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What Being The Total Future Of Bharat Should Be Is To Be Decided By The Public In The Coming Years

What Being The Total Future Of Bharat Should Be Is To Be Decided By The Public In The Coming Years As The Elections Are Nearly In Sooner Or Later?-Awake Bharat People To Amend-By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi
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1 What kind of a Nation Bharat should be?
2 Should it be as is now based on the Constitution preambles or the preambles require revision?
3 Should the Nation consider only a few criteria for the progress?
4 Should economical development for a part class of people be adequate or the fruits of the Nation should be shared by all?
5 Should we allow the lagging behind population to come in line to at least the life survival level?
6 Should we create a society based on the uniformity in all affairs of the society or we accept the present system of dirty politics?
7 Should the Nation be based on its real cultures & Sanskritis that have been intentionally overlooked by certain classes of politicians?
8 Should the Nation desist away from the absolute dependence on the Western Nations?
9 Should the Nation not have its own educational cultures & run towards the achievements such as existed during Ramayan & Mahabharat eras that are now considered by certain classes as imaginary periods?

1 Bharat has seen its sovereign age of 60 years after suffering immensely at the hands of Mughals & the British. What Bharat has seen or experienced is not at all pleasing by any count. Exclusively pleasing is the issue of population growth should that be considered pleasing by certain class of politicians & certain religious section.

2 Eras prior to the invasion by the Mughals were much better than the present lifestyle. We boost too much about the progress achieved by the Nation in 60 years of post independence but have we ever analysed our achievements? Certainly not. What have we lost in during this period also has not been analysed?

3 Exclusive achievements are that the people have created a political system based on the British empire without applying total minds of the framers & the people. The system was in fact copied by the law scholars who were educated by the British system that could not help the Nation to use its own minds to resolve in a better way the problems of the people. The people of Bharat have proved to be so lazy that they did not do any considerable work at the time of the framing of the constitution & the adoption or the annulment or the amendments of the Acts transferred at the time of the independence.

4 Even after 1947, the parliaments were so contented that PM Nehru did not bother about the security of the nation & believed non pragmatically in peace when the world was not staying in peace. The Nation did not strengthen its framework to meet the National & the peoples’ requirements. Nehru had named the Ramayan as an epic based on imagination. What a blunder!!!

5 The body & the soul of the Nation in letter & spirit constitutes by Vedic cultures along with others. Ramayan, Mahabharat, Purans etc are the leads documents ruling Bharat cultures in hearts & souls of the people. Majority of our people inherit these books & follow them in belief except certain people who believe in other religions such as Islam & Christianity etc. There can be no argument that most of these other religious people too were converted from previous original Vedic cultures that could be effected due to any reason.

6 Now time has come when the people have to contemplate on what should be the requirement for the future of the nation as far as the cults are concerned since, without a definite follow up, the national integrity cannot be maintained. There have been started attacks on the Bharat cultures by few top leaders & the Congress/UPA are the lead leaders targeting the expiration of the Vedic cults from the Bharat Nation. There have been indications hat the world hidden programme is to gradually convert the people from Vedic identity either to Islam or the Christianity so that the Bharat as a Nation losses its identity of Vedic nation virtually.

7 Constitution tells that the Nation is secular but there is no definition included within that document or any other Act as that has been left to be complied with the construction or the interpretation of an individual or to a judge. Grossly, secularism means that all cultures, customs, rituals, faiths, panth that have been either on records or in profession of practice for centuries or times immemorial, shall constitute the definition including the profession of recognized or adopted religions.

8 There was no reference of the term secularism till an emergency was imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1976. The definition was unnecessarily avoided to prevent the propulsion of certain faiths. Basically, Bharat is a Vedic dominating Nation that requires no argument or evidence even it relates to the Dravidian cults. Nation cannot afford to ignore this fact of the religious profession. Dharma is the main title of the Nation in religious considerations. Other cults were admitted to the Nation to meet the secular & democratic rights considerations. The Nation cannot be tried to be converted to a majority status of Islamic or the Christianity religion as evidently attempts by certain classes of intelligent community as well as the political community are being made.

9 Democracy & secularism do not mean that there should be no control on the population explosion that is imminent. I have talked to many learned engineers belonging to Islam who believe in birth of a child as Al Lah kee den. I am really surprised on the school of thought of such learned professionals forget about the uneducated class of people. It is a fact that the population of Muslims in Bharat has been rising by leaps & bounds. These people do not care for the provisions & how to extend the quality of life for so many children in a family. In the past, Hindus too were unaware of the quality of life & used to generate many children but family planning has taught this section of the society as they intended to learn & apply that knowledge onto lifestyle.

10 Bharat as a Nation cannot afford to maintain an equilibrium of its systems by allowing the explosion of the population by augmentation of Muslim population. It appears that the Muslim people have a concept in the absence of the population control laws that augmentation of its population shall help Bharat to get relevant MPs to the majority or to such numbers as is sufficient to play like the Left MPs have been plying with UPA. The rule of the Nation has been planned to go into the hands of Muslim MPs. I have seen an article by some Muslim blogger that according to current population in Bharat, there should be 150 MPs in place of 30 currently. What a calculation!!!!

11 Have we people in Bharat been waiting for such a state of population to arrive & the Nation go into the hands of Islam? Shall we be able to tolerate such an action? Shall we worry only for the economic growth of the Nation by forgetting the real existence of the Nation? Our education has taught us only monetary survival or shall we the people think for a strong Nation by all means? Shall we eliminate the values of the Vedas & Bharat society morale values that have been lost to that of Western values adoption?

12 Is it correct that Bharat as a Nation has to open all its doors to foreigners who do not allow their own homes freely even for the international movement? The problems lie in the facts that we are all emotional as far as our nation is concerned. The day when we win a cricket world cup, we act as the whole world has come to us. The day we loosen, we conduct as we are finished. The Nation has not demonstrated the consistent conduct in any sphere of its life styles. When software is on the boom, all students go to software & when management is on the boom, all go to management. The Nation has lost its competencies of maintaining its balanced development. Bharat Sarkar know the deficiencies on the peoples conduct very well. Due to lack in scientific education, you can find shortage of many engineering disciplines professionals. Scientists are leaving up the government jobs since they are getting better paid in management jobs. The progressive growth of basic sciences as well engineering have fallen in 60 years.

13 I have seen times when people used to shy even to wish each other by uttering Ram Ram or Krishna Krishna or Radhe Radhe. They used to feel too pleased by using Good Morning or Goof afternoon. Those using kurta pyjama or dhoti were among persons using such words for wishing each others. In the morning while going to parks or for walks, with high pitch of the throat used to sound out OM for long minutes. Where have those times gone? Are we so incompetent that use of the cults is not possible?

14 It is fortunate that people have started at least to speak Namasthe or some religious groups using as above to some extent. It is out of common understanding how the cultural values have been forgotten somewhere in the past? The most learned politician of Bharat has blotted out even the name of Shri Ram. What a bad time! UPA has condoned the act. Really strange! The government has behaved as if it does not belong to Bharat culture. May be, the government is being guided by West now who knows?

15 It is too nice that the UPA has been thinking on augmenting the electrical energy using nuclear technologies but is that the only requirement of the Nation? The government has not dedicatedly thought of all rivers linking projects for decades that was advised during Indira regime. That government has not thought for the poor below the poverty lines to bring them up to the survival level. Indira announced Garibi hatao programme that proved to be a hoax. UPA announced Aam Aadmi proramme that proved to be a hoax. What are these senseless plans without any foundations?

16 The Nation has not done its job at least to extend free education at the school level to all children of the society so that the disease of the reservation in any competition could be controlled. The nation has not thought of providing at least food for two times to the most poor. Just economic boom & the stock market index & the FDI cannot solve the National problems. The Nation has not thought of extending the Vedic education to the schools curriculum. What a pity & shame!!! Anything about Bharat culture of past is considered on communal lines. What a shame!!!

17 Aids for the Madarsas is considered with dignity. Aid for the Haj pilgrimage is considered with dignity. No aid is allowed for the Vedic pilgrimage. What a shame!!!! The word secularism has been misused as well as abused by the governments. Bharat cannot afford all such nonsense conducts by any of the political parties. Bharat cannot overlook its real cultures along with the politics. Bharat culture is full of knowledge that has to be exploited for the future of the Nation. The culture that discovered the Zero & decimal cannot be denigrated by any person on earth whoever one may be. Bharat as a Nation & as a government as well as a society has to give full regards to its cultures without any degree of shame or hesitation. Others’ cultures professions are of equal importance only when Vedic culture works. There shall be no significance for those cults otherwise.

18 UPA names as Saffronisation of the education when certain Vedic cultures are integrated within the education programme. People do not understand the interpretation of the UPA. Are the lessons telling the history of Indira or Nehru or Gandhi are more important than Ramayna or Maabharat? Are Babbar or ShahJhan more significant than Ram or Krishna. Is mother Teresa more important than Devi Mata. The people have to start contemplating with full mental force of brainstorming openly without any hesitation. The Nation shall grow stronger then & only then apart from achieving the modern development. Just like a body of human cannot work without the power of the soul the spirit, a Nation such a Bharat cannot get its real strength without having the promotion of its real Vedic cults knowledge. Yoga exercises i.e. hat yoga is an evident proof that the Bharat cult has immense potentials.