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Bharat Sarkar Equating RastraPita Gandhiji To Dravid KarunaNidhi Who Is Against Shri Ram-Supreme Cou Post Your
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Bharat Sarkar Equating RastraPita Gandhiji To Dravid KarunaNidhi Who Is Against Shri Ram-Supreme Court Direction Condoned -No Respect For Bharat Sanskriti- Vegetables & Poor-By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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Bharat Sarkar stated that Karuna is GOI�s Gandhi-Can Bharat forget the followings:

Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram Patit Pavan Sita Ram- Sabhko Sanmati De Bhagwan etc. etc. Hey Ram� Hey Ram� Hey Ram� Karuna do you remember?-GOI do you remember?

Supreme Court dignity erosion by GOI-What the people shall say?

Vegetables from air conditioned malls!!!! Do not compare with others.

1 Supreme Court ordered that the Tamil Nadu Bund scheduled to be observed on October the First, 2007 was not allowed but Dravid Karuna, the so defined by the Congress as an oldest & the most experienced leader of the nation, indirectly led the people to observe the state bund as if it was voluntary proposed but, all know the facts working behind the scene. According to the Congress declaration as above, an interpretation is made that Dravid Karuna is the best choice to be appointed as the Premier since he is the most experienced leader in Bharat. He has been certified virtually as a follower of RastraPita Mahatama Gandhi.

2 It is factually unfortunate that Bharat Sarkar has lost all its logical senses just to keep one of its allies happy politically, as it is necessary to survive for the government. Sarkar has forgotten that Gandhiji was a dedicated follower of Shri Ram & even at the time of his last breadth, �Hey Ram� was uttered three times at the gun shot. Any body can read the facts engraved on the Gandhi Samadhi at Raj Ghat in Delhi.

3 A person who has denigrated Bharat culture by condemning Shri Ram in public without having defined any basis despite occupying a constitutional position of a very significant state of the nation, is being supported by the so called secular government of the nation. It is now virtually explicit that the controversial affidavit unauthorising the existence of Shri Ram must have been documented fully in connivance with Karuna & the Government of Bharat. The responsibility has unnecessary been passed over to the poor officials.

4 GOI has given a highest level importance to the Karuna Government by immediately defying Supreme Court advice for the consideration of dismissal of the state government. Minister Balu criticized the judgment openly. It is too hard to understand what has been going on.

5 Dr MM has lost all senses focusing only on the votes from its vote bank section. It appears that there is no collective responsibility in the GOI. There has been continuous denigration of the government organs at all levels. The GOI is not at all concerned about these issues.

6 The people following Bharat Sanskriti have demonstrated their developed degree of patience in practice otherwise, by now someone might have done something undefined to the person concerned as it is involving a question on the attack of the faith of the nation & various other nations as well. It is not an issue of one community alone as Shri Ram was ruler of Bharat. In his capacity of ruler, Shri Ram is related to all citizens of Bharat.

7 It is also unfortunate that all big leaders in various governments at all levels have patiently listened to the remarks of the SCI that the Tamil Nadu government could be dismissed based on the contempt of the court direction. The direction of the court has been defied by the responsible ministers that bears support of all top level leaders of UPA including left that has been most unfortunately left by UPA itself.

8 The father of the nation was a man of logical standards despite he made certain unforgettable errors unknowingly that have been effecting the nation till now for which there is no solution at all. Gandhiji always used to remember Shri Ram during his whole life. He used to live in the name of Ram & died in the name of Ram. There is no need of producing any evidence in this regard.

9 It is a highest degree of insult to Gandhiji & to the nation by equating Gandhiji to Dravid Karuna who claimed Ram�s non existence on earth. The people of Bharat are so sincere that they do not bother about anything. The blood of the people has no temperature & is free of negative charged particles. There is no ionization in the blood otherwise, the people would not have tolerated such denigration of Dharma. The people very well know if there was a King Ravan, there was a Ram Bhakt Vibhishan also. Every Ram believing person is Vibhishan.

10 Bharat Sarkar is openly supporting in its all respects Adharma. Bharat Sarkar has been indirectly supporting Ravan Raj. In fact, the Raj is now under Ravan who speaks too polite & sweet English as well as twisted English spoken through someone else. There is also a mother of Ravan in actions known to all. A Meghnath has been generated to take over as the future leader of Ravan Raj.

11 It is also a fact that Adharma has been spreading all over the nation. There is no law & order control anywhere over the land. There is one & only one programme of the government & that is Nuclear deal with minorities votes. The economy has been claimed to be on the top but Onion is 30 rupees a kilogram. There is no item that is cheap. Cement bag is about 240 rupees. The steel bars are about 30 rupees a kilo. Electrical & water bills are skyrocketing.

12 The government has brought in the top business captains to sell potato & tomato to be delivered out at malls so that lakhs of hawkers be depleted from the scene from all over. What a Market economy!! Really Aam Aadmi Sarkar yeh to hei. Hawker should not come to your doorstep but you have to go to the mall to buy vegetables everyday. You shall have to pay for the overhead charges using a mall for buying aaloo pyaz.

13 These billionaires instead of investing in the productions of heavy machines or equipment, have decided to remove all the poor from the market economy. The nation does not need these malls. The nation needs industrialization of advanced products. The nation needs economic machines that could be exported. The nation needs good & economical steel, cement & other metals. The nation needs exploration of Thorium. The nation needs exploration of oil & gas from its natural reserves. The nation needs education for all kids. The nation needs food for all poor.

14 The nation needs education to all at school level. Why these captains do not invest the monies on the education to uplift the nation. It is highly deplorable that we need foreign companies to sell aaloos & pyaaz. It is now clear that the education of economics earned from a foreign university is baseless & cannot apply to Bharat conditions. Our top economic experts Dr MM & Chidambaram have lost their brains that could be utilized for the development of future of Bharat as they are thinking only for a certain confined class of the society & not for the remotest poor who do not even now have the drinking water.

15 It is out of our imagination that a claim that these investors such as Wall Mart or Reliance shall deliver economical & quality product. The shops in malls are based on heavy finances. It is not a matter for a moderate person to buy or lease these counters easily. Go to Delhi & drink coffee for rupees 55. The tea in the open market hardly costs rupees 5 to 10. Can you find that in the mall at this cost. I have seen many times in Gulf that the malls products are not very qualitative. Particularly vegetables are old & kept under air conditioning. It is impossible to buy the fresh eatables from the malls. The only benefit is that you can stay in AC for a couple of minutes & nothing else. I purchased many items from the malls in Abu Dhabi but all resulted in the third class quality. In our conditions in Bharat, the fresh vegetables are easily available. The people go to the mandis & buy the vegetable everyday or they buy from the hawkers & thela walas. I do not understand the need why these vegetables malls are required when the fresh vegetable is available at the door step of your home. Even I did not find Reliance�s highway resorts restaurants very hygienic. Cockroaches were roaming on the tables in the restaurants. Flies were playing everywhere. There was no properly attended service.

16 These companies are claiming that they shall have contracts with the farmers on certain terms to buy their products for certain durations for the purpose of financing the farming process. Their defined intention is to prevent the farmers suicidal attempts. The question is that whether or not, there is another way to sort out such situation? The government has been bankrupt to solve such issues on its own so that they have been inviting the foreign direct investment for the vegetable sales throughout Bharat. The status of a hawker to be called ones� owner is going to be over. There are so many other ways to sort out the farmers� suicides. Why adopt on malls culture for such low profile commerce. All these foreign companies are getting mentally bankrupt. It is not necessary that what is valid in US or UK, is also valid in Bharat. In west, the value of manpower is many times higher than in Bharat. Then, why waste its potential?

17 Other people are also committing suicides all over the land. What solution the government has to chart out to solve that problem? I do not understand the theme behind the present UPA regime. We should not forget that Charter by UK signed in 1600 that empowered East India Company to do merchandising, commerce & wherever possible, regulate the areas for the purpose of the governance over the people.

18 Future of Bharat- The Bharat Sanskriti shall be eliminated by the government of UPA while the minorities become the real majorities. The poor shall be away from the commerce confining to the farming field work only. The rule shall go the hands of the Reliance & Wall Mart like kingpins & the nation should be reduced to merely an undefined non Hindu secular state as a whole. Hindus are not required in Bharat at all virtually. It is an undefined crime to be a called a Hindu following Shri Harish Chandra, Shri Ram & Krishna path of living. The corruption regime does not require any Shari Harish Chandra. For UPA, the existence of Shri Ram is not necessary. For left also, that holds good. If one wants to stay in Bharat, accept that you are ready to convert either to Islam or to Christianity so that all resources are extended to you with priority as a first right. Do not go to schools but join the universities directly for higher education. Missionaries shall take care of the rest. Once you are all converted, the name Bharat shall go away from the books of laws. The parliament shall have 450 Muslims MPs & 400 Christian MPs so that the nation progresses very fast like US & others. All others shall be minorities without any legal rights. This is the UPA�s concept of Ram Rajya. Wake up as fast as possible. The time left is too short. Rahul alias Rahu is waiting.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi