceful protest rally and Fast/Vigil in New York against Sonia (Maino) Gandhi representing India on the International Day of Non-Violence

New York: The Forum for Gandhi Heritage Organization and other likeminded associations held a peaceful protest rally outside the United Nations headquarters on October 2.

About 500 people from around the US joined the protest objecting to the UN invitation to the Indian Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

The UN had declared Oct. 2 as the International Day of Non-Violence as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi represented India at the UN function.

The protestors believe that Sonia Mano Gandhi's policies and actions are in total contradiction to what Mahatma Gandhi stood for and her surname is a misrepresentation of Gandhi's name.

Instead of a true Gandhian delivering Mahatma Gandhi's message of peace and non-violence, choosing Sonia Gandhi who is not a representative of Gandhian values was a mistake, (they )said.

The protesters oppose Sonia Gandhi who is not related to Mahatma Gandhi using Mahatma Gandhi's name for political mileage and international legitimacy.

The highlight of the protest was dramatization of Mahatma Gandhi (values) being killed by Sonia Gandhi.

She and the Mahatma were in opposite ends in values such as religious tolerance, terrorism, political violence, corruption and fraud, placards held by protestors read.

A detailed booklet with documentation and proof of the allegations was distributed. For details, visit

Protestors also held a fast and vigil in front of Gandhi Statue at Union Square. About 20 people from the Forum for Gandhi heritage garlanded Mahatma Gandhi Statue and participated in the ceremony on Oct 2.

Detailed photos, videos (including high quality for TV coverage) of the protest rally and Fast/Vigil, additional documentation are available at Any inquiries can be sent to .

The protest was endorsed by the Forum For Saving Gandhi Heritage comprising Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation, Gandhi Center and Hindu Temple, Indo Caribbean Council, Kashmiri Taskforce, Foundation of Nepalis in America & several other likeminded organizations.

Contact : Naresh: 609-226-9702, Satya: 732-939-2060.


Reasons for protest

(NOTE: Please note that the contents below are part of NY Times Ad and went thro' their rigorous requirements for truth and verifiability).

Mahatma Gandhi's life and his message of Love, Truth, Non-Violence, and Sacrifice inspired many such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Lech Walesa. The recent UN's declaration of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on Oct 2 as the International Non-Violence day is commendable. However, instead of a true Gandhian delivering his message of peace & non-violence, Sonia Gandhi who is not a representative of Gandhian values is chosen.

Ø Sonia Maino Gandhi is NOT related to Mahatma Gandhi. She is attempting to misappropriate his name for political mileage and international legitimacy.

Ø She is known to be vindictive and undemocratic. Her party uses various mechanisms such as tax raids, direct threats to subjugate opposition. ('Know your Sonia' by Dr. Subramanian Swamy).

Ø Due to her party's pro-terrorist policies, India has second highest number of terrorism victims after Iraq . Her Govt. is requesting clemency to Afzal Guru, the mastermind of attack on Indian parliament. In pursuit of Muslim vote banks, it created soft borders & turned a blind eye towards Islamic fundamentalism.

Ø Her respect for human rights is best explained by her decision to make a prime instigator of the anti-Sikh riots (that burnt alive 3000 Sikhs) a key central government minister in India.

Ø Gandhi constantly chanted name of Lord Rama and died with that name on his lips. He said, you can take away anything from me, but if you take my Rama, I will die. Sonia's party declared in Supreme Court that Rama is mythological and therefore justifies blowing up of ancient sacred Hindu Monument Rama Sethu, thereby hurting the sentiments of 900 millions Hindus. This is similar to Taliban blowing up the Bamyan Buddhas.

Ø Gandhi is an embodiment of Hinduism with deep respect for all religions. He called religious conversions the deadliest poison that lethally destroys cultures of the world. Since Sonia came to power, there is a crusade to Christianize India, at the behest of international missionary enterprises.

Ø Her husband Rajiv and son Rahul are alleged to have received payments from KGB. According to Schweizer Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss account of 2 billion dollars. Her son Rahul projected as next Prime Minister of India, was also detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston in 2001. (' The State Within a State' by Yevgenia Albats, Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte 11/1991, Indo Asian News Service).

Ø Her party was involved in the UN Oil for Food Scam that helped Saddam Hussein.

Ø She was involved in numerous scams, scandals and controversies. Before entering India, she was an au-pair with modest means. Since then, she and her family members amassed millions through questionable means. (Researched articles with proof by Dr. Subramanian Swamy at, 'Know Your Sonia' by India First Foundation)

Below are same additional details of Sonia Gandhi's actions which are in direct contradiction to what Mahatma Gandhi Stood for.

Corruption & Fraud: With only a high school degree and no technical skills, she started a technical services company, used her connections to get contracts and paid herself handsomely. She violated multiple laws of the country with impunity. India's security was compromised when her family friend Quattrocchi (Q) became an agent for procuring arms and offered kickbacks worth millions of dollars. Using proximity to high places, Q brokered many questionable multi million dollar deals for the Italian company Snam Progetti. Sonia has amassed millions through trusts running in her dynasty's names. From the time Sonia entered India, she has looted the country on a large scale.

Deception: Sonia claims to have a degree from Cambridge University, UK, despite not studying beyond high school. She misled the President of India about the number of parliament members supporting her party to grab power.

Intolerance: Gandhi envisaged the motto 'Truth alone Triumphs' that is printed on official documents and coins. As soon as Sonia got hold of power, it was removed from documents & was replaced in coins by an image of Cross used by Louis The Pious (778-840).

Violence: Sonia's violence spans political, spiritual and physical spheres. Sonia locked the then Congress President with party goons in a toilet and declared herself Party President. Her claim for this position is that she is the wife of an ex-Prime Minister.

Self-Aggrandizement: Mahatma Gandhi offered to be sacrificed rather than divide India whereas Sonia is dividing India for vote banks and selfish gains. Her policies have made the country a hot bed for terrorist violence.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Shivaswamy Bhoopalam said...

For all the odd behavior, actions, deeds of people around us to change for better,it is a must for each individual to become one for him or her self.

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