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Great Hearted Husband Post Your
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The wife comes home early & finds her husband in
their master bedroom making love to a beautiful, young lady!

"You unfaithful, disrespectful pig! What are you doing?
How dare you do this to me the faithful wife, the mother
of your children! I'm leaving this house, I want divorce!"

The husband, replies "Wait, Wait a minute! Before you leave,
at least listen to what happened. You can't say I'm dishonest."

"Hmm, I don't know, well, it'll be the last thing I will hear from you.
But make it fast, you unfaithful pig, you!"

The husband begins to tell his story . . . "While driving home
this young lady asked for a ride. I saw her so defenseless
that I went ahead and allowed her in my car. I noticed that
she was very thin, not well dressed and very dirty. She
mentioned that at she had not eaten for 3 days.
With great compassion I brought her home and warmed
up the enchiladas that I made for you last night that you
wouldn't eat because you're afraid you'll gain weight;
the poor thing practically devoured them."

"Since she was very dirty I asked if she wanted to take a

While she was showering, I noticed her clothes were
dirty and full of holes so I threw her clothes away. Since
she needed clothes, I gave her the pair of jeans that you
have had for a few years, that you can no longer wear
because they are too tight on you, I also gave her the
blouse that I gave you on our anniversary and you don't
wear because I don't have good taste."

"I gave her the pullover that my sister gave you for
Christmas that you will not wear just to bother my
sister and I also gave her the boots that you bought
at the expensive boutique that you never wore again
after you saw your co-worker wearing the same pair."

The husband continues his story . . . . .

"The young woman was very grateful to me and I
walked her to the door. When we got to the door she
turned around and with tears coming out of her eyes,
she asks me:

"Sir, do you have anything else that your wife does not use?"�����������.


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