Friday, September 21, 2007



What is the use of venting your anger against these dharmdrohi. The only consolation seeing from all what is happening is that IF BHAGWAN RAM AND KRISHN WANTED THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE WHERE THEY ARE. ALSO WHATEVER BHAGWAN WANTS HAPPENS. SO WE HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHAT IS HIS WISH WHICH IS SUPREME. I am hoping against hope that Bhagwan will save India from becoming a non-Hindu state!
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From: Ishwar Prasad Khandelwal
Date: Sep 21, 2007 5:47 AM

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We had seen the statement of Tamil nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi who is Rascal and illegtimate child of "Ravana", constently making statement against Lord Ram and asking for the evidance, from where, Lord Ram got the degree of engineer to built Ram Setu? I want to ask that Rascal Karunanidhi himself, from where your father got the training to co-habit with your mother? in the encient time no any qulification needed to do any traditional work. Idiot karuna nidhi is a chief minister of a state which is intergal part of India and abid by the its constitution. Making any statement against any calss of persons with the intention of insult or hurt the religios feeling of such class of person is an offence and the present Rom Raj may not punish karunanidhi but Ram will punish him definately. Earliar he also was assulted by tamil nadu police and again he may assulted by the Public. yesterday I had seen a dream of Lord Ram he said me that bastered Karuna nidhi is not diserves to live, and date of his death is fixed, allready decided by lord Ram and Ram will kill him soon. No any security guard or z security can save him. Every one knows he is gurdian of LTT, who is terrerist organization and the peoples of Ram engage LTT to kill karunanidhi this is words of lord Ram stated me in the Dream. I APPEAL TO EVERY ONE WHO BELIVE IN RAM TO PRAY FOR DEATH PUNISHMENT OF KARUNANIDHI BY RAM.

From I.G.K. the Chief lashkar-e-hind