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Issue Of Bhagwan Shri Ram Raises Many Questions While Bharat Is A Different Nation-Ram Ram Ram Ram- Post Your
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Issue Of Bhagwan Shri Ram Raises Many Questions While Bharat Is A Different Nation-Ram Ram Ram Ram- But Where Is He & His License?-By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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I did not post any blog for the past one month due to my health concern while being in Delhi. I apologise for that.
Too strong is our Bharat Sarkar that unauthorized Shri Ram & to wash out its face changed its stand immediately. Dravidian Karuna lost his name spirit Nidhi being too mighty to question Shri Ram’s qualification. Ramsetu may or may not be there @ Rameshwaram but politics has shown its true colours. Shall this forum only write blogs or do some concrete work in public like selection of Bharat Netas as Times of India has already commenced with its Future leaders selections?

1 Bharat had never witnessed such a time in its entire known history while the whole world may not have the capacity to know that at all. Impossible is to know about the existence of Shri Ram or his predecessors such as Shri Harischandra etc.

2 Based on the illogical arguments proposed by the historians & the archeologists, about the Ramsetu whether or not, constructed by Shri Ram, our Bharat Sarkar under the prime leadership of HH Sonia & doll PM Dr MM, Shri Ram was deleted from our national concept in one stroke. The concept was too strong to define for an affidavit being filed in the apex court of a nation. This government is really too strong & secular based on communal foundations.

3 The government later withdrew the papers but the time record cannot be deleted by merely a withdrawal from an earth court. The concept of the UPA has been exposed naturally in its mix up of the dirty politics. There is no credit to BJP as well, as they may become opportunists to convert the game into vote banks again as the Congress often does to appease their in laws Muslims.

4 The truth has come out automatically & the whole world has known that the existence of Shri Ram is now under scrutiny. What a mad mad mad world of politics in Bharat!!! There is no limit. Should there be god on Earth, the Bharat Sarkar could warrant the god to produce its credentials in accordance with the Evidence Act. Are we living in Bharat or a foreign nation who consider Dharma as merely a story on epics?

5 People could expect the UPA/Congress to be pro Muslims but not against designated Hindus. Shockingly, now the UPA/Congress have evidently proven to be against Hindus that is, they are communal & not secular as has always been claimed. These parties have worked against the constitution in its one of four preambles. Just to keep happy Karuna, they acted in such a manner to get rid of the name of Shri Ram.

6 They very well know if the name of Shri Ram is removed from the Bharat soul, virtually the problem of Ayodhya Ram Janam Bhumi shall resolve. Unfortunately, Congress has been acting against the small pistols & not against the top political mafia & unfortunately Rahul too now is in queue for premiership of Bharat. The Congress has decided that the people of Bharat can be taken for granted in all matters.

7 No government in the world could file such an affidavit in connection with any of the religion at least. There is no evidence of any sort proving the existence of any god on earth. There can never be any such evidence, since the requirement of the evidence is based on physical existence & not spiritual.

8 The physical Science was not even born when Shri Ram was incarnated with Shri Vishnu soul. The historians & the relevant experts were not commissioned that time. The available world history is too meager. Even in Geology the concepts are derived based on the thickness of the sedimentation layers counting to millions of years. Even the half life time of radioactive materials are based on assumed formula in atomic physics.

9 The most learned chief minister Dr/Professor/having every qualification has questioned about the validity of Sri Ram’s Engineering credentials. He has raised a very genuine question. How can someone construct a bridge without civil engineering degree from Chennai university where the admission is allowed based on 100 % quotas? The senseless chief minister has already acted against the spirit of our constitution. All leaders claim that they developed the nation. Are these leaders civil engineers?

10 Ram Setu is not manmade? Excellent question. Yes, it is not manmade. Shri Ram was not a man in the first consideration. The one of the souls that created the universe cannot make something as manmade. The Ramsetu too is natural. What a stupid question? A structure that is more than 175000 years old is being investigated. The experts cannot understand anything as they are only experts. In addition of having a mind, one should have a dynamic soul also to know these issues.

11 It is presumed that according to all these leaders, all other religion prophets existed duly proven. It is only the designated Hindu religion that is under scrutiny. Thanks the leading personalities of Bharat Varsh. These leaders have really achieved something very genuine. There could be a day in Bharat when if you worship Shri Ram, there would be an arrest followed by legal prosecution. !!!!!

12 What can we expect Congress to do for us? There has been no single word of condemnation by the madam president on the violation of the constitution. There has been no single word by the PM or Sonia in this regard. The only action has been that the Congress has instructed Karuna to hold his further comments about Shri Ram. Congress has decided to silence on the issue. Once silence means hundred are defeated explicitly applies to Congress.

13 Congress has to prove its credentials by resorting to various actions to prove that it is secular. It has evidenced that it is against the major community & has been playing communal card by disregarding Hindus.

14 Simply keeping silence shall not help the nation. The people have been igniting gradually internally on the issue without exploding the temperature. The heat that being generated shall be bad for the nation. No leader in the country is authorized to pass such remarks about any god or prophet. No leader is authorized to file such a statement in the court or use it outside. Karuna or any other leader is not above the law or above the faith. Shri Ram is in the hearts of the people that does not require any evidence. Those who do not respect Shri Ram or Bharat culture can respectfully get out of Bharat.

15 The people of Bharat shall never accept such intense insult to the national culture. The government has to act to do its job in this regard by taking its own responsibilities by openly recognizing the existence of Shri Ram & all other gods. Immediate action must be taken against the idiotic Karuna on attacking the Bharat soul of Dharma. The remarks that Shri Ram was a drunkard or unqualified or drug edict are uncalled for. It is an open insult to our nation. Constitution does not permit it. How the president & the government have condoned such conducts. Shri Ram is above law of nation. Shri Ram cannot be questioned in any court or elsewhere. No judge can pass a Judgment about the existence of Shri Ram or Shri Krishan. Do we rally live in Bharat or Aryavat or in our sanskriti? Do we have lost all our morale, cult, faith? Are we so modern that these parameters can be overlooked? Are the physical sciences so advanced that can defeat the existence of Shri Ram? Is this life of 50 to 60 years is so long that gods can be defeated by Bharat leaders? In which world we have been living with? Science is still in its physical form? Science has to go a long way before it can match the soul power.

16 Are we not able to produce non political leaders & induce them into serving politics? For what we have been waiting? Shall US advice us on this issue? Or it is a part of any deal. We have to qualify ourselves to defeat these political leaders & the time shall not await our initiations. Elections are on the verge & then the next too shall arrive but we may wait exclusively. Baby Rahul is there for us & we shall accept him with due regards as the leader of the youth & the future of the nation. This is the only basic qualification we the people of Bharat have. We fully trust them by our hearts to be our leaders for ever. Sonia is our mother India & the power of Durga has been incarnated into her according to Congress & we support that. Am I right? People call her the most powerful on earth. What about the people then? Rise for the day is passing. Catch the time. You have to write your fate, No Congress, No BJP, No Left, No Karuna. No dynasties. People only have to write their lucks. Make yourself to lead the nation by all means.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi