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Instead of ruling, UPA government with the support of Left, is making humorous film for the people. Enjoy this for a while and forget your stomach. Don't think abaout the price rise, record-breaking farmers sucides, Anti-Ram evils and tandavs of terrorism, naxal-Mao-Marxism. Find two youngest prime ministers of the world and their ex-waitress-wives.

One of them gave speech in UNO on Oct 2. Slap on Gandhi-ism in UNO: Strike against Ram:

Enjoy two more humorous films never made in Holly-Bollywood. These are made in Italywood and Crezowood. See video of Oct 2:

Army of Demons now and then

The first demon challenging the life of Krishna was Putana. She was a demon who killed children by feeding hem her breast's milk. Instead of killing Krishna, She killed herself in the un-succeeded process to kill the Krishna. After that Trinavart a demon of storm and whirlwind tried but could not get success.

Then a demon friend perhaps Vanasur, suggested Krishna to be calm at the time of bad days for waiting the good days. On his suggestion Kansa went to the kingdom of his friend for poaching and enjoyment to forget the killing of Krishna.

Now in modern India there is also dance of demons inside that side everywhere. So for a while enjoy this article and see the truth of politics in humorous way.

Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces:

Shooting of both Political films

It was the stuff of two romantic films. Shooting of one fulm is done at Czech. Shooting of another film is going on in India. Rajiv Gandhi completed his act. After that his wife is acting in the political film.

Both PMs fell in love with ex-waitresses and were married

Stanislav Gross is the pin-up Czech Prime Minister, at 35 the youngest premier in Europe. She, a waitress he met in the parliamentary canteen. They fell in love and were married.

Both PMs and their wives' inolvement in the scams

Now Stanislav Gross and his wife Sarka Grossova are mired in financial scandals, involving shady loans and a brothel that have stunned the country and brought the government to the brink of collapse

Quattrocchi is a relative of Sonia Maino. So he entered into 10 Janpath to execute Bofors Scandal for his boss dynasty. He went to Italy to save the skin of the members of the dynasty with the help of the dynasty members. Few months back his London Bank accounts related to Bofors kick backs have been released with the help of Indian government. He was caught in Argentina but get freedom due to the CBI of Indian Government. This is secular non-violent freedom fight flight, which even reached in UNO on Oct 2 to teach the gandhigiri. After 'lage raho munna bhai' next would be opposite to munna bhai! There is long list of scams of dynasty.

Quattrocchi is a gift of Sonia to India:
Photo is sent to me by mushtalk:

One PM was pilot and another PM is ex-engine driver

Rajiv Gandhi worked as a professional pilot for Indian Airlines before coming into politics. He remained aloof from politics despite his mother being the Indian Prime Minister, and it was only following the death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi in 1980 that Rajiv entered in politics and became PM to ride the sympathy wave of the assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi.

Stanislav Gross briefly worked for the state railways company (Ceské dráhy) as an engine-driver trainee. In this way One PM was ex-pilot and another PM is ex-Railway engine driver.

Both are called youngest Prime Ministers

Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India. He became Prime Minister at the age of 40. . Stanislav Gross served at the age of 35 as youngest prime minister of the Czech Republic (2004 - 2005).

Czech PM fell in love with a waitress of the café

The unlikely breakthrough for Grossová came when she became waitress in the parliamentary canteen. It was here that she met the up-and-coming Deputy Stanislav Gross, who used to stop by her cafeteria often for a cup of coffee. The two were attracted to each other, and the relationship led to a wedding in 1996.

Beginning of Ex-waitress Sonia Gandhi's love affair

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Videos Bomb Samosa: In politics in space in friendship

Videos Bomb Samosa: In politics in space in friendship

Sunita kept Geeta, Ganesh and samosa but who knows her friendship through samosa with Kalpana Chawla, a NASA astronaut who was killed in the 2003 Columbia disaster? Sikhs sue on 'Samosa Politics for $110! Friend killed friend for samosa! Popularity of Indian culture including Samosa is in Hollywood. Hear Music see dance in video petrol bomb samosa. Know through video, how to cook samosa!

Sunita took pictures of Ram Sethu from the space station

While addressing a meet under the aeges of the Ahmedabad Managament Association she also spoke on Ram Setu. She said:"I took pictures of the bridge between India and Sri Lanka from the space station".

Yesterday's article titled 'Ex-Waitress-Wives of two youngest Prime Ministers: Video of Oct 2' at:

Popularity of Indian culture in Hollywood

Bindis, mehndi, samosas, chai: Indian words, styles, flavors are permeating popular culture. Now, Main Line teens show off silver toe rings. Naomi Campbell and Madonna wear bindis. Tony stores are selling those long tunics-with-loose-pants outfits that resemble the Indian salwar-kameez to society ladies. And images of Hindu deities grace lunch boxes sold at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Acme in Newtown Square even sells potato-filled samosas and tandoori sauce. Samosa House, located in Culver City, is a delicious way to taste and shop for Indian cuisine. You can get excellently cooked samosas for only $1.50!

Here are some of the personalities that have been seen sporting mehndi patterns: actress Demi Moore, and the band 'No Doubt's' Gwen Stefani were among the first celebrities to been seen wearing mehndi. Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Nell McAndrew, Liv Tyler, "The Artist formerly known as Prince", Drew Barrymore, Mira Sorvino, Daryl Hannah, Kathleen Roberson, Laura Dern, Laurence Fishburne, and Angela Bassett have been seen with mehndi.

Sikhs sue on 'Samosa Politics for $110

On July 12, 2007 a Sikh organisation has filed a $110 million lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for allegedly linking it to terrorism and damaging the reputation of the Sikh community.
The lawsuit filed by the World Sikh Organisation (WSO) on Tuesday also named CBC reporter Terry Milewski and Legislator Ujjal Dosanjh for comments they made in the June 28, 2007 documentary titled 'Samosa Petrol' that was aired on the television.

Friend killed friend for samosa

Report sayssmall argument over who should have the samosa first angered the other drunk friends into mercilessly beating Ankur. Dinesh then reportedly drove his bike over him. Ankur was rushed to the hospital but he was declared dead upon arrival.
"Babu alias Ankur, who was about 20-years-old died during a scuffle with people known to him," said DCP, East District, Ajay Chaudhary.
The police have arrested Dinesh and are on the lookout for the other three.


It is believed that it originated in Central Asia prior to the 10th century.
According to the "The Oxford Companion to Food" the Indian samosa is merely the best known of an entire family of stuffed pastries or dumplings popular from Egypt and Zanzibar to Central Asia and West China. Arab cookery books of the 10th and 13th Centuries refer to the pastries as sanbusak, sanbusaq or sanbusaj.

The current day samosas are small, crispy, flaky pastries that are usually deep-fried. They are stuffed with an assortment of fillings ranging from minced meat with herbs and spices to vegetables such as cauliflower and potatoes. In Bengal one finds samosas filled with sweetened reduced milk that go straight from the frying pan to a syrup wash. But whatever the filling, samosas are a treasured snack---the perfect companion to a cup of chai.

Samosas have become popular in the United Kingdom, South Africa and East Africa, Persian Gulf countries and the United States. They are often called "Samboosa" or sambusac by the Arabs. In South Africa they are often called "Samoosa" Frozen samosas are increasingly available in grocery stores in the United States.
While samosas are traditionally fried, many Westerners prefer to bake them, as this is more convenient and is perceived to be healthier (this could be seen as an example of fusion cuisine).

Hocky player named Samosa

In Portugal samosas are known as "chamuças" and they are very popular in Lisbon. Name of a renowned hockey player of Portual is Samsa. Samosas are also popular along the West Coast of Africa and in Mozambique.

Ganesha, Gita, samosa for Sunita Williams in space

Sunita William said, "I am more of a spiritual person. My father gave me a copy of the Bhagavad Gita to take into space. I had a nice, fat Ganesha with me, which means a lot of happiness, prosperity and good fortune. Every morning, I would look at him and he would make me smile," she said.

It was Lord Ganesha who brought a smile every morning on the face of Indian-American astronaut, Sunita Williams, during her record-breaking 194-day space sojourn at a height of 360 km in the International Space Station.
Samudra Manthan: People drink Vish, Leaders fighting for Amrit:

Arjuna's dilemma and Gita

If anything, Sunita was entirely focused on the Gita when she was aboard the International Space Station (ISS). "Every day, I used to read a couple of verses from the Gita and try to understand Arjuna's dilemma. I did this in order to identify if I had the same problems and find the means to solve them."
Mahabharat III: Coming of Ram Krishna to punish evil forces

RSS culture of discipline in our family

NASA astronaut Sunita Williams said while addressing a Rotary Club function in Ahmedabad in the presence of her father:
"When I landed up in Naval academy I had to adjust to military discipline. The RSS culture of discipline in our family came in handy for me at that stage since my father had been associated with the RSS."
Sunita Williams, whose father Dr. Deepak Pandya hails from Gujarat, arrived in Ahmedabad last week on a weeklong visit to India?

Sunita's love for spicy Indian food

When we talk about Sunita then how can we forget Kalpana who is collapsed after succeeding her 'kalpana (drea)'?
Art of Sept 29, 06' Carrier pigeons' fly to President Kalam':

Sunita's fondness for samosas is well known. What is less known is the fact that samosas too featured in her friendship with Kalpana Chawla, a NASA astronaut who died in the 2003 Columbia disaster? "I always looked forward to visiting Kaplana's house. Her husband used to cook fantastic Indian food, particularly samosas."
In the previous week at Hyderabad Sunita also mentioned how samosa was part of the delicacies she relished aboard the space station.

Sunita Kalpana vs Sonia Pratibha

Before two days Sonia Gandhi was in Andhra to open the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (RIMS) and to unveil his statue. Little Miraya Vadra Gandhi, the granddaughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, has an orchid named after her. Earlier in 2003, another hybrid orchid was named after the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, during his visit to Sikkim. When asked to suggest a name for a second orchid, a Dendrobium hybrid, Vajpayee named it Kalpana Chawla after the Indian astronaut who was killed in the Columbia incident. K.C. Pradhan and his son Sailesh grew both the orchids. See here the difference between Italian and Indian, Secular Congress and Communal BJP.
Sunita William vs Sonia and her Pratibha

Video: Zeina Live Music dance, Petrol Bomb Samosa
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By Premendra Agrawal